Skepta - 'All Over The House' Official Video ft. Paris Rocksxxx #NSFW

This week Rapper Ted's video for 'Din Mamma' (watch here) has caused quite a stir here in Sweden, it has been called daring and explicit and has also received some bad and well put critique since the women in the video are portrayed very passive and that the video is just playing off old and tired gender patterns. However, if we should discuss a video this week it's not Ted's, it's actually the latest offer from the BBK-crew, the official video for Skepta's 'All Over The House' ft. Shorty taken from Skepta's "Doin It Again" album that dropped back in January.

The explicit content of 'All Over The House' is starring Paris Rocksxxx, a UK based porn star and Sensi and to feature porn stars and in hip hop/urban videos is nothing new but Skepta takes it to a whole another level since it's basically like watching straight stereotypic porn for a good four and a half minutes. In August of last year King Fantastic did their amazing video for 'Why? Where? What' starring porn star Kristina Rose. I think that video is a great example how you can show off nudity in a raw but still tasteful way, cause Skepta's little "adult movie" as he likes to call it, well, if I wanna watch porn I watch porn not music videos, and the narrating of the story by Skepta and Shorty well it looks absolutely ridiculous when Skepta sits in the window like a sad bird reminiscing.

I'm not bothered by the sexual act per se, like I said nothing more than regular stereotype straight porn, but I really don't see the point with it other than Skepta has turned himself into a little attention hoe doing this for buzz only. And well played Skeppy, however I don't think it will play to your advantage in the long run. What do you think? Is Skepta taking it TOO far?

Peep the video below, but don't watch this if you're under 18 years old, read another story instead.