Azealia Banks - 'No Problems' Official Video & Free DL

Azealia Banks unleash the official video for her Machine Drum-produced 'No Problems'. The "This Butch Bitch Got Blue Balls"-diss track sending for Angel Haze. The video features some familiar faces such as Diplo and Steve Aoki and is directed by Rony Alwin.

Peep below and also grab the track for free if you haven't already:

Beyoncé - 'I Been On' Remix ft. Bun B, Z-Ro, Slim Thug... Free DL

After the giant and absolutely ridiculous debate whether Beyoncé is a "true" feminist or not after she unveiled the snippet of 'Bow Down' comes the remix of the other track; 'I Been On'. Bun B, Z-Ro, Scarface, Willie D, Slim Thug and Lil Keke joins Bey on the great production signed Hit-Boy available for free download via Bun B's soundcloud below:

Cashmere Cat - 'Kiss Kiss' (Canblaster Remix)

Cashmere Cat will drop the remix EP of his debut release "Mirror Maru" next week the 2nd of April on Pelican Fly and is a collaboration with the French label Ed Banger (pre-order off iTunes here). The remix EP features remixes from G. Wump, Feadz & Kito, Busy P, LidoLido and Canblaster.

Listen to Canblasters version of 'Kiss Kiss' below:

Brooke Candy - 'Don't Touch My Hair Hoe' (prod. by Pase Rock)

After revealing 'Stack' the other day here comes yet another new tune from Brooke Candy called 'Don't Touch My Hair Hoe'. The track is produced by Pase Rock and I really hope Brooke will yank out a mixtape soon, the new world other is way due. Don't touch my hair hoe, or my chinchilla coat... Have a listen below:

Petter ft. Lilla Namo - 'King' Official Video & Single Release

Petter was one of the foreground figures in the early days of Swedish rap back in the 1990's, his second album "Bananrepubliken" that dropped in 1999 is the most sold hip hop album in Sweden til this date. But that was then, this decade he's been on a different road, appeared in TV-shows dull as dishwater, dropping cheesy commercials for Bank investments and so on, the teaser video for this video 'King' is more like a commercial as it dropped the name of the restaurant it was filmed in like a gazillion times in under 5 minutes. However, Petter's also behind the Baba Recordings-label that more or less signed every hip hop artist in Sweden last year, one of them was Lilla Namo, the main reason I actually care about this track, cause to be frank I never rated Petter that much, he featured one of my favourite Swedish actors (Suzanne Reuter) in one of his videos once but that's pretty much it.

However, I do like Lilla Namo. She was 10 when Petter dropped his debut album "Mitt Sjätte Sinne" back in 1998 and she played it every day on a cassette. Her poor live performance aside, she's much needed in the scene and when she drops lines like (translated) "I don't need no power to feel big, my kingdom comes from inside brother. They call me lil' but I feel big, lil is heavy, so shut up brother you call me King, you can call me King, call me King" that she does here, well what else can I do? It's signed, sealed, delivered and she has a solid place in my heart. A heart that loves that old wall spaying "Sometimes the King is a woman" and when Nicki Minaj covered Vibe with the headline Nicki Minaj - Notorious KING last year. It's also cute that Petter addresses what he has been doing the past years "I can talk the talk, sell milk to a cow".

'King' is produced by Filthy and serves as the first single off Petter's new album "Början på Allt" that drops next week, and the single is out now via Baba Recordings (cop off iTunes here). The official video below is directed by Oliver Martin:

Zebra Katz - 'Sex Sellz' & 'Sex Sellz' (Teeth Remix VIP) Free DL

Brand new tune produced and written by Zebra Katz. 'Sex Sellz' is out now on vinyl only, limited pressing via Signal Life. Have a listen and grab Teeth's Remix VIP for free below:

Brooke Candy - 'Stack'

So XXL dropped their Freshman Class of 2013-cover today, and well, if XXL had any clue about anything Brooke Candy would have been on that cover, seriously. Uh, just the very thought of XXL makes my skin crawl to be honest, ancient media, ancient journalism, just yawn yawn yawn. That said, following the huge Lucian Walker-produced 'I Wanna Fuck Right Now'-tune Brooke now drops a brand new one called 'Stack', and well, this one is soooo-oooh good.

STACK STACK STACK!!! Listen below:

Max Peezay ft. Jeff - "F.A.S" Official Video & "F.A.S. 3" Album DL

Yes, I've been waiting for the moment to write about this! One of the largest albums that dropped last year actually came from Sweden's Max Peezay and dropped via a collaboration between All Out Dubstep and Peezay's own label Devrim. Old followers of this site know that I haven't exactly been on his cheerleading squad in the past, quite the opposite... But "F.A.S. 3", that aims on "Phase 3, or employment phase, the name of the last part of the job and development guarantee, labour market programs provided by the Swedish Government in July 2007", is well, perfect.

The country we once lived is no more. The gap of segregation is just getting bigger and bigger each day, the fact that the 3rd biggest party in Sweden is a racist one, that the hate towards women is just increasing and this morning headlines are screaming that people getting segregated on buses to ride with a certain company's ferries, apartheid style. This is why Max Peezay's album is so important as instead of just rapping about the love for his brothers with the hood as a back drop like the general norm right now, he's creating a narrative easy for everyone who's been a victim to what our current, non-Socialist, government has been up to the past 7 years. Destroying completely everything.

The album features 10 tracks and comes with guest like Lady Leshurr, Newham Generals, Little Jinder, E-boi and Jeff, productions comes from Flamin, Özgur Can, L-Wiz, Prince Rapid, Matte Caliste and Juuso Pikanen.

Peep the official video for 'F.A.S' below and also listen to some of the best tracks from the release that you also can either buy or grab for free below:

Jepordise - "666" EP

Yes, I do have a special liking for producers who "making rhythms in the dark" but Jepordise is a genius, no doubts about it. Actually I featured Jepordise a couple of weeks ago as he produced the latest track from Zebra Katz - 'Y I Do' but now he offers up his own EP "666". Welcome to future Memphis featuring cuts from old rap tapes. You'll love it, just listen below:

Friction & Skream ft. Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan - 'Kingpin' EP

The fact that the official video for this collaboration between Friction and Skream featured below only has around 3k views in over 14 days is baffling to me, 'Kingpin' is so good one could think it was the golden years of grime all over again. Not only does Riko Dan London city war lord do what he does best no, Scrufizzer pays homage to Crazy Titch with reusing Titch's old, and now almost legendary, "... oldschool, rudeboy ruffneck soldier. Now I'm gettin older, heart is gettin colder"-bars from the 'Eyes on You' freestyle from "Lord of the Decks" and well P-Money is P-Money.

The remix EP is out today on Shogun (cop off iTunes here) and besides the radio edit and extended version it features remixes from Jay Fay, Rockwell and Calyx & TeeBee.

❤: LOLGurlz - 'Cryme 'N Punishment' ft. Copout

So, ❤ is a new category of posts and the idea behind this is quite simple. I don't know but for some reason a lot of you think that I'm either a group of people or some dude. I'm neither. I'm just me Felicia, the cunt running this site. At most we've been two cunts but since like 2006 it's been just me Anyway, I'm single (and mingle... Sorry, old Skepta bars). My goal with First Up! has always been to feature fresh music I love, be a food market, stacked up with the best products that's offered right now and sometimes absolute tunes slip through my hands cause of lack of time. As time go by, even if the tune is a gem, the value of being newsworthy is lost so I don't post it up.

This category is an end to all that and it's also gonna feature some of my absolute favourite tunes from the past, something I've wanted to do for a long time. No, not doing the Throwback Thursday shit and post up some tired hip hop video from the 1990's. No. Well, you'll see, here it goes:

First up are the mysterious LOLGurlz and their delicious 'Cryme 'N Punishment' featuring Copout that was featured on the "Digital Divaz" EP that dropped on Bastard Brigade back on Valentine's Day this year (cop the EP here for a price of your own choice).

'Cryme 'N Punishment' wasn't even the lead single off the EP but definitely the track that has been a favourite on my daily playlist since then. Absolutely perfect. Have a listen below:

Wiley - 'Step 20' (prod. by Rude Kid) Free DL & Leaks "The Ascent"

Oh Wiley Wiley Wiley, how I love you and your twisted ways. The day before yesterday Wiley had one of his famous outbursts and put out his upcoming album "The Ascent" on twitter and facebook for free download. Why? He was unhappy how the Preditah-produced track 'Rubicon' turned out. However, now things are sorted out, the download has been taken down and you can pre-order the album which is due via Warner on April 1st here.

Last night Wiley wrapped up his Step-series when he put out 'Step 20' on a production signed Rude Kid. "I like rice, basmati - I live life, I'm quite happy". Yeah, only Wiley could pull it off. Listen and download step 18-20 for free below:

Shlohomo ft. Jeremih - 'Bo Peep (Do U Right)' Free DL

Post his immaculate remix of 'Fuck U All The Time' (one of my top tunes of fall 2012) the official collaboration between Shlohomo and Jeremih has been one of those things you long for so bad it's almost hurts. At least I have and here it finally is and well, I'm sorry but it's on the level as that good, (yes, here I go again, another analogy to either sex or food, as they are my only ones suitable when it comes to real good music) when you reach climax with someone you actually care about and after eat something nice, over and over...

'Bo Peep (Do U Right)' serves as the latest part in Yours Truly and adidas originals "Songs from Scratch"-series. Shlohomo also dropped his "Laid Out" EP earlier this month via Friends of Friends (cop off iTunes here), that said grab 'Bo Peep (Do U Right)' for free below:

Shystie - 'Doppelgänger' (Azealia Banks Diss)

To be honest, when Shystie does her shit best is when she's dissing or replying. 10 years ago she absolutely killed Dizzee Rascal's 'I Luv You' and her version of Commander B's 'Pum Pum'-riddim that was a reply to Kano's version was actually the best one of them all (even if Flirta D's video for 'Breasts' was a masterpiece). This new track called 'Doppelgänger' is a diss aimed for her former friend Azealia Banks, they fell out with each other after Shystie put the official video for her and Banks' 'Control It' online, a video Azealia and her team wasn't okay with.

This is not the first time Shystie goes hard on one of her former friends, she brutally slayed poor old Lady Fury with her 'Murderation'-diss five or six years ago but well, compared to that one I must say, this is just OK. And yes, I browsed through some old files and uploaded the old good old tracks from way back when as well, have a listen below:

Iggy Azalea - 'Work' Official Video

Tomorrow Thursday Iggy Azalea will finally touch down on Swedish soil as she joins (the most boring man ever) Nas on his tour and here goes the official video for Iggy's new single 'Work' produced by The Invisible Men and 1stdown from FKi that drops the 18th. Watch the Jonas & François-directed clip below:

Little Jinder - 'Whatever 4ever' Single Release

After the official video that I posted up the day before yesterday Little Jinder finally drops her new single 'Whatever 4ever' (cop off iTunes here and stream via Spoitfy here) along with a remix signed Mash Up International/Maskinen/Lilla Sällskapet's Mats Norman.

'Whatever 4ever' serves as the first release from Jinder's debut album that will be dropping on Goldenbest Records this summer. The album will mostly contain her own productions but also comes with some help from Up To No Good (who did Lilla Namo's 'Haffa Guzz' for example) and from Magnus Frykberg.

Enjoy the finest moment ever a.k.a 'Whatever 4ever' and the remix below:

Amplify Dot - 'Kurt Cobain' (prod. by Krunchie)

I belong to that group of people that think that Kurt Cobain was. Sorry, but I'd take Courtney Love over Kurt any day and then we have the fact that Kathleen Hanna was the one who gave life to the legendary line "Smells like teen spirit" and not Kurt or Nirvana at all for that matter? But well, yes I was a fan, blah blah blah. However, 'Kurt Cobain' is the new single from Amplify Dot, produced by Krunchie and out the 28th of April. Listen below:

Little Jinder - 'Whatever 4ever' Official Video

I've rinsed the official video for Little Jinder's new single 'Whatever 4ever' all weekend. Seriously, I still am since I can't stop, I just keep pressing play on the clip directed by Anders Abrahamsson over and over again. The first 10 times I saw it I cried out of happiness. No joke, I got the stains of salty tears on my sleeve to prove it.

It's now over a year since Josefine dropped her latest release 'Keep on Dreaming' on T&B but on Wednesday we can finally lay our hands on the equally dreamy and beautiful 'Whatever 4ever' that comes out on Goldenbest Records. 'Whatever 4ever' serves as the first single off her debut album due out this summer and also comes with a remix signed Mash Up International's Mats Norman.

Peep the video below (and download her collaboration with Max Peezay) and yes, Jiddrish has the best tattoo ever, her "load more guys!!" on her upper left arm kills every sleeve, every nes-control coming out from the heart and every deep love quote of all time:

Benga ft. Kano - 'Forefather' Official Video

Zung Gu Zung Gu Gu Zung Gu Zeng Zung Gu Zung Gu Gu Zung Gu Zeng... Here goes the official video for Benga and Kano's huge 'Forefather' off "Chapter II" due out 6th of May (pre-order here). This is what you were born to do KA, please keep dissing KanYe's pof all you like but after that silly rant on instagram a while ago I'd wish you kept your pretty mouth shut about Kim Kardashian in the future. Thanks.

Azealia Banks - 'Yung Rapunxel' (prod. by Lil Internet)

A new week usually means brand new material from Azealia Banks and after making us waiting a hot minute she now unleashes the fury of 'Yung Rapunxel'. The track is produced by Lil Internet and it's quite different from the things she's been serving up the past weeks. Think like early morning at a festival back in 1996, think early Prodigy. Have a listen below:

Benga ft. Kano - 'Forefather' off "Chapter 2"

Haven't been impressed of what Benga has offered up lately but I must say, I really like this new single called 'Forefather' that drops today (buy off iTunes). 'Forefather' will be featured on Benga's upcoming album "Chapter 2" that drops the 6th of May and features Kano. Listen below:

Iggy Azalea - 'Work' (Jacob Plant Mix)

Dear Jacob Plant. Why on earth have you REMOVED the best part from Iggy Azalea's new single 'Work' in your mix? Yeah, of course I'm talking about the "This shit get real / Valley girls giving blowjobs for Louboutins / What you call that? / Head over heels"-passage. You eat food without spice as well? Have sex without the climax? I don't get it.

Aside from that, it's a pretty good one. Have a listen below:

Zebra Katz- 'Y I Do' (prod. by Jepordise)

Love love love this brand new track from Zebra Katz produced by Jepordise called ' I Do'! Listen and peep the official video directed by Nathaniel Brown below:

Frida Scar - "Schhh" EP Release Free DL

I'm so proud to introduce you all to Frida Scar and the premiere of her EP "Schhh" that drops today via Illegyal Records (cop off iTunes, Spotify or download below). Even though this is Frida Scar's first solo release, she's been part of the Swedish hip hop scene for a long time with numerous collaborations on her resume and she's also a big part of the grand Femtastic collective and they're about to drop a huge single called 'Vem är han?', don't miss out!

The "Schhh" EP consists of six different tracks, all with dark, minimalistic beats that blends nicely with Frida Scar's cheeky rhymes in the special Gothenburg dialect. Productions comes from CATBEATS (known for her work together with Kapten Röd, Äkta Kärlek & Serengeti), Odiggity and Jett5. Frida also leaves room for two guests; Meta Four on the mellow '100 Dagar - 100 Nätter' and Skrokk on my own personal favourite off the release, the grimy 'Stick Då'. Listen to the full EP and download below:

Linkoban about: SXSW, New Single 'Popgun Track' & Her Debut Album

Last spring Danish MC Ling Ly more known as Linkoban dropped her debut single 'Link This' like a bomb and much has happened since then. During the summer she released the EP "Super Into On It" on Lucy Love’s Superbillion Records, performed at the Roskilde festival and got banned when she performed in China. On Thursday Linkoban will do her first gig in the US as she and Lucy Love take over the Public Assembly in New York together with Washington DC's Kelow (more info about the show can be found on the flyer to your right or here) and next week Linkoban will perform at the official SXSW event:

How do you feel about the whole SXSW happening? Excited?
"I'm stoked! Can't wait to get over there. I'm generally excited about getting to the US. So much genius is currently happening in the music scene. And I want in."

Linkoban will perform at the Madison the 16th of March (more info here) and today she dropped a brand new single called 'Popgun Track':
"It's the most kitschy track on the album. It's a lot of fun, carefree, stupid and very catchy. Internally we call it "the Vengaboys track". At one point in my writing process, I smashed into a wall. Somehow I kept trying to maintain serious at a time where I was generally excited and blown away about my life. So I kinda went opposite of my own self-perception and wrote this track. When I finished it, I realized that this pop thing is very much alive inside of me. And we became friends." the official video is directed by Linkoban and Martin Jensen:

'Popgun Track' is produced by Yo Akim who mainly produced her debut album, due out later this spring in May. Can you tell me more about your upcoming debut album?
"It holds 10 tracks and has turned out more bubbly than I had planned. But again, "planned" is dead. I had to just go with my own zeitgeist. I'm very pleased with the outcome and can't wait for it to be released."

Peep the rest of this photo set taken by Molly Abrahamsen over at

Bonde do Role ft. Sants - 'Harlem Tcheka' (Harlem Shake) Free DL

Post the Simpsons' 'Homer Shake' featured in last night's episode here comes Bonde Do Role's remix of Baauer's 'Harlem Shake'. Their version 'Harlem Tcheka' is co-produced by Sants, grab it for free below.

Also, as this hopefully will be the last post about this track since it's starting to get played out like generic love quotes taken off Tumblr posted on twitter as "personal" tweets by juvenile and spoiled brats, I also attached Kid Womp's version below, it's too good to get by unnoticed:

Shystie ft. Azealia Banks - 'Control It' Official Video & "Pink Mist" EP

Shystie first appeared on Azealia Banks' "Fantasea"-mixtape and Azealia later returned the favour and appeared on this LZ Beatz-produced banger called 'Control It' that was featured on Shystie's "Gold Dust vol. 2"-tape. Now here's the official video and the track will also be featured on Shy's upcoming EP "Pink Mist" togheter with 7 more tracks that drops the 28th of April via STAR WORK MUSIC (pre-order here and stream a preview of the EP below).

Peep Shy and Miss Banks take control below:

M.I.A. - "Matangi" Mix for Kenzo

M.I.A. unleashes her "Matangi" mix she made for Kenzo's F/W13 show and well, please Maya stop agitate for scum like Julian Assange and concentrate on you and your art cause when you do, you're fucking brilliant.

"Matangi", M.I.A.'s fourth album is expected to drop next month on April 15th. Listen to the mix below:

Baauer - 'Harlem Shake' (Gant-Man Juke Rework)

It's Friday, the sun is shining, I'm enjoying a short, nice and calm vacation down at my parents in Hultsfred and yes, DJ Gant-Man is a man you always can trust, no matter what. Now he reworks Baauer's 'Harlem Shake' the best way possible, a.k.a the JUKE-way. You know what to do... get ready to J U K E below: