happy Halloween #1: Trick or Trina Mixtape

I don't celebrate Halloween, last year i did a semi-attempt to dress up as a cat (in masks from IKEA's children dep. I know #UlimateFail) for some blind date Halloween-party shiz. The guy didn't drink. I drank. A whole lot. He was very goodie2shooes. I looked like a slut. U go figure... We're not married or dating today. Blahblaaaaaaaah.

Evryone besides me seems to celbrate haloween thou, Halloween submissions have raining in this week, though I post the best of them

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Wale's Debut Album "Attention: Deficit" Leaked

Yes, the inevitable has happened people, Wale's debut album "Attention: Deficit"" has leaked onto the streets of binary code, 11 days before it's official release.

As always, I'm gonna give the full review when the album officially drops, but until then I can say that the album is way over my expectations and offers (at least) two nyce surprises (mostly cause of their great productions) in '90210' & 'Diary'.

'90210' is signed Mark Ronson and it's kind of the best I've ever heard from him, sure, it could easily be the intro-tune to a children program on telly but does it matter? No, it contrast well to the topic of the city of lies. It's easy and proves that simplicity can be just as good as big intricate infernos. The 'Diary'-track featuring Marsha Ambrosius is a beautiful piece produced by The Sleepwalkers.

Pre-order "Attention: Deficit" on Amazon (or here and get a limited autographed CD Booklet with purchase!).

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Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys - 'Empire State of Mind' (Off. Video)

Okay, I'm not made of stone, Jay-Z' third single from "The Blueprint 3": 'Empire State of Mind', has grown pretty good on me:

Think it's the first Alicia Keys' feature I actually like. The video is directed by Hype Williams (these days u might ask, who else?) and was shot in Harlem, Times Square and around Ground Zero.

Sorry to say, no Lil Mama is featured in the video. Which actually would have been a cute pass, let her be the star of it all and let bygones be bygones or something.

Well, played out Lil Mama-jokes aside aside, of course Snoop Dogg had to jump on the train for a remix to show off his undisputed love for the Big Apple...

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Okay, I've been hyped about the GA Peach: Rasheeda's firth studio album "Certified Hot Chick" for about 2 years and more, but due to the several push backs it suffered I actually missed it's release! Apparently it was released via D-Lo Music and Tommy Boy back in August, haha, talk about fail.

The album is however far from a failure. Rasheezy never disappoints, always deliver snappy dirty southern rap in the range of Bohagon's 'What's Up'. Teaming up with top bitches in the game such as Cherish, Shawnna, Diamond and fellow PeachKandi companion Kandi.

Rasheeda's previous album "Dat Type of Gurl" sort of centred around the food and sex-theme and even if "Certified Hot Chick" still is full of juicy peach-analogies it's more on the sexy side.

But it feels a bit... old as it has been in the making for so long, the "Certified Hot Chick EP" was released a year ago almost on the date. But now Rasheeda is dropping a new mixtape called "Glamour & Respect" with Slip N Slide DJ 5053 featuring both new and old songs such as the huge official remix of the album lead single 'Boss Chick'.

'Nasty Song' is one of them new ones and features Kandi.

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Ludacris & Shawnna Ask: HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?!

Okay, are uuu ready?! Shit, sorry for sounding like a crappy warm up DJ, but seriously, I'm so stoked right now, let the weekend officially begin! This new joint, produced by T-Minus, that Luda performed at the BET's, of his and Shawnna's upcoming album "Battles of the Sexes" is sooo DOPE! HOT! FIRE! U can insert every positive word there is and I'm pretty sure it fits!

The track is way better than 'Everybody Drunk' in my ears. Can't believe that I missed out on Luda this summer. Instead I was working with this anxious Christian guy (not hating on religious people but I hate when they try to force religion on me, to save my soul and rehrehreeeeeeh) 30-something, sporting the Moe Szyslak-look, very tragic and wanted to take me out to church coffee at this café far far away the following weekend... Also, he kept running his mouth on and on about his band and how much he liked dist guitars. Kinda says it all doesn't it?

I died, but now I've come to heaven. Let the war begin!

ps. According to Luda's twitter they shot a music video for 'Can't Stand Yo Ass' from the album back in August, featuring plus size model Nadiyah "Tokyo Brown" Hollis and I think it's safe to assume that the video will contain a whole lotta ass and hopefully be of the 'Pussy Poppin'-calibre.

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Wale's "Attention: Deficit" Official Tracklist & Top Billin's 'Chillin'

Here's finally the official tracklist of Wale's upcoming debut album "Attention: Deficit" that drops the 10th of November:

01. 'Triumph' (prod. Dave Sitek)
02. 'Mamma Told Me'
03. 'Mirrors' ft. Bun B (prod. Mark Ronson)
04. 'Pretty Girls' ft. Gucci Mane & Weensey (of Backyard Band) (prod. Best Kept Secret)
05. 'World Tour' ft. Jazmine Sullivan (prod.Cool & Dre)
06. 'Let It Loose (Inhibitions)' ft. Pharrell Williams (prod. The Neptunes)
07. '90210' (prod. Mark Ronson)
08. 'Shades' ft. Chrisette Michele (prod. 9th Wonder)
09. 'Chillin’' ft. Lady GaGa (prod. Cool & Dre)
10. 'TV In The Radio' ft. K'Naan (prod. Dave Sitek)
11. 'Contemplate' (prod. Syience)
12. 'Diary' ft. Marsha Ambrosius
13. 'Beautiful Bliss' ft. Melanie Fiona & J.Cole (prod. DJ Green Lantern & Mark Ronson)
14. 'Prescription'

iTunes Bonus Tracks
15. 'Center of Attention' (Artistic Integrity 2)
16. 'My Sweety'
17. 'Be Right'

Also, Top Billin (who's currently touring in Canada, for more info click here) sent over their official UK-Mix of 'Chillin' ft. Lady GaGa the other day and what else can I say other than TOP?!

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All Out Dubstep 2 yrs Party ft. GoldieLocks, N-Type & Walsh etc.

I'm unfortunately in Hultsfred so I'll be missing out on this big AOD 2yrs/SFD 3yrs party (with the biggest AOD lineup ever) tonight but don't u dare do the same:

MAIN ROOM, dubstep, grime:

N-TYPE, tempa, wheel n deal, rinse.fm, (UK)
WALSH, tempa, south side, (UK)
L-WIZ - LIVE - (S)
IRK b2b I&I

ROOM 2, hiphop, dancehall, skwee, garage, gettotech

Mackish von dude aka Basutbudet
Lickshot (UK)
MC Slim

ROOM 3, drum n bass, jungle:

STRANJAH, hardware, metalheadz, 31 rec (CAN)
TRAFFIC Crew / Limbz, Systematic, Henke
MIR Crew / Boj Lucki, Ljudas & Toni Bassi


SOUND BY: SOLID SOUND = d&b & Funktion One!

MERCH & 12" for sale all night!


@ Göta Källare, T-bana Medborgarplatsen, 200sek presale, more at the door. 21.00-03.00

PRESALE @ www.gotakallare.com & Caliroots, Brunnsgatan 9

Event @ Facebook

Drake x Usher x Young Jeezy x Rick Ross = the DJ Khaled Meal

After last nights BET-award show I'm suffering from DJ Khaled related itis, the "WE THE BEZZZZZZZZZZZZT"-shout with the Sir Hiss-emphasizzzing is bugging me out, can't take it anymore.

Guess what just came served on a gold platter? This grand feast, a full course meal, the first single of his upcoming album "Victory" (set to be released in 2010 under the We The Best Music imprint of E1 Records) called yeah... 'Fed Up', featuring Drizzy Drake, Usher, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy, produced by The Runners.

Eat 'til u puke.

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Lil Wayne "No Ceilings" Mixtape

This mixtape from Lil Wayne wasn't about to drop until Saturday, but then as we all know the streets of Internet are super fast so well, here's the cover & tracklist:

1. 'Swag Surfin'
2. 'Ice Cream Paint Job'
3. 'D.O.A.' ft. Jay-Z
4. Interlude
5. 'Wasted'
6. 'Watch My Shoes'
7. 'Break Up' ft. Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda
8. 'Banned From TV'
9. 'Throw It In The Bag'
10. 'I Think I Love Her' ft. Tyga
11. Interlude #2
12. 'Wetter'
13. 'I’m Good' ft. Lucci Lu
14. 'Make Her Say' ft. Jae Millz
15. 'Run This Town'
16. 'I Gotta Feeling' ft. Black Eyed Peas
17. Outro

"Everyone else is putting out mixtapes, so I gotta show them that I still got it"

So what's the verdict? Does he still got it?

Update: The Official (MTV) "No Ceilings" will be released in 2 days added with more song on a brand new Young Money-site.

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BET Recap: Nicki Minaj Kills & Luda's 'How Low Can U Go'

Aside from Ludacris performing 'How Low Can You Go' from the upcoming Shawnna album collabo "The Battle of the Sexes":

This years edition of BET Hip hop Awards was just sad. Not the obvious way with DJ Hero or Khaled, no I'm speaking in terms of female representation other than presenters and Missy.

Where my girls at? Not among them nominations for sure.

But at least the greatest female alibi of hip hop, the undisputed Barbie #1: Nicki Minaj brutally slayed the first cypher with Joe Buddens, Buckshot & Crown Royyal:

Wale vs. Nicki Minaj Twitter Beef

Twitter's blowing up some beefs out there, this one from Joe Budden TV:

LOVE NICKI! Is it just me or might Wale not be the sharpest tool in the shed or is he just on some Wale KanYe-shit? Let the girl finish...

U might actually learn something...

However, this new Wale joint, produced by Mark Ronson called 'Letter' that samples John Mayer's '3x5' will not appear on "Attention: Deficit" that drops the 10th of November.

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KANO Unleashes Full Version of 'Niggaz Want My Old Shit'

As I said in the previous post, I've been on this rant about UK-rappers gone bad for a while now. Kano has suffered some pretty bad punches. Unfair? No, I don't think so. If u make music u know that people are gonna have an opinion. U know that they will rate it. As good or bad. The reception of Kano's new single 'Rock N Roller' that got released yesterday have been mixed. Mostly what I've seen people rated it as _bad_. Esp. we, the reactionaries, who loved "Home Sweet Home".

Last week the snippet of 'NWMOS' leaked, here's the full version, 04:26 long in a proper 320 and all. Enjoy K-A spitting over Mikey J's edit of Jay-Z's "Blueprint 3" track 'On To The Next One' (produced by Swizz Beatz), addressing that very criticism of the direction of his new music, from fans/critics who seemingly want replication of his earlier material.

I still think the track is complete garbage with a rotten message. If u can't take that people rate what u do like "shit", get the fuck out the kitchen if u can't stand the heat. Don't get defensive, stand by it instead. This way is just alienating and very unattractive esp. for someone who wanna sell records.

But there's still a glimpse of hope for Kano's yet still untitled, upcoming album that will drop early next year. Cause what name do we find among the production credits if not exactly what I've wished for... RADIOCLIT! Let's just hope this is another track other than 'Julia' from the Very Best-album. It's pretty obvious by now that the upcoming album will not be a very grimy one and other collabos to look forward to confirming that fact are with Berlin’s electro-house upstart Boys Noize, purveyors of synthetic soul Hot Chip as well as Kano's long-term collaborators Mikey J and songwriter/producer Fraser T Smith.

Everything about Kano today isn't bad, this Very Best-collabo is still amazing:

I hope he stays on the good path, I don't wanna have to rate that upcoming album on a negative scale.

This rant is (hopefully) over.

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SWAY - 'Mercedes-Benz' & 'The Watcher'

Yeah, I'm clashing pretty hard with male UK-grime/hiphop-artistes I used to like these days. JME, Kano and of course, my fave punching sack of them all: Sway DaSafo.

Once upon a time I used to rate Sway as a pretty funny rapper, a rapper I liked. Laughed to his lyrics as they were bare jokes. That time is since long gone by now. Post 'F Ur X' with the ever so amazing Stush, Sway lost his sense of good humour and went from a okay rapper to just someone who got signed with Akon's Konvict Musik.

Dunno just how many mails I've gotten regarding his new single 'Mercedes-Benz' by now, of course all full of motor-lingo and I hope this post will end the flood.

'Mercedes-Benz' was released yesterday (via Sway’s own Dcypha Productions-label) and even thou it jumps the bandwagon and is way behind 'Keys To The Bentley' and 'Wearing My Rolex' in sense of time and hype, it's a pretty catchy track, I'm not gonna lie.

"'Mercedes-Benz' is all about the fun side of what I do – hitting the road, travelling from city to city tearing down parties and doing live shows. I wanted to take it back to basics and make something in the style of my original "This Is My Promo"-mixtapes, music where I’m havin a laugh, havin some jokes and people can dance to it, you know".

Yeah, u though u recognized some parts of it? The hypnotically-catchy sax-driven stomp is deployed from The 45 King’s widely sampled classic 'The 900 Number', constructed from a slowed down sample of 70’s belter 'Unwind Yourself' by Marva Whitney which was itself produced by The Godfather Of Soul, James Brown.

Truth be told, if we removed Sway from this the eye candy could run it all by themselves. Sway is just filling the air with... air. Not the Sway I used to rate, far from 'Flo Fashion' and 'Lttle Derek'.

But I wouldn't be surprised if 'Mercedes-Benz' made big moves up them charts, also here's 'The Watcher' from Sway's upcoming mixtape "The Delivery".

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Chris Brown ft. Swizz Beatz & Lil Wayne - 'I Can Transform Ya' (Off. Video)

If I hear Chris Brown make another apology regarding his abusive self I think I'm actually gonna throw up. I almost did when I saw the title (and the horrendous cover) for the lead single from his upcoming album "Graffiti" (drops December 15th): 'I Can Transform Ya'.

Tru dat, he transformed Rihanna into this black moody sad girl. Yeah, I pin it all on Chris Brown. I wish I could see pass by all his shit but I can't. I love this track but I can't listen to it the way I like, u know, fully enjoy it, it just makes me angry.

Come here Chris, I can transform ya, or well, don't think I need to emasculate u more than u already did urself.

Tweeted that I didn't like this new Juelz Santana collabo (from Juelz' upcoming "Born To Lose, Built To Win") some weeks ago, but it has actually grown pretty good on me, just wish that it featured someone else than Breezy.

"She Don't Know That We're Going Back To The Crib" rhymes pretty bad with the most public face of domestic violence since Bobby Brown, doesn't it?

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Lil Wayne - Most Wanted Rockstar, Weezer Collab, Gun Charge, YMF...

Lil Wayne sure has his hands full these days. Or I might say, he will have, 'til February next year to be exact, then he's due for the sentencing for pledging guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon and is expected to receive a one-year jail sentence. He and T.I. will more or less trade places. One in, one out.

But that's in the future, now is now.

And now, "Rebirth", Weezy F Baby's much dreaded rock/rap-album, will finally (yeah I know, "finally" as the term for it is highly discussable) the 15th of December and today a new joint from it surfaced, the 'Most Wanted Rockstar'-track. And wow, let's not sugar coat shit here: it's absolutely terrible. I get mad Linkin Park-vibes and that's not a good thing in my book. Clsing my eyes listening to it, what do I see? U know, the scene: frat party. Kegs. Frisky guys with blushing cheeks and horny short breaths. 'Most Wanted Rockstar' on full blast. Someone plays air guitar...

The pre-party to 'Most Wanted Rockstar' might be the much talked about Weezer ft. Lil Wayne collabo 'I Can't Stop Partying' from Weezer's forthcoming seventh studio album "Raditude" (drops November 3rd). U know, it feels like the end credits to any high school movie starring anyone out the "American Pie"-cast. Don't get me wrong, back in 1994 me and my BFF played that blue album 24/7 and were huge Weezer-fans. But today Weezer feel just as dated as the 1994-fashion.

But not everything Lil Wayne lays his hands on nowadays is bad thou. Cause the rumour has it that the Young Money-label collaboration album "Young Money Fam" will drop along with "Rebirth" and this new track with Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Kid Kid and Mack Maine called 'Thinking To Myself' from the album sounds perfectly alright.

Sidebar: One thing that's been bugging my mind since the gun charge surfaced, will the Lil Wayne-father-claimed-children-rate go up or down when he's behind bars? I mean, yeah he's not out sowing his wild seeds but he still has his rights to conjugal visits right?

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Lucy Love - 'I'm In Love With It' (Off. Video)

Danish pride (besides cheap beer and red sausages that is) Lucy Love graces us once again with another great video.

This time around it's for the Yo Akim produced 'I'm In Love With It', the 3rd single from her highly reviewed debut album "Superbillion". The video that was shot during a long night out in the forest in the end of September is directed by Thomas Jessen:

Listen to Lucy Love "Superbillion" via Spotify

DJ Benzi presents The Elitaste CMJ Mixtape

Do I need to tell u that I'm pretty bummed out that I'm not in NYC this week as the CMJ Music Marathon is on at full effect with several wicked showcases and parties? Like the one tonight at SANTOS PARTY HOUSE with Poirier, Ninjasonik and others? Probably not.

But I'm not missing out completely thou, because in celebration of the first Elitaste CMJ showcase, DJ Benzi put together this mixtape featuring Elitaste artists as well as everyone on the bill for CMJ. Featuring new, old and exclusive tracks from Mike Posner, Wale, Camp Lo, Theophilus London and more. "DJ Benzi presents The Elitaste CMJ Mixtape" will not only get u hype for the showcase, but promises to carry u through a cold winter.

Tracklisting looks like this:

The remix of XV's 'Mirror's Edge' is also the first single off the long awaited Benzi and XV collabo mixtape "Everybodys Nobody (We Got the Remix)". This monster features Bun B, GLC and Mike Posner on the hook.

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"DJ Benzi presents The Elitaste CMJ Mixtape" Mediafire via elistate.com

Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson & Jay-Z - 'Rumors'

Yepp, another leak from Timbaland's upcoming album "Shock Value 2" featuring miss Keri Hilson and Jay-Z.

Yeah okay, I have to admit, the album seems to turn out pretty good after all. Sometimes I just get so annoyed never getting served anything new from the good old Timbo, other than this, a continuation of the previous album, but I guess as long as the tracks makes my lil' ass move I'm fine?

I only got one small tiny wish, that people would stop use the term swagger now, as in _right_ now. It's been washed, rinsed and bleached enough, just leave it to rest.

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Dizzee Rascal 'Dirtee Cash' (Off. Video) & Electric Proms

Dizzee Rascal completely tore up Camden's Roundhouse yesterday with his big performance with a live band and the 16-piece Heritage Orchestra behind him at the BBC Electric Proms.

Huge set list as always and he graced the kinda stiff audience with several classics such as one of my fave Dizzee-tunes of all time: 'Jezebel'. Another one of the tracks he performed was of course 'Dirtee Cash', the fourth single of his latest album "Tongue N' Cheek" and it's Dizzee's own interpretation and twist of The Adventures Of Stevie V's old smash hit 'Dirty Cash (Money Talks)' from 1990.

Definitely not my fave Dizzee-track sound wise (love the message in the lyrics thou) and even if it's already racing up the charts I don't think this will be the chart topper as the previous three single have been.

However, the video that premiered on 4Music & Channel 4 the day before yesterday is far more interesting. It was directed by Wiz of Factory Films, produced by Phil Tidy and shot by Tower Bridge in London based around the old classic British horror movie "The Wicker Man" from 1973, which is based on David Pinner's novel "The Ritual".

The story in the movie is about a Scottish police officer, Sergeant Neil Howie, visiting the isolated island of Summerisle to search for a missing girl whom the locals claim never existed. The inhabitants of Summerisle all celebrate a reconstructed form of Celtic paganism, which appals the devoutly Christian Sergeant.

Dizzee's version is... well Dizzee's version, press play and have a look for urself:

Absolutely love it and Princess Di, hahaha! Nyce to see something different from Dizzee other than the tired old party/bikini set don't u think?

And yeah, back to yesterday and Electric Proms, if u missed it or just wanna relive the moment, first click here to watch Dizzee perform my least fave track of "Tongue N' Cheek" 'Can't Tek No More' along with Brinsley Forde (Aswad), and here's some golden moments:

'Stand Up Tall' mashed up with Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'... Think u've sort of heard it before? Yeah, u have, kind of, back in March I posted Wax'em Records 'Smells Like Dizzee In Rage', same Nirvana tune but paired with 'Pussy'ole' instead and if u missed it, well here we go again:

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Switch's Remix of the Big Pink - 'Dominos'

The Big Pink's first single 'Dominos' from their debut album "A Brief History Of Love" (out now on 4AD) has slowly become one of my on the edge to embarrassing guilty pleasures this week. Yeah, I know, shockingly... Usually I can't stand that sort of music as it reminds a bit too much of my pop-ish self around 16 years old... but 'Dominos' is really really catchy I guess. And like wham bam thank u mam Switch yanks this nasty remix out, thank u Mad Decent!

The remix is a throwback of how Switch sounded around 2006, pre the Major Lazer-sound and any club DJ who doesn't play this tune this weekend is not a real DJ. Nuff said.

Btw, listen up u all Europeans, if u missed Switch & Diplo's party mayhem over the Summer this will be ur last chance to catch a Major Lazer Soundsystem Party in 2009 in the EU & UK. They got dancers, Trini Chris and other assorted crazy nonsense as I guess Skerrit Bwoy? As usual Major Lazer have some of the best talent joining them for dates including the impeccable L-Vis 1990. Here are the dates and venues:


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