Charli XCX - "Super Ultra" Mixtape

Charli XCX is in the finishing process of her album and last week she gave you a listen of her Brooke Candy-featured 'Cloud Aura' off her mixtape "Super Ultra" and here goes the full mixtape. 8 tracks with productions from Art of Noise, Giraffage, Sinjin Hawke, Baths, Jackson, How To Dress Well, Jakwob and of course J£zus Million.

"I cried a lot whilst making this mixtape, which is funny because some of the songs seem quite light-hearted and a bit... I dunno... Gangster. To me they're all sad songs in some way though. Some songs were inspired by moments in movies - like DANCE 4 U was inspired by the opening scene of Planet Terror, where Rose McGowan does the pole dance. I think that's a really sad and desperate scene. It makes me cry when I watch it.

I guess that's all just personal shit though. I don't want people to be sad when they listen to SUPER ULTA... I want them to be happy, and I want them to dance. No one dances in this town anymore.

Peep the complete tracklist and have a listen below:
"Super Ultra" Tracklist:
'Cloud Aura' ft. Brooke Candy (prod. by J£zus Million)
'Moments in Love' (prod. by Art of Noise)
'Velvet Dreaming (Luv) (prod. by Giraffage)
'Dance 4 U' (prod. by Sinjin Hawke)
'Glow' (prod. by Baths)
'Heatwave' (prod. by Jackson)
'Cold Nites' (Remix) (prod. by How To Dress Well)
'Forgiveness' (prod. by Jakwob)

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