Max Peezay ft. Jeff - "F.A.S" Official Video & "F.A.S. 3" Album DL

Yes, I've been waiting for the moment to write about this! One of the largest albums that dropped last year actually came from Sweden's Max Peezay and dropped via a collaboration between All Out Dubstep and Peezay's own label Devrim. Old followers of this site know that I haven't exactly been on his cheerleading squad in the past, quite the opposite... But "F.A.S. 3", that aims on "Phase 3, or employment phase, the name of the last part of the job and development guarantee, labour market programs provided by the Swedish Government in July 2007", is well, perfect.

The country we once lived is no more. The gap of segregation is just getting bigger and bigger each day, the fact that the 3rd biggest party in Sweden is a racist one, that the hate towards women is just increasing and this morning headlines are screaming that people getting segregated on buses to ride with a certain company's ferries, apartheid style. This is why Max Peezay's album is so important as instead of just rapping about the love for his brothers with the hood as a back drop like the general norm right now, he's creating a narrative easy for everyone who's been a victim to what our current, non-Socialist, government has been up to the past 7 years. Destroying completely everything.

The album features 10 tracks and comes with guest like Lady Leshurr, Newham Generals, Little Jinder, E-boi and Jeff, productions comes from Flamin, Özgur Can, L-Wiz, Prince Rapid, Matte Caliste and Juuso Pikanen.

Peep the official video for 'F.A.S' below and also listen to some of the best tracks from the release that you also can either buy or grab for free below:

Max Peezay - "F.A.S. 3" iTunes | (.zip) ↓ Dropbox