Diplo & Douster - 'ON!'

Diplo just unleashed a free download of his and Douster's new track 'ON!'. Grab it via the soundcloud below.


Diplo & Douster - 'ON!'

Wiley - 'Numbers in Action' EP Release, Free Dobie Remix & "100% Publishing" Pre-order

May the return to Big Dad be the grand saviour of Wiley's career? Will it bring the perfect balance between grime and commercial success? It might be, cause "100% Publishing" looks well promising on paper, light years better than "Playtime's Over" that made him and BD part ways after the album was released in 2007.

The release date of "100% Publishing" has been pending from the 27th of June 'til the 4th of July but the final date is now set to the 20th of June (pre-order the album off iTunes or Amazon). I'm still hoping to get blown away "Treddin' on Thin Ice"-style and "100% Publishing" is written, produced and mastered in its entirety by the man himself, no Bless Beats or any other electro fuckery around to ruin it (HOPEFULLY).

And I must say, I like the first single that dropped last month, 'Numbers in Action'. Yes, we all know that Dizzee did the 1337-speak thing on his "Maths + English" from 2007 but it doesn't matter when the end result is this good. The single EP of 'Numbers in Action' drops on Monday (pre-order iTunes & Amazon) with remixes from Sticky, Toddska (Toodla+Roska), ZDot and the latest signing to the Big Dada-family: Dobie.

Grab Dobie's remix free below courtesy of BD.

Wiley - 'Numbers In Action' (ZDot Remix)

Wiley - 'Numbers in Action' (Dobie's Crunch Music Remix) ↓ Download here

Chiddy Bang - "Peanut Butter & Swelly" Mixtape

Just in time for Memorial Day-Weekend Chiddy Bang release a brand new mixtape in conjunction with Illroots. The "Peanut butter & Swelly" mixtape consists of 15 new tracks and features from Mac Miller, Trae Tha Truth, Casey Veggies, eLDee The Don, The Knocks, Train and Gordon Voidwell.

Peep the complete tracklist and grab the tape after the jump:

01. 'Cameras'
02. 'The Whistle Song'
03. 'Heatwave' ft. Mac Miller, Trae Tha Truth & Casey Veggies
04. 'Too Much Soul'
05. 'Baby Roulette' ft. Train
06. 'Guinness Flow'
07. 'I Can't Stop' (Freestyle)
08. 'Jacuzzi (Lost In The Vapors)'
09. 'High As A Ceiling' ft. eLDee The Don
10. 'Always (On My Grizzly)' ft. eLDee The Don
11. 'Y.T.M.O.S.H.? Y.A.S.N.'
12. 'Dancing With The DJ' (Remix)
13. 'Nobody Has It Down'
14. 'All Over' ft. Gordon Voidwell
15. 'When You've Got Music' ft. The Knocks

Chiddy Bang - "Peanut Butter & Swelly" (.zip) ↓ Direct DL via Illroots
Chiddy Bang - 'Y.T.M.O.S.H.? Y.A.S.N.' ↓ YSI
Chiddy Bang - 'Heatwave' ft. Mac Miller, Trae Tha Truth & Casey Veggies ↓ YSI
Chiddy Bang - 'Baby Roulette' ft. Train ↓ YSI

Vybz Kartel Issues a Public Statement

Due to the past weeks controversy regarding Vybz Kartel, skin bleaching and the whole cake soap-gate, he now issues a public statement (which is quite long) read it in full below:

"Many of you have heard or seen the recent accusations made by my former associates in the past few weeks. I don’t know why all of these individuals, think the most appropriate action to take after a philosophical difference occurs is to go to the press and attack me.

I can only say that I am reminded of Bob Marley’s admonishments when he said man is so unjust, you don’t know who to trust…your best friend can turn out to be your worst enemy…I shall say no more, other than who the cap fit, mek them wear it. I am issuing this statement because I think these accusations are due to a breach of confidentiality as certain individuals got wind of my upcoming projects and initiatives and they know they can’t stop me without resorting to underhanded tactics.
(continue after the jump)

See Jamaica, Vybz Kartel has been carrying a secret for a very long time and I think it is time that I reveal it before persons try to derail the projects that I have put together by continuing to make false reports about me in their attempt to have me muzzled.two years ago, I had an epiphany whilst on stage. I saw thousands of people screaming for Kartel, jumping up and down, listening to ever word that I uttered on stage, it was like the people were eating out of the palm of my hands. At that moment, something strange came over me, as I heard the people screaming for more, I suddenly realized that my calling was to be more than a Deejay.

I realized that the people were not eating out my hands but they wanted to hear Kartel speak because finally somebody was telling their story in a profound no holds barred manner. Whether I was addressing sexuality,poverty, police brutality, injustice,the trials and tribulations of the ghetto I was finally giving ghetto people a voice – a big voice like society never heard before.

I know I am not the first that has ever attempted to do this. Because when I researched I saw that Marcus, Sam Sharpe, Paul Bogle all spoke directly to the powers that be on behalf of the people but were ostracized and in some cases killed. Later, Marley, Tosh, Jacob Miller did the same thing and all died young under unique somewhat mysterious circumstances. I have seen what they have done to ancient Rastamen, People’s Telecom, the Marcus Garvey Political Party and other entities that attacked Babylon head on.

I did not want the same fate to reach me at the time, I did not want them to muzzle me also, so I took a decision that I felt I had to, I had to trick Babylon. I realized if I kept doing outrageous and outlandish stuff, they would write me off as just an attention seeking artiste and not realize that since July 26, 2009 behind closed doors I have been writing my book and setting up my GEL (Gaza Education and Literacy) program. So they put the spotlight on me, not knowing that they were actually putting the spotlight on themselves because Vybz Kartel is not about braces, bleaching and hairstyles but I am about elevating the cause of Ghetto people.

Please understand Jamaica sometimes you have to trick Babylon with confusion. If I revealed my intentions two years ago, do you think the people that control the media would report everything I do? Babylon, you have been tricked. For 500 years, the system has been using reverse psychology to trick my people,I have now used reverse psychology to trick them Let’s see societal hypocrisy for what it is. Now that my book is going to be released, now that most of my songs will have a more cultural overtone as i have already taken the decision to stop deejaying gun lyrics, now that I am going to be providing educational opportunities for young people,will you be giving me the same attention?

In so far as business is concerned, I don’t agree that rum and a night club is an Empire. The Portmore Global Empire has been in the works for some time with proper infrastructure currently being put in place. I had anticipated certain moves and I have been in consultation with Attorneys in Pembroke Pines, Florida about proper branding, contracts, representation and protecting my legal rights globally. The team I have been working with are all degreed in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Mass Communications and have the expertise that I will need – it is funny when I hear "nobody can tell Kartel anything" when I have trained consultants who have aided me in planning my future projects. I have not finalized any decisions as yet but I have invested considerable resources to take my business endeavours to another level, so again, like Bob Marley said, half the story has never been told.

Now I know a lot of my fans are probably surprised but understand this,I feel called by a power greater than me. Black people have been suffering too long, we have been in poverty too long, we have been brutalized too long and Vybz Kartel is now advising the world that I will use the spotlight that you have put on me to highlight their cause. I am not naïve and I know based on recent interviews on TV that my life and freedom is more in danger than ever before because I have no intention of easing up on the system or their agents. However, I am at peace with this decision.The Gaza ladies, you are still my babies, so don’t worry, the black race must procreate so I will giving you more “Dumpa Truck” to drive in, you can still “Get Wild” and you will still ride your “10 speed bicycle” in “Slow Motion.” I will never stop deejaying for you. The “thugs,” you all built Kartel, so I will never alienate you but you may be getting some new messages from me.

It is unfortunate that I have been forced to prematurely make this statement as my book was slated to be launched on July 23, 2012 – His Imperial Majesty’s Earthstrong, my GEL program was for the September 2011-2012 academic year but the forces against me are rising on TV and in the newspaper so after consultation with the few trusted advisers I have left, I decided to make this release so that if they take my life or my freedom, the projects will continue. Keep in mind that the greatest black man that ever lived, Marcus Garvey, was betrayed by trusted individuals and endured continuous character assassination, so I guess I am in good company. We nah stop say Gaza4Life, we just upgrading the message.


Yeah, what do you have to say about the statement?

Nicki Minaj - 'Did It On 'Em' Official Video

Nicki Minaj recently wrapped up the "I am Still Music"-tour with the Young Money-crew, will soon head out with Britney Spears for the "Femme Fatale"-tour and earlier this week she told US Magazine that next year, 2012 she'll be finally headlining her own "Pink Friday"-tour. I'm crossing my fingers and toes hoping it will grace other parts of the world as well and not just the United States.

Speaking of the "I am Still Music"-tour for that matter, here goes the internet version of the official video for one of the best tracks off "Pink Friday", the Bangladesh-produced 'Did It On 'Em', "directed" by DJ Scoob Doo. Uhm, yeah, you'll understand when you see it:

Hotmess.com... I can't believe this is the "real" video that got a count down and all that jazz? Well, the countdown has run out and still no sign of one when Nicki takes a dump all over her competition, but if one will appear, I'll sure post it up.

One thing that is nice to see however is that after the huge success of Distance's remix for 'Girls Fall Like Dominoes':

that appeared on the UK-release of the single (buy here) more people give Nicki the dubstep treatment, like this one by DJ Bassel:

Nicki Minaj - 'Did It On 'Em' (Bassel Remix)

While I'm on remixes, also liking this one by SAiNT (not dubstep), SAiNT's Nicki-remixes always kill:
Nicki Minaj - 'Did It On 'Em' (SAINT Remix)

and last but not least, since it's been way too little juke on this site lately, a lovely juke take by DJ Nehpets:
Nicki Minaj - 'Did It On 'Em' (DJ Nehpets Juke Remix) (dirty)

Ms. Dynamite - 'Neva Soft' (prod. by Labrinth)

Well, finally, Ms. Dynamite is back with some own material after spending the past 18 months spitting features like fire. This new track and upcoming single is called 'Neva Soft' and is produced by Labrinth. Perfect for a early Friday night!

Have a listen below:

Ms. Dynamite - 'Neva Soft'

Lil Wayne - 'How to Love' (prod. by Detail) off "Tha Carter IV"

With only 26 days left before "Tha Carter IV" is expected to hit the shelves Lil Wayne now unleash the new and third single off the album.

The track is called 'How to Love' and is produced by Detail, premiered by Karen Civil.

Listen below and what do you think of it?:

Lil Wayne - 'How to Love' (prod. by Detail) (buy here).

Beyoncé - "4" Tracklist, New Single '1+1' & American Idol Performances

The wait is over, here's finally the official and confirmed tracklist for Beyoncé's 4th album "4" as well as the new single '1+1' that she premiered a moment ago on American Idol.

'1+1' (that you can purchase here) is definitely NOT my cup of tea (you get why when you listen to it below) but anyway, still looking forward to "4" dropping in less then a month quite a lot. Peep the tracklist, American Idol performance and the new single below:

1. '1+1'
2. 'I Care'
3. 'I Miss You'
4. 'Best Thing I Never Had' (prod. by Babyface)
5. 'Party' ft. André 3000 (prod. by KanYe West, Consequence)
6. 'Rather Die Young'
7. 'Start Over'
8. 'Love on Top'
9. 'Countdown'
10. 'End of Time' (prod. by Diplo)
11. 'I Was Here'
12. 'Run the World (Girls)' (prod. by Switch, Knowles, Shea Taylor)

Beyoncé - '1+1'

'1+1' live on American Idol, propers to Yardie:

B also took the stage for a performance of 'Crazy in Love':

Nicki Minaj ft. Swizz Beatz - 'Catch Me' (Mastered)

Nicki Minaj's and Swizzy's 'Catch Me' was featured as a bonus track on the Best Copy-version of Minaj's debut album "Pink Friday" that dropped late last year.

Here's the remastered version full of lazer beams and all that jazz that Nicki just tweeted out for free download. Enjoy!

Nicki Minaj ft. Swizz Beatz - 'Catch Me' (Mastered) ↓ YSI

Stockholmssyndromet - "Underhundar" Album Release


01. '3011' (prod. by Sir Sampalot)
02. 'Räkmacka' (prod. by Sir Sampalot)
03. 'Norrmalmstorg' (prod. by MIC Bizzi & Sir Sampalot)
04. 'Tjänster & gentjänster' (prod. by Tommy Black)
05. 'Underhundar' (prod. by Drums)
06. 'Hat' (prod. by Drums)
07. 'Underover' (prod. by Sir Sampalot)
08. 'Delete' ft. Chris Skills (prod. by Sir Sampalot)
09. 'Ormar i gräset' ft. Abidaz (prod. by Sir Sampalot)
10. 'Sockerfar' (prod. by Sir Sampalot)
11. 'tu-BORG' (beat Drums, prod. by Sir Sampalot)
12. 'TV-spel' (prod. by Sir Sampalot)
13. 'Lårparti del 2' ft. C.U.P. & On-Ree (prod. by Sir Sampalot)
14. 'Kärlek (beat MIC Bizzi, prod. by Sir Sampalot)
15. 'Passa den åt höger' (prod. by Sir Sampalot)

Artist - 'Track' () ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Beyoncé - 'Run the World (Girls)' Live on Oprah's Last Show

It's the end of an era... Yes, yesterday the first part of the very last episode ever of Oprah's show aired and yesterday Beyoncé graced the show with a performance of 'Run the World (Girls)' the very first telecast performance of the song (since it was taped before the Billboard Music Awards held Sunday's). Seriously, the intros of both performances made me so fucking warm from the inside.

Beyoncé _is_ the mainstream equivalent to Kathleen Hanna for the 21nd Century. All hail Beyoncé:

Billboard Music Awards Performances by Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna & Britney Spears

Last night (while I was long gone sleeping) it's was time for the annual Billboard Music Award show on ABC. Beyoncé was honoured with the "Millennium Award" award and over all it was ladies night for sure when Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears and Ke$ha owned the show.

Peep all great performances below like Beyoncé performing 'Run the World (Girls)', Nicki Minaj teamed up with Britney for the 'Til the World Ends' remix, RihRih also teamed up with Britney for the remix of 'S&M':

Beyoncé - 'Run The World' (Girls)

Rihanna - 'S&M' Remix ft. Britney Spears:

Nicki Minaj - 'Super Bass'/'Till The World Ends' Remix ft. Britney Spears:

Big propers to Yardie! Also, here's the absolute BEST remix of Beyoncé's current single so far by Say Wut:

Beyoncé- WhoRunTheWorld (Say Wut Remix)

Mash Up International ft. Gnucci Banana - 'Animal' Official Single Release

Yes, the 23rd of May 2011, today might be all about Lady GaGa and the release of "Born this Way"... However, I'm not that stoked to be honest, even turned down the secret listening party I was invited to Friday's, I dunno, but "Born this Way" doesn't excite me, at all. What this thing about no features? But well, the album will contain a couple of hits, I'm sure about it but today brings even greater things to the table.

Like this for example, the official single release of Mash Up International's and Gnucci Bananana's tropical anthem 'Animal'.

Released via At Bay Music/Sony and cop over at iTunes, Amazon and listen via Spotify

Mash Up International & Gnucci Banana - 'Animal'

Beyoncé - 'Till the End of Time', "4" Album Cover & Release Date

How ironic that the stream of Beyoncé's (most likely) second single from "4", 'Til the End of Time' leaked online today, the doomsday? However, we're not into post-apocalyptic state so it's time that the world stop listen to deranged old men like Harold Camping once and for all.

Here's also the official cover of "4" which now has a definitive release date the 24th of June (in UK the 27th and the US the 28th, pre-order here), stunning photo of Bey on the album cover but whoever edited it, well, even white skinned me is darker than that, photoshop got your brain?

But I must say, I really really like 'Til the End of Time', even if 'Run the World (Girls)' was a hard cookie to melt at first listen this is whole another deal with Diplo on the production.

Listen below and yes, it's all tagged up for now:

Beyonce - 'Til the End of Time'

Amplify Dot ft. Kano - 'Semantics' Official Video & Single Release

Amplify Dot's verse on 'Game Over Female Takeover' still echoes in my mind quite often and you can be sure you'll see much more of this lady in the near future. Earlier this week she was in the studio with Ski Beats (who produced tracks for Jay Z's "Reasonable Doubt"), laid a verse on a new feature with Little Dee and after her 'Born Ready'-single that dropped around a month ago here goes the follow up called 'Semantics'.

'Semantics' features Kano and will drop next month, but until then here goes the official video directed by Schoque:

A-Dot ft. Kano - 'Semantics'

Katy B - 'Easy Please Me' Official Video & Single Release

Next to the three previous singles and the astonishing 'Witches Brew', The Magnetic Man-produced 'Easy Please Me' is easily my absolute favourite tune from Katy B's debut album "On a Mission".

'Easy Please Me' also serves as the fourth single to be released the 6th of June with remixes by Caspa, Claude VonStroke & Royal-T (pre-order here) and here's also the official video where Thelma & Louise meets Lock Stock in a South London Pool Hall:

Also, have a lil' preview of the mental Caspa remix below from when Annie Mac premiered it on radio and make sure you cop it as soon as it drops:

Katy B - 'Easy Please Me' (Caspa Remix)

Al Azif ft. Gnucci Banana & Crossfire - 'Sick In Head' Official Video & Single Release

You probably know Swedish producer and DJ Al Azif from his remix of Adam Tensta's 'My Cool' a few years back or when he and Crossfire had a huge hit with 'Lady' in 2008. Earlier this spring he released a free single called 'Lookin' together with Million Stylez (download below) but it's now time for his first own single to see the light of day.

The track is called 'Sick In Head' which is a straight up club banger, destined to be a summer smash hit and features Gnucci Banana and Crossfire, make sure you cop it when it drops via Sony the 23rd of May.

Until then, enjoy the official video:

Al Azif ft. Gnucci Banana & Crossfire - 'Sick In Head' (Listen via Spotify)

Al Azif vs Million Stylez - 'Lookin' (Original)
Al Azif vs Million Stylez - 'Lookin' (Radio)

Swindle - 'Moodswings' Official Video

Swindle dropped his "Moodswings" over at Butterz earlier this here (buy here) but now comes the official video done by Mr. Tit (Karimo & BDID), and yes, this is so well done.

Proper proper work:

Beyoncé - 'Run the World (Girls)' Official Video

After all the teasers and delays it's finally here, the official video for Beyoncé's 'Run the World (Girls)', the first single taken off BeyBey's upcoming album "4" which is slated to drop later this summer. Seriously, I love the way B sort of fills the shoes of Kathleen Hanna for the mainstream audience, agitating for Girls like this.

The stunning video, jam packed with revolutionary symbols is directed by Francis Lawrence:

Here are also some pretty nice remixes of the track:
Beyoncé - 'Run the World (Girls)' (Oh Snap!! & DJ Prime Remix) ↓ YSI

Beyoncé - 'Run The World (Girls)' (B. Ames Extended Remix)

Tinie Tempah Live On Letterman Full Concert

With Tinie Tempah's "Disc-Overy" finally dropped in the States (cop it here) Tinie took the stage over at CBS's studios and David Letterman last night for a performance of his 'Written in the Stars'. CBS also webcasted his full concert at the Ed Sullivan Theater that was held Tuesday's as part of the "Live On Letterman" concert series.

Peep both clips below:

Watch the concert in a bigger player here.

Kreayshawn - 'Gucci Gucci' Official Video

If you're not already familiar with the lady called Kreaysahwn, well, get ready. This bad bitch from Northern California. Young East Oakland has much on her plate: director, cinematographer, editor, DJ, pixel artist, rapper... But yes, let's focus on the last one.

Kreayshawn was born into a musical household. Her mother was in a girl punk-surf fusion band called The Trash Women and they toured all over Europe & Japan and Kreayshawn followed. When she was 5 she had wrote and performed her own song 'Boys are Toys' with them. Four years later, when she was around 9 years old she had a step dad who was a rapper/DJ. That was when all hell broke loose according to Kreayshawn herself.

That was then, now is now and here's the first offer from her upcoming debut LP, a lovely cut produced by DJ Two Stacks called 'Gucci Gucci':

Kreayshawn - 'Gucci Gucci' (prod. by DJ Two Stacks)

Lore'l - 'Make It Pop' Official Video

While Shakedown's leading lady Lore'l is gearing up to drop her upcoming album with the suited name, "Leading Lady" let's enjoy some visuals.

Here goes the official video for her first official single, the Jahlil Beats-produced 'Make It Pop', directed by Ramon Ray Cuts Cruz:

Dominique Young Unique - 'Follow the Leader' Official Video

Last week it was announced that Dominique Young Unique was added to the great list of names (Magnetic Man, M.I.A., Dizzee Rascal, Katy B, Ms. Dynamite just to name a few) that are booked for this years edition if the Sónar Festival in Barcelona, Spain. Seriously, THE best line-up of all the festivals this summer I've seen so far. To celebrate, here goes the smashing official video for her track 'Follow the Leader', taken off Dominique Young Unique's recent mixtape "Glamorous Touch".

The video is shot and edited by Johannes Schaff:

Dominique Young Unique - 'Follow the Leader' ↓ YSI

Tinie Tempah - "Foreign Object" Mixtape

After the huge 'Til I'm Gone' featuring Wiz Khalifa, Tinie Tempah takes the chance to gas his American audience up some more before the re-release of "Disc-Overy" hits the American market in 2 days. And what better way to do it other than a free mixtape stuffed with goodies?

The DJ Whoo Kid/Russell Brand-hosted "Foreign Object" Mixtape consist of 16 tracks, which have great lines like "I like my women nice and thick with no knickers on 'em" from when he goes over Nicki Minaj's 'Did it on Em' and features Lil Wayne, mr. Amber Rose, KanYe West, Dev, Chase & Status, Jim Jones and others.

Watch the full tracklist and grab the tape below:

Tinie Tempah - "Foreign Object" Mixtape (.zip) ↓ zShare
Tinie Tempah & Nicki Minaj - 'Shitted on 'Em' ↓ YSI
Chase & Status ft. Tinie Tempah - 'Hitz' ↓ YSI
Tinie Tempah ft. DEV - 'Bass Down Low' (Remix) ↓ YSI

Looptroop ft. Gnucci Banana - 'Do' Official Video

The past days Gnucci Banana has been down in Spain shooting the video for her upcoming Schlachthofbronx-produced release 'Famalam Jam', and here she joins the Looptroop Rockers for their brand new video for 'Do'.

'Do' is the third single to be dropping off "Professional Dreamers" and even if Looptroop Rockers have been known for their highly controversial videos in the past this one shot in London, has more of a street art/party-vibe to it:

Calvin Harris ft. Kelis - 'Bounce' Official Video & Dub Pilot Remix

Beyoncé cancelled the world premiere of her 'Run the World (Girls)'-video at the last minute but there's no need for tears, here's another great one instead. To be perfectly honest, Calvin Harris hasn't exactly done it for me the last couple of years but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new single called 'Bounce' featuring Kelis.

The video is a collaboration between Vincent Haycock and AG Rojas have a peep and grab the lovely dubsteppy remix by Dub Pilot below:

Calvin Harris ft. Kelis - 'Bounce' (Dub Pilot Remix)

Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross - 'John (If I Die Today)' Official Video

Yo, while I'm (impatiently) waiting for Blogger and the Google-conglomerate to restore the missing posts, comments and the drafts I banked yesterday for today that they inconvenient removed during the massive flatline that began yesterday goes the final and official video for the second single off Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV": 'John (If I Die Today)'.

The video features Rick Ross and Birdman and was directed by Colin Tilley:

Also, here's something new via the NMC, the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced Weezy joint 'She Bad' ft. Mack Maine & Kidd Kidd:

DJ Webstar ft. Nicki Minaj - 'Bought the Bar' (prod. by Ricky Blaze)

Wowza! Haha might be the first time I've ever used that word, however, Nicki Minaj's verse of this brand new track from DJ Webstar leaked last spring and ever since then I've been longing for the full single and whoop, here it is. Nice to see them old features pop up here and there since Nicki now put them at rest for a long time ahead. Ricky Blaze on the production steez.

And speaking of Ricky, he has a new single out on his own, the Stargate-produced 'Love Right Now' and will drop his long awaited "My Name is Ricky Blaze" on Atlantic the 24 of May.

Listen and judge the two cuts below:

DJ Webstar ft. Nicki Minaj - 'Bought the Bar' (prod. by Ricky Blaze)

Ricky Blaze - 'Love Right Now' (prod. by Stargate)

Tinie Tempah ft. Wiz Khalifa – 'Til I'm Gone' Single Release

Tinie Tempah premiered his new single 'Til I'm Gone' featuring Wiz Khalifa a couple of weeks ago in Toronto during a promotional route across the pond.

However, here's the official single version which will appear on the re-release of his debut album "Disc-Overy" that drops next Tuesday, the 17th of May (pre-order here).

Listen to 'Til I'm Gone' after the jump:

Tinie Tempah ft. Wiz Khalifa - 'Til I'm Gone'

Beyoncé Names Her Upcoming Album "4" & 'Run the World (Girls)' Official Video Teaser #3

Here goes what it seems to be the third, final (and longer) official video teaser before the Francis Lawrence-directed visuals for Beyoncé's 'Run The World (Girls)' premieres tomorrow, Friday the 13th.

Beyoncé also yesterday revealed the title of her upcoming fourth album in the cover story of Billboard's special "2011 Billboard Awards"-issue and the title is simply "4":

"We all have special numbers in our lives, and 4 is that for me. It’s the day I was born. My mother’s birthday, and a lot of my friends’ birthdays, are on the fourth; April 4 is my wedding date."

She also speaks about the sound of the album, 'Run the World (Girls)' and female empowerment (via her singles), the (managerial) fallout with her father, her blossoming film career and much more.

Peep the final teaser for 'Run the World (Girls)' below, every revolution romantic will l o v e this and don't forget to check back tomorrow for the whole thing:

Lil Wayne - "Tha Carter IV" Official Album Teaser

Here's a little teaser for Lil Wayne's upcoming album "Tha Carter IV", now scheduled to drop the 21st of June. But from previous Weezy releases, my guess is that the date is tentative (just as the tracklist I published earlier), wouldn't be surprised if the album gets pushed back both one and two times before it hit the shelves.

That said, watch the official teaser below:

Lovelle ft. Lady Chann - 'Uh Oh' Official Video & Single Release

Say hello to the lovely new name Lovelle Hill, a 20 year old girl from London (who apparently juggles her musical career with working in one of the best shoe shops in the world, New Look) and her highly addictive debut single 'Uh Oh' featuring none other than Lady Chann.

I can assure you, you'll hear 'Uh Oh' a lot this summer, not only because it's the music behind Max Factors summer TV-campaign, no, the production is mental, creating the perfect mix of grime-pop, the official video is a collaboration between Jake Nava (production) and his brother Orson (direction) and the single is already out on iTunes (cop it here) and drops physically the 20th of June via De Wallen Records. with remixes from among others.

Lovelle ft. Lady Chann - 'Uh Oh' (Funk Butcher Remix)

Lovelle ft. Lady Chann - 'Uh Oh'

Sneakbo ft. OG Niki - 'Freak' Official Video & Single Release

The hype of 17 year old MC OG Niki from Birmingham has been spreading like wildfire on the interwebz since her Spit Your Game-freestyle emerged last month. And, as always when young ladies do stuff, she's been called a disgrace to rap among other things but as you all know, talented females have a way to travel the highway straight to my heart and Niki is no exception.

Listen to her's and Sneakbo's brand new single 'Freak' that drops officially on iTunes today (buy here) below and here's also the official video, directed by Vertex:

Sneakbo ft. OG Niki - 'Freak'

The Very Best - "Super Mom" Mixtape

At first my heart stopped when I saw this, like did I really forget Mother's Day? Really?! Then after some sweaty seconds of research I realized that it's not Mother's Day over here in Sweden until like 3 weeks, the 29th of May. But it is in the States and the UK and here's The Very Best's celebrational gift, this year Mother's Day becomes SUPER MOM day with the "Super Mom"-mixtape.

Easu, Johan and Etienne offer 12 free tracks featuring Afrikan Boy, Marina Gasolina, Cee-Lo Green, KanYe West, Isa GT, LCD Soundsystem, Rusko, Kate Bush, Mo-laudi and many many more.

Grab below and hail your mother today and every day!

The Very Best - "Super Mom" Mixtape (.zip) ↓ http://www.theverybestmusic.com
The Very Best - 'Super Mom' ↓ YSI
The Very Best ft. Afrikan Boy, Mimitah, Mo Laudi, BLK JKS, Marina Gasolina, Kudashe, Isa GT & Jose Hendrix - 'Secousse' ↓ YSI
The Very Best & Rusko ft. Vocal Slender & Afrikan Boy - 'Africa To California Anthem' ↓ YSI

The Lonely Island ft. Santigold - 'After Party' off "Turtleneck & Chain"

While we wait for Santigold to drop some more information about her upcoming second studio album to follow her critically acclaimed debut from 2008, here's another new featured cut called 'After Party' which borrow some famous lyrical lines from Kellz' 'Ignition'.

'After Party' is taken from The Lonely Island's upcoming second album release "Turtleneck & Chain" that drops on Tuesday (pre-order here) featuring cuts with Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Beck, Rihanna, Michael Bolton,John Waters, Kenan Thompson, Justin Timberlake and others.

Listen to 'After Party' below:

The Lonely Island ft. Santigold - 'After Party'