Azealia Banks - 'Barely Legal' (prod. by Lindbergh Palace) Free DL

After the whole brouhaha with Baauer, 'Harlem Shake' and telling the nasty fuck Perez Hilton off I gained even more respect for Miss Banks, this is the Azealia I fell in love with several years ago, pre the fashion house-tunes. Now she unveils something softer as she covers The Stroke's 12 year old 'Barley Legal' from their "Is This It" debut that dropped in 2001, but on a production signed Lindbergh Palace.

Update: The track is now available for free download, grab it below:

Charli XCX - 'You (Ha Ha Ha)' Remix EP & "True Romance" Release

After dropping her two mixtapes and four singles Charli XCX today announced that her debut album entitled "True Romance" will drop the 16th of April on Asylum/Warner. The tracklist for "True Romance" looks like this:
1. 'Nuclear Seasons'
2. 'You (Ha Ha Ha)'
3. 'Take My Hand'
4. 'Stay Away'
5. 'Set Me Free'
6. 'Grins'
7. 'So Far Away'
8. 'Cloud Aura' ft. Brooke Candy
9. 'What I Like'
10. 'Black Roses'
11. 'You’re the One'
12. 'How Can I'
13. 'Lock You Up'

Charli XCX will grace Sweden with a visit the 13th of April at Debaser when she joins Ellie Goulding on tour (more info and tickets can be found here).

Out now is also the remix EP for her latest single 'You (Ha Ha Ha)' featuring remixes from Melé, MS MR, Goldroom, Burns and more. Have a listen below:

Iggy Azalea - 'Work' (prod. by The Invisible Men & 1stdown of FKi)

Next month Iggy Azalea will be on the road with Nas on the European leg of his tour and they be hitting up Stockholm and Berns on the 14th of March (tickets and more info can be found here) and take I wild guess whom I'm gonna attend this gig for? Well it ain't Nas, that's for damn sure, I rather watch my nail polish dry to be honest.

Nas' shortcomings aside, here's finally the official version of Iggy's first single on her new label in the UK Mercury Records, 'Work' produced by The Invisible Men and 1stdown of FKi. The single will drop in the beginning of April and will be followed by Amethyst Kelly's debut album "The New Classic" later this spring.

Listen to 'Work' below:

Newham Generals - "5 Star General" EP

This will be the third release from Footsie this month after "Whole Thing" and the big "King Original Vol.1"-release that collects all his productions from 2004-2006 that dropped last week (cop off iTunes here).

The "5 Star General" EP features 6 tracks and among them the 'Boom Boom' tune featuring P Money & Frisco that also was on the " - The Mixtape EP Vol. 2"-. Buy "5 Star General" off iTunes here and check out the sampler below:

Young Live - "F.L.I.R.T (Fuck Love I'd Rather Tease)" Mixtape

Once you get passed them quite annoying DJ-drops, this new release from Young Live is so damn good. Yes, I know, DJ-drops on a free mixtape release is more or less mandatory in this day and age but seriously, plastered all over so it takes away focus from the actual tracks? Well, I say no, period.

With that off these 34 C's.... "F.L.I.R.T (Fuck Love I'd Rather Tease)" contains 10 tracks, all true to the mixtape title and features guests like Vyle, Est ´85 and Dave Jung as well as productions from Heroes & Villains and Forman James and is hosted by DJ Earn Money and StackOrStarve's DJ Shon. The other day I saw something on twitter, a remix of the Forman James-produced 'Boner In The Whip' with Chippy Nonstop? Make it the fuck happen! Have a listen and download below:

Mister Tweeks - 'Rave Land' off Pelican Fly's "Feathers" EP

Since I only posted the poor youtube-audio clip about this (which is the worst ever, youtube is for videos, period) it isn't more than fair that Mister Tweeks' awesome 'Rave Land' gets a proper posting. The track is featured on Pelican Fly's "Feathers" EP compilation (cop here). Get mesmerized below:

St. John's Dance - 'Master' & 'The Plot' Remix EP Free DL

When I got the pre-listen to this 'Master'-single by St John's Dance I actually thought the Dr. Alban-feature was hysterical but the novelty wore off quite quickly after a few more listens but now Mash Up International blows some new life into the track along with Luckqa, Owl Vision and The Reef for the new remix EP. Also featured is the track that once started the little St. John's Dance plague 'The Plot' which comes with remixes from Den Svenska Björnstammen, Lissie Dancefloor Distaster, Håkan Lidbo and Mikael Weermets.

Listen and download them all below:

Thessity - 'Vill Inte Bli Som Dig' (prod. by MinisterBeats) Free DL

This is why I love the favourite-function, just stumbled over this 16 year old girl Thessity from Angered, Gothenburg by accident on the streets of Soundcloud and this track called 'Vill Inte Bli Som Dig' pretty much blew my mind. This girl has probably more realness inside of her than all male rappers from Sweden combined and when she lays it over MinisterBeats' grimy 'I'm Out Of Control' instrumental well, perfection. Listen and download below:

SAiNT - "Amira" EP Release

You cannot have missed SAiNT's amazing remix of Chippy Nonstop's 'So I Know It's Real' (if you have well do your homework here) and today Virgil Valdez drops his second EP "Amira" on Blood In Blood Out Records (cop it off Beatport here). The EP contains 6 different tracks all with the special SAiNT-sound and one of the features MC Himself The Majestic, have a listen below:

Mykki Blanco - 'Feeling Special' (prod. Matrixxman) off "Betty Rubble"

Following the release of his free "Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss Mixtape" mixtape Mykki Blanco now readies his "Betty Rubble: The Initiation" EP set to drop in March. Here comes the first taste of the project in form of 'Feeling Special' on a great production signed 5kinandbone5' Matrixxman. "Betty Rubble: The Initiation" will also feature productions from Sinjin Hawke, A-Trak, Supreme Cuts and Sinden. Have a listen below:

Cashmere Cat - 'Aurora' & Mister Tweeks - 'Rave Land' off "Feathers"

The fact that Magnus August Høiberg aka Norway's biggest asset in the history of modern history aka Cashmere Cat names a track 'Aurora' is reason enough for me to love it. The fact that it's _good is another but what else could one expect? 'Aurora' is featured on Pelican Fly's brand new EP "Feathers" that dropped today (cop off iTunes here) along with tracks from Mister Tweeks, Sinjin Hawke and Lucid to name a few.

Listen to 'Aurora' and Mister Tweeks' AMAZING 'Rave Land' below:

Gorgon City ft. Yasmin - 'Real'

Oh, this made my Sunday! Yasmin teams up with the duo Gorgon City (Foamo and RackNRuin) for this smooth and mellow tune called 'Real'. The track serve as the the title track of Gorgon City's brand new EP that dropped today on Black Butter Records (cop off iTunes here). When oh when will Yasmin release something new on her own??? While we wait, enjoy 'Real' below:

Azealia Banks - 'Harlem Shake' Official Video

So Baauer, who got your panties in a twist honey? A female rapper hailing from Harlem apparently. Seriously. Male musicians with scarred egos unite. Picture this weeks trio Baauer, The Weeknd and random rapper of your own choice (they all pretty much fit the frame) forming a group, it would be... Anyway, here goes the official video for Azealia Banks' remix (listen and DL here) of Baauer's current #1 at the iTunes chart, directed by Rony Alwin, do the 'Harlem Shake':

Azealia Banks - 'Harlem Shake' (Remix) Free DL

Azealia Banks was supposed to drop her 'Yung Rapunxel'-single the day before yesterday but in regular fashion she and Interscope seem to be living on different planets, so to keep the grand horde of pissed off fans Azealia now offers up her own remix of Baauer's 'Harlem Shake'.

Prepare the buttocks, listen and download below:

Brooke Candy - 'I Wanna Fuck Right Now' Official Video

Like this brand new video from Brooke Candy needs a deeper presentation more than the fact that it's called 'I Wanna Fuck Right Now', features Brooke in hardly any clothes, a stripper pole and a snake? Nah, you know what you gonna get and it's exactly what we all need. My only question is this; WHO books Brooke to Sweden this spring/summer? Peep the video directed by Spaghetto below:

Sasha Go Hard - "Round 3" Mixtape Free DL

Boom! Sasha Go Hard just dropped a new mixtape called "Round 3" and like always Sasha goes hard. The release is hosted by DJ Victoriouz, contains 11 tracks and comes with productions from Diplo, Block on Da Trakk, Absolut P, Tony Rouche, URBOYBLACK, IzzeTheProducer and features by Le1f, I.L Will and Kreayshawn.

Have a listen and download below:

M.I.A. - 'Doobie' (prod. by Danja)

I need to get this off my chest, I love you M.I.A. but siding with Julian Assange didn't exactly make my panties wet if you know what I mean. Seriously grow the fuck up and realize that sexual assault & rape and freedom of speech are two c o m p l e t e l y different things and that Julian Assange is no better than the corrupted people he and his organisation trying to unveil. Not everything is part of a big giant conspiracy and for him to act like a scared little mouse hiding and starting a war via WikiLeaks on Swedish feminists speaks volumes. If the poor sod was in fact innocent, well, I think he would act quite different.

That said, Thursday's Danja dug out this unheard and unreleased track from M.I.A. via his "Throwback Track Thursday" called 'Doobie', made around the same time they did 'Bad Girls'. While we wait for Interscope to release further information about M.I.A.'s pending upcoming album, 'Doobie' is far more enjoyable than M.I.A.'s involvement in the political debacle surrounding Assange. Have a listen below:

Kreayshawn - 'Babycakes' (prod. by DJ Two Stacks) Free DL

Yes, lets blow some life into this site shall we? And what better way to do it than with this???? Kreayshawn who's been trying out different things lately dusts off one of my favourite tunes of all time, as she and DJ Two Stacks reworks the old garage act 3 of a Kind's masterpiece 'Babycakes' from 2004.

Listen and grab it as a free download below: