Linkoban about: SXSW, New Single 'Popgun Track' & Her Debut Album

Last spring Danish MC Ling Ly more known as Linkoban dropped her debut single 'Link This' like a bomb and much has happened since then. During the summer she released the EP "Super Into On It" on Lucy Love’s Superbillion Records, performed at the Roskilde festival and got banned when she performed in China. On Thursday Linkoban will do her first gig in the US as she and Lucy Love take over the Public Assembly in New York together with Washington DC's Kelow (more info about the show can be found on the flyer to your right or here) and next week Linkoban will perform at the official SXSW event:

How do you feel about the whole SXSW happening? Excited?
"I'm stoked! Can't wait to get over there. I'm generally excited about getting to the US. So much genius is currently happening in the music scene. And I want in."

Linkoban will perform at the Madison the 16th of March (more info here) and today she dropped a brand new single called 'Popgun Track':
"It's the most kitschy track on the album. It's a lot of fun, carefree, stupid and very catchy. Internally we call it "the Vengaboys track". At one point in my writing process, I smashed into a wall. Somehow I kept trying to maintain serious at a time where I was generally excited and blown away about my life. So I kinda went opposite of my own self-perception and wrote this track. When I finished it, I realized that this pop thing is very much alive inside of me. And we became friends." the official video is directed by Linkoban and Martin Jensen:

'Popgun Track' is produced by Yo Akim who mainly produced her debut album, due out later this spring in May. Can you tell me more about your upcoming debut album?
"It holds 10 tracks and has turned out more bubbly than I had planned. But again, "planned" is dead. I had to just go with my own zeitgeist. I'm very pleased with the outcome and can't wait for it to be released."

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