Brooke Candy - 'Opulence' Official Video

Haaay! Yes, it was time to blow so new life into this site again. In a world were Iggy Azalea once was fresh and fun then turned into this awful mainstream radio friendly major label robot (seriously, listened to the "New Classic" promo once, an experience I wish never to repeat) it' s so nice that Brooke Candy can balance it all out. Didn't like the tune at all first but 'Opulence' (cop off iTunes) has really grown on me, and the official video directed by Steven Klein adds yet another layer of goodness:

Cashmere Cat - 'With Me'

A year ago Magnus August Høiberg dropped his debut EP "Mirror Maru" and here's finally some new material in form of 'With Me' (cop off iTunes here )taken off his upcoming "Wedding Bells" EP due out on Lucky Me in January next year.

Listen to 'With Me' below:

Gnučči - 'Finders Keepers' (Mack Beats Remix)

Oh #HorzeLife, I can't convey into words on how much I wish I was at home in Hultsfred, on my old pony right now, galloping bareback on the old airfield so fast you almost have no control over the situation. Just swish by, like the wind. Yeah, here's comes Mack Betas remix of Gnucci's latest single, the Cristian Dinamarca-produced 'Finders Keepers' and Mack Beats' usual following might be surprised over the sound of this one: