Young Live - "F.L.I.R.T (Fuck Love I'd Rather Tease)" Mixtape

Once you get passed them quite annoying DJ-drops, this new release from Young Live is so damn good. Yes, I know, DJ-drops on a free mixtape release is more or less mandatory in this day and age but seriously, plastered all over so it takes away focus from the actual tracks? Well, I say no, period.

With that off these 34 C's.... "F.L.I.R.T (Fuck Love I'd Rather Tease)" contains 10 tracks, all true to the mixtape title and features guests like Vyle, Est ´85 and Dave Jung as well as productions from Heroes & Villains and Forman James and is hosted by DJ Earn Money and StackOrStarve's DJ Shon. The other day I saw something on twitter, a remix of the Forman James-produced 'Boner In The Whip' with Chippy Nonstop? Make it the fuck happen! Have a listen and download below:

Young Live - "F.L.I.R.T (Fuck Love I'd Rather Tease)" Mixtape (.zip) ↓ DL via Datpiff