Review: Chase & Status - "No More Idols"

Today Chase & Status, the duo consisting of the two DJs turned producers turned artists: Saul "Chase" Milton and Will "Status" Kennard, release their second album "No More Idols" on Mercury, the long awaited follow up to their critically acclaimed debut "More Than Alot" that originally dropped back in 2008.

"More Than Alot" was pretty much straight up drum and bass but nowadays Chase & Status musical genre is kind of floating, even if they're still well rooted in the UK-bass sound landscape of the underground they've been producing tunes for world renowned stars like Rihanna('Mad House/Saxon'!!!), Alexandra Burke and Snoop Dogg the past couple of years and as no surprise "No More Idols" is Chase & Status's push for mainstream, major-label success graced by vocal features from Cee-Lo Green, Tinie Tempah and Dizzee Rascal among others.

The first track 'No Problem' sets the tone right from the gecko, some African drums, then the almost chanting "It's no problem for me but it's a problem for you"-vocal between the hyped up beat and bass is very spell bounding to say the least:

Starting off real good and to you people that were afraid that this would be too well polished and dust free can relax but however, some tunes on "No More Idols" could to my sad ears be sub-labelled "arena rock" and you know, in my world, everything that clashes with rock makes my skin itch. I actually think I got a rash break out from listening to 'Fire In My Eyes' ft. Maverick Sabre and I still pretty much loath the production on 'Hypest Hype', which is real sad since Tempa T is amazing on everything he spits on. Speaking of Tempz for that matter. Been waiting for his debut album/mixtape/something to drop for ages (sine like 2006) and it seems like the wait will be even longer. Originally slated to drop on No Hats No Hoods, but not now Tempz' decided that he's s gonna get a major deal instead, so please all major labels, I know you read this, could you sign this dude already? I don't wanna have to wait until 2013 for that debut, then his 'Next Hype' will have a good seven years on it's neck.

But that's pretty much all that's bad with "No More Idols". The rest that's left of the album's total 15 tracks are a sheer joyride through bass/grime/dubstep/drum and bass for the ears. Take 'Heavy' ft. Dizzee Rascal for example, even if Dizzee released the tune early last year on the extended re-release of his 2009 album "Tongue N' Cheek" it is, still today pretty much as heavy as it gets:

Picture Dizzee spitting like that on his next album, sigh, I guess a girl can only dream. Getting back to the other the hyped up guest stars, they manage to shine and deliver like Tinie Tempah on 'Hitz' as well as Cee-Lo Green on 'Brixton Briefcase' which is one of the album's biggest surprises as I thought it would go straight to hell trying to fit that piece of work on something drum and bass-ish but hey, glad I was wrong. Just listen:

So far, a total of four singles have been released from the album, 'End Credits' ft. Plan B, 'Let You Go' ft. Mali, 'Hypest Hype' ft. Tempa T was released for free on their website and now a week ago 'Blind Faith' ft. Liam Bailey & Yolanda Quartey dropped (currently on the top 5 on iTunes), but the matter of fact is, there are still some good single material left as almost all 15 tunes has good single potential.

Even if "No More Idols" is a push for mainstream success it's not selling out, far from and tunes like 'Hocus Pocus' and 'Fool Yourself' ft. Plan B & MC Rage are grand proof that's not the case as they go well in line with "More Than Alot". As I said above, "No More Idols" not that polished at all, even if they serve up a good smorgasbord it's still a pretty dirty one, with some exquisite dishes like 'Midnight Caller' ft. Clare Maguire or one of my absolute favourites 'Flashing Lights' ft. Sub Focus & Takura. Speaking of Clare by the way, her own single 'Last Dance' wont drop until mid February but in case you missed it, you can grab the Chase & Status signed remix of the single now here.

To summarize, "No More Idols" may play on mainstream terms, but it's not holding back on the dirt, it's not cutting any corners or have some sloppy tunes hanging around that should have been cut out. It's a solid good album with a few kinks like the rock arena-faux pas, I only wish to have seen some more females among the features, sure three female singers but where are the female rappers? Coming from the UK-scene and just neglect the females is kinda shabby and ignorant to say the least. But all and all, a real good start for the musical year of 2011.

Rate: ♥ ♥ ♥ ½ X X | Buy on iTunes or Amazon.

Nicki Minaj Live Performances on SNL & 'The Creep' ft. The Lonely Island

Nicki Minaj hit the NBC studios together with actor Jesse Eisenberg from the "Social Network" to be the musical guest of this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live, and Nicki of course performed her latest singles 'Moment 4 Life' and 'Right Thru Me' and she also popped up as the surprise guest in the 'The Creep'-video by the Lonely Island as well as a Blackenstein-skit:

Here's also a lil' pre-show interview Nicki did with Access sharing her thoughts and feelings about her first SNL appearance:

The Lonely Island ft. Nicki Minaj - 'The Creep' (Amazon | iTunes)

Jessie J ft. B.o.B - 'Price Tag' Official Video & Single Release

Here's the official video for Jessie J's 'Price Tag', the second single to be released off her debut album "Who You Are" (dropping 28th of March in the UK and 12th of April in the US, pre-order here). 'Price Tag' drops today (buy on iTunes), produced by Dr. Luke and features none other than B.o.B and the official, toy-world video below is directed by Emil Nava:

For my people outside Europe:

Also, some stressed the fact that Jessie should release the other version of 'Price Tag' that she performed a couple of weeks ago at Scala with Devlin filling the shoes of B.o.B and whoop, here's the mastered version of the track as well as the remixes by Shux, Benny Page and Doman & Gooding:

Jessie J - Price Tag ft Devlin
Jessie J - Price Tag (Shux Remix)
Jessie J - Price Tag (Benny Page Remix)
Jessie J - Price Tag (Doman & Gooding Remix)

Nicki Minaj ft. Drake - 'Moment 4 Life' Official Video

So here comes the long awaited official video for Nicki Minaj's third single off "Pink Friday", the T-Minus produced 'Moment 4 Life' featuring Drake. The video is directed by Chris Robinson and as I said before, it's a lil' Cinderella-story, you know a modified classic fairytale/love-story complete with Martha Zolanski as the fairy Godmother:

Yeah also, here's a DOPE b-more club remix from DJay 360 which is now available globally on iTunes, Amazon etc.

Nicki Minaj ft. Drake - 'Moment 4 Life' (DJay 360 B-More Club Mix) ↓ YSI

Pre-listen to Chase & Status Upcoming Album "No More Idols"

Yes, today Chase & Status upcoming album "No More Idols" that drops on Monday the 31st hit YouTube of all places, oh how I wish that all artists could use Soundcloud. But well, the album features guests like Tinie Tempah, Cee-Lo Green, Dizzee Rascal, Plan B, Clare Maguire, Tempz, Sub Focus, Liam Bailey and many more.

Listen to all 15 tracks below, and like that wasn't enough, here's also the duos remix of Clare Maguire's own 'Last Dance'. Enjoy!

1. 'No Problem':

2. 'Fire In Your Eyes' ft. Maverick Sabre:

3. 'Let You Go' ft. Mali:

4.'Blind Faith' ft. Liam Bailey & Yolanda Quartey:

5. 'Fool Yourself' ft. Plan B & MC Rage:

6. 'Hypest Hype' ft. Tempa T:

7. 'Hitz' ft. Tinie Tempah:

8. 'Heavy' ft. Dizzee Rascal:

9. 'Brixton Briefcase' ft. Cee-Lo Green:

10.'Hocus Pocus':

11. 'Flashing Lights' ft. Sub Focus & Takura:

12. 'Embrace' ft. White Lies:

13. 'Time' ft. Delilah:

14. 'Midnight Caller' ft. Clare Maguire:

15. 'End Credits' ft. Plan B:

Clare Maguire - 'Last Dance' (Chase & Status Remix) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

The Streets - "Cyberspace and Reds" Deluxe Mixtape

Oh yes, mixtape season is still on in full effect and here's another crazy new one signed the Streets!

Yeah, before Mike Skinner releases the upcoming fifth and final The Streets-album "Computers and Blues" the 7th of February, he graces us all with a mixtape called "Cyberspace and Reds", and if you're in to grime (looking at you Diddy pops since you're so down with it) you'll love this one as it features names like Wiley, Rinse, Ice Kid, RoxXxan, Trim, Envy, Kano, Jammer etc. Peep the whole tracklist, features and fetch the 14 tracks long tape below:

1. 'Came In Through the Door' ft. Kano
2. '4 o'clock'
3. 'Don't Hide Away' ft. Wiley, Rinse & Ice Kid
4. 'Too Numb' ft. RoxXxan
5. 'Backseat Barz' ft. Loudmouth
6. 'Tidy Nice and Neat' ft. Ghost Poet
7. 'The Morning After the Day off on One' ft. Trim
8. 'Cinema Barz' ft. Jammer
9. 'Breakbat Barz' ft. Scru Fizzer
10. 'Something to Hide'
11. 'Robots are Taking Over' ft. Envy, Elro & Frisco
12. 'Cross That Line' ft. Fumin
13. 'Minding My Own' ft. Wretch32
14. 'At the Back of the Line' ft. Joey G-zus

The Streets - "Cyberspace and Reds" Mixtape (.zip) ↓ Hulkshare
The Streets ft. Wiley, Rinse & Ice Kid - 'Don't Hide Away' ↓ YSI
The Streets ft. RoxXxan - 'Too Numb' ↓ YSI
The Streets ft. Kano - 'Came In Through The Door' ↓ YSI

Savage Skulls & Douster ft. Robyn - 'Bad Gal' Official Video

Whoop! Feels like I've had this post on draft since like forever or well, about six good months at least but the wait is now over, here it is, the official video for Savage Skulls & Douster's huge tune 'Bad Gal' featuring Robyn, directed by Tim Erem:

Stockholmssyndromet - 'Lårparti' & "Underhundar" EP Release

Okay, I give up. I've tried my best to not fall for this tune but I now surrender, I've fallen head over heels as it's been on my mind constantly since I first heard it on NYE, but hey, as I women with meat on my bones and since I like my fellow women a lil' juicy I guess it was quite inevitable.

What the hell am I rambling about? Stockholmssyndromet's 'Lårparti' of course, what else? And even thou me and hip hop in Swedish are about as close friends as Israel and Palestine I just LOVE this song. To clarify for most of you, 'Lårparti' in Swedish means thigh-area and the song's a celebration for thick thighs and well fed bootys, and even if it's in Swedish and most of you will have no idea what Starvin Mar and Skizz aka. Sir Sampalot are rapping, it should be praised cause it's a fucking masterpiece.

On Friday (the 28th), Stockholmssyndromet will release their 5 track EP "Underhundar" (via Kingsize Magazine) from which the single 'Lårparti' (buy the additional remix by Tommy Black here) is taken:

1. 'Bombardemang' (prod. by Sir Sampalot)
2. 'Lårparti' del 1 ft. Chapee N Chess (prod. by Sir Sampalot)
3. 'Delete' ft. Chris Skills (prod. by Sir Sampalot)
4. 'Underhundar' (prod. by Drums)
5. 'TV-spel' (prod. by Sir Sampalot)

Stockholmssyndromet ft. Chapee N Chess - 'Lårparti' (prod. by Sir Sampalot) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

The Official Tracklist for Katy B's Debut Album "On a Mission" Finally Revealed

Katy B's debut album "On a Mission" is finally set to drop the 28th of March on Rinse and here's the official tracklist to the 12 track mix of underground beats and exquisite pop hooks:

01. 'Power On Me'
02. 'Katy On A Mission' (prod. by Benga)
03. 'Why You Always Here'
04. 'Witches Brew'
05. 'Movement'
06. 'Go Away'
07. 'Disappear'
08. 'Broken Record'
09. 'Lights On' ft. Ms. Dynamite
10. 'Easy Please Me'
11. 'Perfect Stranger' ft. Magnetic Man
12. 'Hard To Get'

Sinden Readies "Free Gucci II - The Burrrtish Edition" Mixtape Tracklist & Cover

The past days Sinden's followers on Twitter have seen the tweets about people pitching in for his upcoming "Free Gucci II" mixtape, set to drop on Friday. This mixtape is unlike to Diplo's original a British version, hence the name "The Burrrtish Edition" and will feature common names like Wiley, Estelle, Toddla T, Ghetts, Tinchy Stryder, Scratcha DVA, Terror Danjah and many more, peep the complete tracklist as well as the stellar cover, complete with the lovely ice cream tatt below:


1. 'Gucci Time' ft. Swizz Beatz (Sinden Remix ft. Tinchy Stryder)
2. 'Brand New' (Rustie Remix)
3. 'Party Animal' (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
4. 'It's Alive' ft. Swizz Beatz (FunkinEven Remix)
5. 'Remember When' ft. Ray J (Terror Danjah Remix ft. Wiley & Dream McLean)
6. 'O Dog' ft. Wyclef (Mosca Remix ft. Trigga Nom)
7. 'Weirdo' (Swerve Remix ft. Ghetts)
8. 'Trap Talk' (Toddla T Remix ft. Slick Don)
9. 'Dollar Sign' (Duke Dumont Remix)
10. 'Missing' (Melé Remix)
11. 'What It's Gonna Be' (Scratcha DVA Remix) (Dub)
12. 'Grown Man' ft. Estelle (Rude Kid Remix)
13. 'It's Alive' ft. Swizz Beatz (The Blessings Remix)
14. 'Dollar Sign' (These New Puritans Remix)
15. 'Haterade' ft. Nicki Minaj & Pharrell (Mista Men Remix)

Bonus: 16. 'It's Alive' ft. Swizz Beatz (FunkinEven Remix) (Instrumental)

Sidebar: just wondering, besides Estelle where's my UK-women at Sinden? Where's RoxXxan? No.Lay? Shimmer? WHERE?!

But while we wait male hegemony to stop exist and for Friday to emerge, here's a leftover from Gucci Mane's latest own mixtaoe "Gucci 2 Time" (DL here) as well as the video for 'Birds of a Feather' ft. Rocko taken from the same mixtape in which you can see that ice cream cone live:

Gucci Mane ft. Birdman - 'Mouth Full of Gold' (prod. by Drumma Boy) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo - "Pero Spicey" Mixtape

BOOM! Back in a interview from last summer Gnucci Banana and Spoek Mathambo promised to do a collaborative mixtape which should have been released around Christmas. Christmas is now long gone but consider the "Pero Spicey" Mixtape presented by Nike Sportswear as a bright new start to the new year instead.

34 tracks stuffed with nice party jams and some new material from Gnucci and Spoek themselves like the upcoming 'Piggy Bank' with Sampology, 'Killer Kazoo' over the good old classic 'Ice Rink'-riddim and more nasty goodies:

Nike Sportswear presents Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo Pero Spicey Mixtape:

Nike Sportswear presents Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo Pero Spicey Mixtape from nikesportswearsverige at

Nike Sportswear presents Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo Pero Spicey Mixtape

1 Intro
2 Erin Rincon — 'Amantes' (Pero Spicey Edit)
3 Tim Turbo ft Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo — 'Linyora' (Tipanic Remix)
4 Berou & Canblaster — 'Kapongo Dance'
5 Artful Dodger — 'Rewind' (Pero Spicey Edit)
6 Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo — 'Doo Doo Dance' (Pero Garage Remix)
7 Sammy Bananas — 'Body' (Pero Spicey Edit)
8 Hot City — 'If That's How I Feel' (Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo Version)
9 Donae'o — 'Be Mine' (Pero Spicey Edit)
10 Zed Bias — 'Neighbourhood' (Roska Remix)
11 Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo — 'Game Over'
12 Tim Turbo ft Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo — 'Hush' (Douster Remix)
13 Youthman & Sanjin — 'Hocu Da Se Napijem'
14 Partyboyz — 'Ha Ha Bitch' (Manare & Marvy Da Pimp Remix)
15 Mapei — 'Video Vixens'
16 Mapei — 'Leader Of The Pack'
17 GTO — 'Killer' (Sam Tiba Remix)
18 Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo — 'Errrybody'
19 Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo — 'Famalam Jam'
20 Mashup International & Gnucci Banana — 'Animal'
21 Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo — 'Killer Kazoo'
22 Schlachthofbronx ft Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo — 'Ayoba' (Top Billin Remix)
23 Mosca — 'Square One' (Bok Bok Remix)
24 Robyn ft Spoek Mathambo — 'Dancehall Queen' (Diplo & Stenchman Remix)
25 Dear Nora — 'Hot Boyz' (Pero Spicey Edit)
26 DJ Rashad — 'Drop Juke'
27 DJ Cleo — 'More Ruthless'
28 DJ Cleo — 'I'm Your DJ'
29 DJ Cleo — 'Nisho Njalo'
30 DJ CNDO — 'Amaredo'
31 Claud Van Stroke — 'Big n Round' (Pero Spicey Edit)
32 M.I.A. — 'Teqkilla' (Mshini Wam Remix)
33 Sampology ft Gnucci Banana & Spoek Mathambo — 'Piggy Bank'
34 Alton Ellis — 'Ain't That Loving You'

Rye Rye & DJ Sega's Remix of 'Gimmie Dat' off "RYEot PowRR" Mixtape

Last week it was announced that Rye Rye was on the line up for this years edition of the Coachella festival and since it's mixtape season, Ryeisha was supposed to unleash a free mixtape stuffed with goodies exactly a month before her debut album "Go! Pop! Bang!" finally lands the 22nd February via M.I.A.'s label N.E.E.T. But late Saturday she announced that her label asked her to hold back on "RYEot PowRR", so just like the album who has been postponed multiple of times, we'll have to wait.

But Rap-Up now premiers the cut Rye Rye made a viral video for last week, the DJ Sega produced remix of Ciara's 'Gimmie Dat':

Rye Rye - 'Gimmie Dat' (Remix) ↓ YSI | ↓ Hulkshare

Yasmin's Debut Single 'On My Own' Gets the Royal-T

If you don't already know about this girl Yasmin, well you better listen. If you're into grime you probably know her from the feature on Devlin's 'Runaway' form the fall of 2010. But since then, her own debut single 'On My Own', produced by none other than Shy-FX and co-written with Donae'o has put this 21 year old DJ and singer hailing from Manchester on the map for sure.

After bubbling in the blog sphere and clubs for months, 'On My Own' finally drops on Sunday, the 30th. The single EP (pre-order here) comes with some pretty nice remixes, like from Stenchman and Burns:

Yasmin - 'On My Own' (Stenchman Remix)

Yasmin - 'On My Own' (Burns Remix)

And like that wasn't enough, Royal-T now give the tune the proper Royal-T:

Yasmin - 'On My Own' (Royal-T Remix)

While I'm Royal-T for that matter, his 'Orangeade' which is already out on vinyl now will also face a digital release at the end of the month via the Butterz label.

ps. If you've missed the official video for 'On My Own', peep it here.

Robyn Performs "Body Talk" Medley Live at P3 Guld 2011

Swedish awards shows are the most boring thing ever, static like nothing else but here's the most exciting thing that happened the whole evening during P3 Guld 2011, Robyn who was crowned the queen for the best artist, best live act and song with 'Dancing On My Own' shut the show down performing a medley of songs from the "Body Talk"-series: the live version of 'Dance to the Beat' as well as 'Killing Me', 'Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do' and the still absolutely stellar 'Call Your Girlfriend':

Kid Sister ft. Gucci Mane - 'Gucci Rag Top' (prod. by Scoop DeVille) (Full)

Complex premiers the full version of one of the most popular tracks off Kid Sister's latest mixtape "Kiss Kiss Kiss" that dropped last week.

The track is ofcourse the Scoop Deville-produced, jj fad/L'Trimm-oozing tune 'Gucci Rag Top' featuring Gucci Mane aka. the ice cream man himself.

Kid Sister ft. Gucci Mane - 'Gucci Rag Top' (prod. by Scoop DeVille) ↓ YSI | ↓ Hulkshare

"UK Girl Fight" Mix CD by DJ Melody Kane ft. Mz. Bratt, Jessie J, Katy B, Lady Chann, Baby Blue, Cherri V, Princess Nyah and More

Womance and female separatism are two things that lies very close to my heart and this upcoming mix CD dropping in February by DJ Melody Kane is right up my alley.

In the waters of the huge success of the female takeover remix of Tinchy Stryder's 'Game Over', Melody Kane now has vowed to put UK female artists on the global map with an exciting mix CD showcasing the likes of Mz. Bratt, Jessie J, Lady Chann, Princess Nyah, Baby Blue, Sadie Ama, Cherri V, Katy B, DéMandé and Selah and the CD will contain up to 30 tracks from the cream of UK female divas, covering Hip-hop, Grime, R&B, Funky, Dubstep and Bashment. Melody says that "This is an All Female Movement that will give the men a real run for their money"!

Listen to the sampler below and make sure you pick up the real mix when it drops for free download on Valentine's Day, the 14th of February.

UK Girl Fight Mix CD Sampler by DJ Melody Kane

CiCi Nevada - 'Barbie Brat'

The first time I watched this clip of 10 year old rapper CiCi Nevanda I was grabbing my forehead and cringed. Said to myself that "oh nooooez, the world doesn't need another Nicki Minaj-clone clashed with a Willow Smith-copy", but boy oh boy, I was wrong.

This girl actually has some talent, at least she spits better than many male heavy weight rappers in the game (read Rick Ross)... In 'Barbie Brat' CiCi goes over Keyshia Cole's Nicki-featured 'I Ain't Thru' and yes, as you can see, Nicki was the inspiration for the song, taken off CiCi's upcoming mixtape "Pop Star" and it's so darn adorable and catchy at the same time I just have to feature it:

ps. If you're gonna go on a drunken spree of that haterate among the comments, well, this girl is 10 years old. You're a grown up, act like it.

Lil Wayne Covers Rolling Stone February 2011 Issue & Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne - 'Hustle Hard' (Official Remix)

Yes, Lil Wayne covers the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone that drops on Friday (the 21st) and it's well worth picking up since it also features the first interview with the man got released from imprisonment. Just read this excerpt and you get why:

"He spent his final month in jail in solitary after he was caught with an iPod charger in his cell. It could have been worse: He also had a watch with an MP3 player on it, but another inmate took the rap. "He was a solid nigga," says Wayne. "Shout-out to Charles... Solitary was the worst. No TV. No radio. No commissary. Basically you’re in there 23 hours a day." The only upside was he had a window where he could watch cars go by. "I used to sit at that motherfucker all day", he says."

Also, here's the official remix of Ace Hood's 'Hustle Hard', featuring lard boy Rozay and lil' Weezy:

Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne - 'Hustle Hard' (Official Remix) (Dirty) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne - 'Roman's Revenge' (Official Mastered Single Version)

As the remix with Lil Wayne of Nicki Minaj's 'Roman's Revenge' hit iTunes last night (buy here) here's the official mastered single version, with a slightly different hook than the original as well as the artwork:

Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne - 'Roman's Revenge' (Remix) (Final Mastered)

Listen to Magnetic Man ft. John Legend - 'Getting Nowhere' Skream, Yoruba Soul & Breakage Remixes

Well, finally Magnetic Man and SONY realized that country restricting things on Youtube = contra productive to the fullest extent so well, the official video for 'Getting Nowhere' ft. John Legend is now live as well as the three official remixes from the single release dropping the 21st of February. Listen to them all below:

Magnetic Man ft. John Legend - 'Getting Nowhere' (Yoruba Soul Remix):

Magnetic Man ft. John Legend - 'Getting Nowhere' (Breakage As Hard As We Try Remix):

Magnetic Man ft. John Legend - 'Getting Nowhere' (Skream Remix):

M.I.A. Opens Up About Her Feud with The New York Times

Last night M.I.A. finally discussed her experience with the New York Times, the truffle gate and Lynn Hirschberg's article that caused more buzz than her third album, on "George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight" at the CBC. Watch the clip below:

Stunnaman (The Pack) ft. Chippy Nonstop - 'You's A Chote'

Trying to get up to speed with submissions from last week that I still haven't had time to cover and this is one of the many gems, Stunnaman (The Pack) teams up with Trap House's girl Chippy Nonstop for some pure magic in 'You's A Chote', taken from Stunnaman's upcoming mixtape "The Swag King".

And yes, you should have Chippy Nonstop under your radar nonstop as she has some pretty nice things in her pipline for this year. How about the official video of 'You's A Chote' in March? A feature on the new Major Lazer album together with Pharrell, Diplo and Switch? And a release called 'Pussy Eater' (zing to the prude anonymous commenter in the 'Roman's Revenge 2.0'-post) together with YG?

Yeah exactly, but for now, enjoy 'You's A Chote':

Stunnaman ft. Chippy Nonstop - 'You's A Chote' ↓ YSI | ↓ LimeLinx

Jessie J ft. Lady Chann - 'Do It Like a Dude' (Curtis Lynch Official Bashment Remix)

Jessie J recently made the first place on BBC's "the 10 hottest new artists to watch in 2011"-list and while we wait for her second single 'Price Tag' ft. B.o.B to drop in March comes another nice remix of her debut single 'Do It Like a Dude'.

Jessie J actually opened her gig at Scala yesterday with this one that comes from Lady Chann and Curtis Lynch. And if you missed the gig yesterday, here's also a clip from the evening with Jessie performing 'Price Tag' featuring a guest appearance by Devlin:

Jessie J ft. Lady Chann - 'Do It Like a Dude' (Curtis Lynch Official Bashment Remix) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Magnetic Man ft. John Legend - 'Getting Nowhere' Official Video & Single Release

'Getting Nowhere' featuring John Legend was one the many highlights on Magnetic Man's self titled debut album that swept me off my feet back in October and now the official single release of the song drops the 21st of February. The release comes with remixes from Skream himself, Breakage and Yoruba.

Yesterday the official video also premiered online via Spinner, or well, for those who live in the UK that is. Seriously, this county restricting thing... Get OFF the Internet of you can't WWW. Plain and simple. Country restrictions only supports illegal sharing and uploading and stuff since the steps to bypass it are quite easy. Update: finally live for all, on youtube:

Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne - 'Roman's Revenge 2.0'

Lil Wayne makes a second round to make amends for the time he spent behind bars, as he does what he was expected to do all along: stomp all over on Nicki Minaj's murderation of Lil' Kim: 'Roman's Revenge', now updated to 2.0.

Yes, even if I liked Eminem's verse, Lil Wayne's way better since it's not full of homophobic contra productive bullshit, instead Weezy eats pussies with a fork and a spoon. Eating pussy is always good in my book.

Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne - 'Roman's Revenge 2.0' ↓ YSI

Birdman ft. Lil Wayne - 'Fire Flame' (Remix) Official Video

Here goes the official remix video of Brian "Baby" Williams' aka. Birdman's 'Fire Flame' now also featuring Lil Wayne since the original version only featured Birdman, due to Wayne's time in jail:

Birdman's fifth studio album "Bigger Than Life" is expected to drop soon.
Birdman ft. Lil Wayne - 'Fire Flame' (Remix) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Adam Tensta - 'Like a Punk' Official Video

The official video for Adam Tensta's new single ''Like a Punk' just premiered via the entertainment section over at one of Sweden's largest morning papers. The video is directed by Marcus Lundin:

Adam's highly anticipated second album "Scared of the Dark" will drop in March/April.

Skream & Example - 'Shot Yourself In The Foot Again' Single EP & Official Video

Example & Skream met a few years ago on a beach in Miami and instantly hit it off and a day in the studio gave birth to two new songs. One of those will be on Example's forthcoming thrid LP alongside productions from Nero, Faithless, Michael Woods and Chase & Status.

The other is 'Shot Yourself In The Foot Again' which premiered last week on BBC Radio 1 on Zane Lowe's show as his "Hottest Record In The World" and here below you have both the radio edit and the extended version for free download as well as the official video, directed by Example himself:

Skream & Example - 'Shot Yourself In The Foot Again' (Radio Edit) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare
Skream & Example - 'Shot Yourself In The Foot Again' (Extended) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Lil' Kim - 'Clap Clap' ft. I.R.S & '6'7"' (Freestyle)

Did you watch that behind the scenes clip from the official video recording for Lil' Kim's diss 'Black Friday' aimed at Nicki Minaj? Well if not, do it here and then please agree with me that them dudes in the clip are straight up clowns. Like what the fuck? Then I.R.S? Okay... #Pause.

Well, let's talk about these new tunes. 'Clap Clap' is tagged up by Funkamaster Flex as he premiered it on his show but with or without tags it does nothing for me, it's gonna be a nice break in the 'Black Friday' video but that's pretty much it. But the freestyle over Lil Wayne's '6'7"' is actually quite decent, or well at least Kimmie's part is.

The I.R.S on the other hand drops lines like "Cowboy helmet, guns like pitchers, we draw from the pelvis"... Eh yeah. Buffoons. Kimmie. A word of advice. Loose those clowns. Stand on your own two feet. Conquer like the Queen Bee you are.

Perhaps Kim should end this ridiculous feud with Nicki, understand that they can co-exist and instead focus on going back to her old proper self from the "Notorious Kim" and "La Bella Mafia" eras. Please?

Lil' Kim ft. I.R.S - 'Clap Clap' (Tags) ↓ YSI
Lil' Kim ft. I.R.S - '6'7"' (Freestyle) ↓ YSI

Miss Ill ft. Spoek Mathambo - 'Invincible' Be Bonkerz Remixes

As I said yesterday, pixels really really makes me cream, (nearly as much as I creamed for Gucci Mane's new ice cream-cone tattoo this morning) and just take a look at Miss Ill's cover for the forthcoming single 'Invincible' ft. Spoek Mathambo below. Absolutely love it.

The single is set to drop the 17th on the Berlin-based label Be Bonkerz and you can fetch two nice remixes off it from BBZ' Leg-No and Chris de Luca below:

Miss Ill ft. Spoek Mathambo - 'Invincible' (Leg-No Remix) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare
Miss Ill ft. Spoek Mathambo - 'Invincible' (Chris de Luca 808 Remix) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Nicki Minaj ft. Drake - 'Moment 4 Life' Official Video Teaser

Whoop! Funkmaster Flex brings to the world the official video teaser for Nicki Minaj's 'Moment 4 Life' ft. Drake, the first video shot in a string of videos to be released for promotion. The video seems to be a real Cinderella-story, with a good fairy, the shoe and the YM Prince sharing a kiss with Nicki and also features the first physical appearance of Martha, the mother to one of Nicki's many alter egos Roman Zolanski:

M.I.A. - 'Internet Connection' Buraka Som Sistema & Huoratron Remixes

M.I.A. ended 2010 on a real good note with her "VICKI LEEKX" mixtape and she continues on that good streak with the release of her brand new single EP "Internet Connection".

The EP comes with a slew of remixes from Tony Senghore, Flux Pavilion, Buraka Som Sistema and Finnish producer Huoratron:

Internet Connection (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)

M.I.A. - 'Internet Connection' (Huoratron Rum Aid Remix) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Mums of Death (Mumdance & Drums of Death) - 'Golden Axe' Official Video

Next to thick bad bitches skinorama I think 8-bit pixel-ones are my fave video genre and here comes another great one to the collection. Created by Scattle for 'Golden Axe', a track off Mumdance's and Drums of Death's collaborative Mums of Death-project:

Kid Sister - "Kiss Kiss Kiss" Mixtape

It's time to roll out another one of the 11/1/11-goodies and it's Kid Sister's highly anticipated mixtape "Kiss Kiss Kiss" that was instigated early December when she dropped the title track 'Kiss Kiss Kiss' produced by Afrojack. Get ready for a fun Chi-town juke-bonanza mixed by Nick Catchdubs featuring 13 cuts from DJ Gant-Man, Douster, Caspa, Afrojack, Gucci Mane, Carte Blanche and many more, just check the cover and tracklist below:

01. Kissin-tro
02. 'Kiss Kiss Kiss'
03. 'Work Them'
04. Green Velvet - 'Everybody Wants'
05. Carte Blanche - 'Do! Do! Do!' (Original/Laidback Luke Remix)
06. 'Daydreaming' (Douster Remix)
07. 'Lookout Weekend' ft. Nina Sky
08. 'Gucci Rag Top' ft. Gucci Mane
09. 'Click Clack (Show It Off)'
10. 'Don't Stop Movin'
11. 'Right Hand Hi' (Caspa Remix)
12. Paul Wall - 'Imma Get It'
13. 'Jo-DE-Ci' ft. DJ Gant-Man

Kid Sister - "Kiss Kiss Kiss" Mixtape (.zip) ↓ DL
Kid Sister ft. DJ Gant-Man - 'Jo-De-Ci' ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare
Kid Sister ft. Gucci Mane - 'Gucci Rag Top' ↓ YSI
Carte Blanche ft. Kid Sister - 'Do! Do! Do!' (Original + Laidback Luke Remix) ↓ YSI

KanYe West & Jay-Z - 'H.A.M' (prod. by Lex Luger) off "Watch the Throne"

Here's 'H.A.M' people, produced by Lex Luger and serves as the first official single from KanYe West's & Jay-Z's collaborative album "Watch the Throne", now set to drop in March.

Spoek Mathambo - 'Don't Mean to Be Rude' Single Release & Official Video

So here it goes, the official madness of 11/1/11 is now live and first out what I guess will be a massive row of posts is the mighty Spoek Mathambo!

One of the best tunes off Spoek's solo album sure is 'Don't Mean to Be Rude' featuring Canadian avant soul singer Zaki Ibrahim which now serves as his brand new single that dropped yesterday on BBE. The releases comes with a all star team of remixers; UK bass music impresario, Scratcha DVA (UK, Hyperdub – Rinse FM), Toadally Krossed Out (USA, Mad Decent) which you can download below and French club ambassador, Don Rimini (FR, Mental Groove). Buy the full single here.

Here's also the official video featuring some of Johannesburg's grimiest erotic dancers, bootycore deluxe:

And this week will officially be THE mixtape week of the year as A LOT of mixtapes will be surfacing, hopefully also Spoek and Gnucci Banana's, all I say is brace yourselves.

Spoek Mathambo ft. Zaki Ibrahim - 'Don't Mean to be Rude' (Toadally Krossed Out 3ball Remix) YSI | zShare

Nicki Minaj's Live Performance on The Ellen Degeneres Show

During the weekend Nicki Minaj's been busy shooting her empowering video for 'Fly' with Rihanna and well can I just say today, finally Nicki got to be on a TV-show with someone who's not half way to his grave nor a light version of a misogynist. Here's her live performance from The Ellen Degeneres Show that just aired where she does her latest single 'Moment 4 Life', sans Drake and also the small sat own she did on the show:

Listen to Britney Spears New Single - 'Hold It Against Me'

Oh dear... I know, don't hold this post against me, okay? Eh. Well, the new Britney Spears single 'Hold It Against Me' has now leaked, one day before it's scheduled release tomorrow with the historic date of 1/11/11. And the prematurely leak actually plays to Britney's forte, everyone has decided to drop something tomorrow and well, let's just face it, 'Hold It Against Me' will drown when KanYe West & Jay-Z unleash 'HAM'.

So let's speak about the track, well produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke it's tailor made for fist pumping idiots basically with lines like "You're a paradise and I need a vacation" but it has ONE upside and it's around 2:20, just listen to that bass wobble:

Britney Spears - 'Hold it Against Me' by caiojsilva