Chippy Nonstop - "Finally Verified" EP Release

In a world where every song is produced by Mike Will Made It, everyone attempts to twerk with their size 0 ass, getting their ratchet on and Miley Cyrus doing videos that are copy scraped from some old isssue of Vice anno 2004 (while that sad rag still mattered) it's nice to still have something genuine and solid like Chippy Nonstop.

Chippy's new EP "Finally Verified" (cop off iTunes here), a title that is a play on album titles like Big Sean's "Finally Famous" is produced by Felix Snow and features 6 tracks (one of them being 'Bang Bang') and collaborations with Kitty Pryde, Metro Zu's Lofty 305, Bukkweat Bill and Pizza Pimp/Chapman. Have a listen to the goodness below: