Benzi & Willy Joy - 'This Is Paradise' ft. Marshall Masters Free DL

I love you Benzi and you too Willy Joy and I'm all about pounding bass, choppy sirens and 8-bit melodies but please can we leave stadium chants and roars for like cheesy world cup/Olympic-tunes? Cheer chants is OK (like in 95 South's 'Cheer for Me') but there's really no need for that kind of shit in good music.

'This Is Paradise' is the first single off Benzi's upcoming EP and also Willy Joy's "Wildlife" mixtape out now (get it here.

Listen to and download 'This Is Paradise' below:

Charli XCX ft. Brooke Candy - 'Cloud Aura' (prod. by J£zus Million)

Charli XCX will drop her mixtape "Super Ultra" the 7th of November and here goes the first track off the release, 'Cloud Aura' produced by J£zus Million featuring none other than Brooke Candy. Sing up on Charli XCX's site to get the mixtape first of all here. Speaking of Brooke for that matter, a couple of days ago she unleashed the second track off her EP, the phenomenal 'Henny Pop (double) 2.0'.
Listen to both tracks below:

Hot Sugar - "Midimurder" Free DL

SCION A/V presents this free release of New York City producer Nick Koenig, aka Hot Sugar, who with "Midimurder" is moving forward with his latest evolution in sound to take on the darker, brooding world of hip hop. Trading his quirky, eclectic vibe for a moody selection of beats and bass, Koenig serves up gritty street anthems with a pulse. The 7 track long release features Chippy Nonstop, Antwon, Heems, KOOL AD, Fat Tony, Lakutis, Nasty Nigel, Aaron Livingston, Izza Kizza, Himself the Majestic, 100s, Shady Blaze, Haleek Maul and many more.

Listen and download below:

Young Live - "Lux Trap: Caligula" EP Free DL

While you and I wait for Jeremy Davis more known as Young Live to drop his second volume of "Famous Friends" early next year, he comes through with a nice project called "Lux Trap" in which he cultivates his style and evolves further through acoustic melodies, booming 808s, heavy synth lines and epic string arrangements. "Lux Trap: Caligula" is the first installment (which will continue to come out monthly until the end of the year) and includes remixes of Yasmin's lovely cover of Kings of Tomorrow's 'Finally', Lil Mouse's 'D Wade' (which is my personal fave off this release), John West, Tinie Tempah & Swedish House Mafia as well as a weird bonus track that you'll like if you're into "Games of Thrones"...

"My reasoning behind the music derives from recent research and ventures in regards to fashion. I wanted each track to give a different feel and be about a different topic while keeping it in the realm of songs I liked and artists I know. I didn't want to remix an artist I already have before and wanted to geographically choose from areas in which I do business, either music or fashion. Such as the the lead track with Yasmin, I was introduced to her music from another artist in the UK. I chose very particularly which song I would remix. I love her voice and wanted something that had a soulful feel with great lyrics as well as a good progression."

The second installment called "Constantine" (dropping in November presented by Live Mixtapes and Club Tapes) will feature beats from FKi, Heroes & Villains, Sonny Digital, Hollywood J, Young Live himself and more.

'Till then, enjoy and download the "Caligula"-edition below:

Calvin Harris & Dillon Francis ft. Dizzee Rascal - 'Here 2 China'

Here goes one of the most interesting tracks (at least on paper) off Calvin Harris' third studio album "18 Months" that dropped before the weekend. 'Here 2 China' is a collaboration between Harris and Dillon Francis and features none other than Dizzee Rascal. It's not too bad, he sure redeems himself from the Olympic song fuckery 'Scream' ft. Pepper, but after a weekend of listening to "Boy in the Corner" I can't help but wonder, dear Dylan, when will you go back to real grime? When? We're all waiting.

Cashmere Cat - "Mirror Maru" EP Release & H.A.M City 3rd Nov

Magnus August Høiberg more known as Cashmere Cat is a true genius. His edit of 2 Chainz and Drake's 'No Lie' is definitely on the "Remix of the year"-list (together with Shlohmo's take on Jeremih's 'Fuck u All the Time' and a bunch of other goodies) and I've rinsed it constantly since it finally came out on soundcloud 19 days ago (if you by any chance missed it you can download it below).

Today Cashemere Cat finally drops his debut EP on Pelican Fly called "Mirror Maru"; 4 tracks filled with squeaky bed sounds, cat references and productions that are as fluffy clouds and oozing of sex at the same time. Preview below and cop off iTunes here:

Major Lazer ft. Flux Pavilion - 'Jah No Partial'

What is Major Lazer up to? Is this any good? Is it dubstep? What the hell is Flux Pavilion doing here? So many questions. I just wish for Major Lazer to drop the cut featuring Chippy Nonstop instead cause this is the total opposite to the delicate 'Get Free', I'm not really feeling this at all.

Cop 'Jah No Partial' off iTunes here and have a listen below:

Swedish Tiger Sound ft. Toffer - 'Veganrulle'

What happens if you take Toffer's love for munchie foods and mix it up with some jungle/dnb signed Swedish Tiger Sound? You get this treat. Great riddim and hilarious lyrics, love it. Download for free off the soundcloud below:

Lady Leshurr - 'L YEAH' Official Video & Mixtape

Here goes the official video for Lady Leshurr's 'L YEAH!', the lead track off her most recent mixtape (that you can download for free here). Peep the video and grab the track below:

The Melker Project - 'Binders Full Of Women' (Mitt Romney Remix)

Hell yes, finally, been waiting for this to appear in my inbox ALL day. Hopefully this will be the end of you Mitt Romney. Political trap. Yes. I can fuck with that. Listen and download below:

GNUČČI - "Oh My Goodness!" EP Release

A lot happened while First Up! was down and here's one of the many goodies that left the kitchen without getting served here, GNUČČI's debut EP "Oh My Goodness!" out now on Famalam Records/Sony Music(cop off Beatport). With productions from Cristian Dinamarcna (Top Billin), Farkas, Mash Up International and Emir "Youthman" Kobilic Ana serves up a vast smorgasbord of tasty Gnucci treats.

You have already heard '360 Donna' and 'Goodah' and here's my personal faves off the EP, the title track produced by Mash Up International and the Farkas-produced 'Damena' featuring the amazing sister-duo VAZ:

Mykki Blanco - 'Haze.Boogie.Life' (prod. by Sinden & Matrixxman)

Mykki Blanco follows up his Brenmar-produced hit 'Wavvy' with 'Haze.Boogie.Life' produced by Sinden and 5kinAndBone5's Matrixxman. The track is taken off Mykki's highly anticipated mixtape "Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss" which drops the 7th of November and watch this space for the interview I did with him when he was in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. I also managed to catch the live performance of 'Haze.Boogie.Life' in the dark and intimate space over at Landet on film, and I actually prefer this track when it's performed live over the original studio/video-version.

Watch the live version, as well as the official video directed by Danny Sangra and stream the song below:

Silvana Solo - 'Svarta Madam' (prod. by Change)

"Black Madam is a game. We went to middle school, walked into a room with a mirror and turned off the light. Sang out her name and asked Black Madame to arrive. When our eyes became accustomed to the low-light from the crack at the bottom of the door, we glimpsed at each other's faces in the glass, screamed and we turned the light on and ran. But where should you run if you can't turn the lamp on, if you never shouted at Black Madam? But still, have to face your own reflection. Your own face. When the one who scares you is yourself?"

'Svarta Madam' is the first offer from Swedish rapper Silvana Solo's upcoming EP together with producer Change from the Swedish recording institution Level 8 and is a dark and dreamy little number. Buy off iTunes here and look out for the official video that will drop in a couple of weeks. Silvana's debut album "Rekviem" will drop in the beginning of 2013.

Also check out my other site's photo feature we did on Silvana here.