Katy Perry ft. KanYe West - 'E.T.' Official Video

Here goes the intergalactic official video for the remix version of Katy Perry's 'E.T.' featuring KanYe West. The video is directed by Floria Sigismondi:

Wool & Spoek Mathambo - 'Kult Leader' Official Video & Single Release

Spoek Mathambo will appear on Adam Tensta's upcoming album that drops in about a week and here's Spoek's newest collaboration with Brooklyn by Berlin based DJ Wool which is a hallucination inducing tribute to buying guns on the internet, Rick Ross and poisonous Kool Aid called 'Kult Leader'.

The single is out now on Discobelle Records (buy here) and the video is directed by Robin Lochmann:

Wool & Spoek - 'Kult Leader'

Birdman ft. Lil Wayne, Mack Maine & T-Pain - 'Get Money' off "Bigger Than Life"

Birdman will release his sixth solo album "Bigger Than Life" the 5th of July and here's the first of two official singles to drop from the release called 'Get Money' featuring T-Pain, Mack Maine and Lil Wayne.

Listen to the song below and also watch Baby talk about the other one called 'Why You Mad?' featuring Nicki Minaj (one of very few features Nicki will release this year) and Lil Wayne below:

Birdman ft. Lil Wayne, Mack Maine & T-Pain - 'Get Money'

G-Eazy ft. Chippy Nonstop - 'Outta Pocket' (prod. by DJ Carnage)

Yes! Here's the latest leak off of G-Eazy's upcoming mixtape "The Outsider" coming out this Thursday March 31st. I've been waiting for this one, the dark electro/hip hop beat was produced by Indie Pop's (Dev/The Cataracs) DJ Carnage and features one of my current favourites at the moment, Chippy Nonstop.

If you don't know about G-Eazy, well he is a college kid that makes beats, records songs and tries not to let college get in the way. Download 'Outta Pocket' below:

Blaqstarr ft. Talib Kweli - 'War of Roses' off "Blaqstarr: The Mixtape"

This week Blaqstarr unleashes a collaboration with Brooklyn MC, Talib Kweli from his upcoming "Blaqstarr: The Mixtape" project that drops the 12th of April.

'War of Roses' is not my personal Blaqstarr-joint since I'm still quite allergic to fusions that means rock clashed with something else, in this case Blaqstarr's typical b-more sound. Still looking forward to the mixtape thou with original features from Lil Wayne, Shanell, Diplo, Mos Def, Steve Aoki and others.

Download 'War of Roses' below:

Blaqstarr ft. Talib Kweli - 'War of Roses' ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Trina - "Diamonds Are Forever" Mixtape

Trina was originally supposed to drop her mixtape "Diamonds Are Forever" around Christmas, that never happened, then last month after a U-stream session, that never happened either but you know what, third times the charm because here it is!

The mixtape is hosted by DJ ill Will & DJ Holiday consists of 17 tracks featuring names like Rick Ross, Collipark, Mya, K Michelle, Teairra Mari, Maino, Brisco, J-Rock, Thunda Tracks and many more. Peep the tracklist, listen and grab the mixtape below:

1. 'Diamonds Are Forever' (INTRO) (prod. by MR. Beats]
2. 'Black Bird' ft. Teairra Mari (prod. by Lu Diaz & Ben]
3. 'Put Them Bottles Up' (prod. by Mr. Beats)
4. 'Ghetto' ft. T-Pain (prod. by J-Rock)
5. 'Hit It Right' (prod. by CP Hollywood)
6. 'Convert Me' ft. Teairra Marie (prod. by Young Yonny)
7. 'iPhone' (prod. by Collipark)
8. 'Red Bottoms' (prod. by Collipark)
9. 'Can I' ft. Mya (prod. by Snatch and Grab)
10. 'Waist So Skinny' ft. Rick Ross (prod. by Street Symphony & Dunlap)
11. 'Beautiful Body' ft. Briana
12. 'Amazin' ft. Black Dada
13. 'Rich B*tch' ft. Nisha Rockstarr & Veronica V (prod. by Thunda Tracks)
14. 'No More' ft. K Michelle (prod. by Anthem Banger)
15. 'Bad Bitch' (prod. by Matlock & SDA1)
16. 'I'm Known' (Outro) (prod. by KE)
17. 'Ghettto' (Remix) ft. Maino, Brisco & Asassin (prod. by J-Rock)

Trina - 'Bad Bitch' (prod. by Matlock & SDA1) ↓ YSI
Trina - 'Ghettto' (Remix) ft. Maino, Brisco & Asassin (prod. by J-Rock)↓ YSI
Trina ft. Rick Ross - 'Waist So Skinny' (prod. by Street Symphony & Dunlap) ↓ YSI

Interview: Gnucci Banana

Gnucci Banana kind of puts the Swedish rap scene on its end. She's global and seems to be everywhere while Swedish rappers tend to have extreme difficulties to reach outside Ametist Azordegan's radio show or be featured as "mp3 of the week" over at whoa.nu, especially women since they hardly ever gets mentioned in these forums as actives at all. Gnucci's strength is to never put boundaries for herself. The same time you can hear her on Sweden's biggest hip hop export Looptroop's brand new album "Professional Dreamers", she raps a cover of Hot Citys 'If That's How I Feel' on hers and Spoek Mathambo's recent mixtape "Pero Spicey".

But lets begin with rewinding the time some years, to the summer of 2007 and the first time I actually meet Ana Rab which her real name is. M.I.A. just had dropped her second album "Kala" and to see the similarities between them both was unavoidable since they have the same kind of positive life energy and driving force. Now, four years later the American music bible The FADER wants to see M.I.A. collaborating with Ana's rapping alter ego Gnucci Banana and it makes perfect sense, like tie two ends together.

But to rap and being an artist hasn't always been given, especially not for Ana herself:

- Spoek Mathambo talked me into to lay a hook then later became 'Ayoba'. I didn't knew at that time that I could rap, but he knew, clever dude. Then, since 'Ayoba' was so much fun to do, he asked me a couple of times more and it became some more releases, (with German producer Tim Turbo, German Malete & Dex and Swedish Mash Up International) and the summer of 2010 I decided to go for it, all in. Spoek was right, I could be an artist, picture someone else believe in you at the same time you're questioning yourself... But now I'm convinced, I can do do this.

'Ayoba' was released as an EP early last spring together with Spoek and the German producer duo Schlachthofbronx. The track beings with Gnucci's words: "This is for my girls, who unbutton their pants in the club" and anyone who's been lucky to experience Gnucci Banana live knows the true meaning of that line. It's like you're just had the best meal of your life, moving on to heavy itis-mode but with the big difference that you want to unbutton your pants and make room for more. Gnucci on the other hand enters the stage of post-live depression:

- I always have fun on stage. I don't get the people that complain about it, you get paid, crave for peoples attention, you have the mic = you're the most loudest person in the room so everyone have to listen to you, a whole scene to dance on instead of standing down on the crowded floor and you get mad compliments. It's unevidable not to feel good. But the day after I get depressed, I give my all on stage so I have nothing left the next day.

And Ana has been on many stages the past year, most memorable might be Roskilde's Cosmolpol that she and Spoek entered with Schlachthofbronx in front of 6000 people last summer. This leads us on to the upcoming festival summer of 2011, does she in fact have any bookings cleared already?

- I just confirmed Mundial Festival in the Netherlands but nothing more than that for now. I usually never fix bookings for myself nor do I have people doing that for me but despite that I've played a lot. Does it continue that way I'm gonna do festivals knowing like only 1 week in advance.

Spontaneous, unplanned and playful feels like Gnucci Banana in a nutshell. Most things just seem to "happen" for her and I ask about the collaboration she recently did with the biggest hip hop export that has ever come out of Sweden, Looptroop Rockers, how did that happen?

- Promoe basically asked me if I wanted to participate on a track and I thought it was so damn cool. Of all Swedish hip hop acts, Looptroop is the one I've listed to the most and they meant so much for me during my teens as a wannabe bandit queen in Västerås. My first real studio recording was in Embee's studio, regularly I record DIY closet-style, so practically it was taking things to a whole new level but mostly it was kinda amazing to get contacted by people I admire wanting to work with me. The track is called 'Do' and in short it's "You do the talk, can you do the walk?". (Peep Looptroop's & Gnucci's perform the track live on TV4's Nyhetsmorgon here).

"Pero Spicey", the mixtape she and Spoek released together with Nike at the end of January is a crazy story. Gnucci says she's a buffet-rapper, she like to rap over dubstep as much as folklore and on "Pero Spiecy" she and Spoek creates a global hip hop universe with a Mexican twist and on the question which the funniest collaboration she's done 'til now she answers everything with Spoek Mathmabo without blinking.

- He understands that there is a connection between Etta James and JME without that we have to define WHAT it is, we have a similar feel about things.

To get back to where we started with M.I.A., Ana doesn't have any missed calls from her (yet...), but the list of upcoming releases is far from boring. 'Do' and Looptroop's album "Professional Dreamers" dropped earlier this month, one of the best tracks off "Pero Spiecy" dropped last week; the Australian producer Sampology's 'Piggy Bank' (currently racing up Juno's Bestseller-list), hers and Mash Up International's tropical remake of Miike Snow's 'Animal' is expected to drop on Sony in the near future and Gnucci also reveals that one label has contacted her for a upcoming release which will be a single or an EP.

- How it will sound will be a surprise for everyone including myself but as always, I will go all in.

Can we even hope for a full album?

- No, don't hope for an album, I'm still hoping for a SoundCloud she laughs but continues with:

- Yeah, of course I want to make an album but I'm not there yet, I want it to grow organically. I'm busy just making structure of things, even if I'm a multitasker some things are too much and I'm still in that stage I'm looking for people to make things easier.

But if she could dream completely free about releasing an album today it would include guest features from Nicki Minaj and RnB from the '90's like Adina Howard's 'Freak Like Me'. She would search out for local musicians to make the music that should consist of sick drums and mad bass. A Greek there, a Bosnian there, a Gambian, a Iranian mixed with productions from Dam Funk and Blaqstarr topped with kids voices since she loves children and their scream-singing. Regarding the lyrics she says:

- Humour is really important for me when I make music and therefore it's quite natural to get my Biz Markie on in my lyrics. My everyday life is marked by political discussions so the album would also make me getting my Gudrun Shyman on.

Well, just how Gnucci Banana's upcoming single/EP and forthcoming album debut will sound is still a big mystery but what's for certain is that it will not be uniform and boring since those words doesn't seem to exist in Gnucci's vocabulary at all.

Catch Gnucci Banana live at Cirkus, Malmö tonight the 26/3 together with Nguzunguzu.
15/4 Ladyfest, Malmö.
16/4 Ladyfest, Göteborg.
29/4 25hr Party People, Stockholm.

Follow @GnucciBanana.

This piece is written by Felicia Alexanderrson and is also published in a Swedish version in Kingsize Magazine #1 2011 and looks like this.

Rainbow Noise - 'Imma Homo'

Look, it's 2011, even if Dipset is going on with their on and off relationship back and forth it's time to kill off the #NoHomo-thing once and for all. Sexual preference should not matter, plain and simple.

And... this from Rainbow Noise, oh my days, this is what I'm talking about! Rainbow Noise Entertainment is a lesbian owned record label specializing in LGBTQ music and as they say themselves "As Gay and Lesbian images continue to grow in popular media, Rainbow Noise seeks to set forth responsible and accurate representations within the music industry" and their 'Imma Homo' featuring Aela, Loco, Jay Squared, Stud Phamous, Endivisual, Kickz, Cee Smith, Carman Berretta, Yung Snazz, Hart Beat/D'monte and The City Boys seriously, I started to cry out of happiness when I saw it:

Aela and Jay Squared absolutely killing it! So holla at my corner, baby earner you's a learner, beat that pussy up yeah call me Dyke Turner.

Rainbow Noise - 'Imma Homo' | Buy track here

Kakan & Julia - 'CookieLeaks' Official Video

It's time for antother video experience from the La Vida Locash-crew and this time Kakan & Julia get their WikiLeaks on and leak personal Cookie information since the "information should be free and that everything concerns everyone". Kakan - the machine of public speech, need I add that this is, as always, absolutely brilliant?:

Also, look out for their second EP featuring all the songs from season 2 landing next month.

Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross - 'If I Die Today' The 2nd Single Off "Tha Carter IV"

Lil Wayne now rolls out the second official single off his upcoming album "Tha Carter IV" which is now set to drop the 16th of May.

The single is produced by Polow da Don and features Rick Ross, listen below:

Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross - 'If I Die Today' (prod. by Polow da Don)

King Fantastic & Dirt Nasty - 'Choke'

Whoop whoop! Finally LA's finest aka. King Fantastic come through with some new material since their album was release last year.

For their new single, Killer Reese and Troublemaker team up with Dirt Nasty for 'Choke' and well, the cover pretty much says it all. Misogynistic but with humour = the best. Download and choke below:

King Fantastic & Dirt Nasty - 'Choke' ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Stunnaman & Chippy Nonstop - 'Yous a Chote' Official Video

I've been waiting for Sunnaman and Chippy Nonstop to drop the official video for their addictive 'Yous a Chote' (the first release off Stunnaman's upcoming "The Swag King") for a hot minute now but look what just emerged from the shadows!

Peep the video directed by Ricky Fosheim below and also grab another great track from Chippy called 'Pussy Eater' and this time she teams up with YG and 5kinAndBone5 lies behind the production.

YG & Chippy Nonstop - 'Pussy Eater' (prod. by 5kinAndBone5) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Adam Tensta ft. Kano - 'Young Black Boy' Remix

Adam Tensta is about to drop his second album "Scared of the Dark" in less than three weeks, the 11th of April and if you haven't noticed it already he and the rest of the RMH artists, Dida & Eboi, are hyping up the interwebz with cyphers, freestyles and live videos to their left and right, follow them on Twitter or via the following hastags: #RMH and #APRIL11.

BUT this little goodie is actually the most interesting thing I've heard from Tensta in weeks, Kano jumps on another edit of 'Young Black Boy' and it's nice to see Tensta and Kano on a track together again since it was way too long ago with the remix of Kano's 'Hustler' back in 2008. Grab the track for free off the SoundCloud below:

Adam Tensta - 'Young Black Boy' ft. Kano

Lethal Bizzle - 'Pow 2011' (Roska Remix) & Swindle ft. Roses Gabor - 'Spend Is Dough' (Roska & Swindle Remix)

I hardly ever write about Roska but he's hands down one of my favourite producers. Always on point, always right. Now he lays his hands on Lethal Bizzle's 'POW 2011' ft. JME, Wiley, Ghetts, 2Face, P Money, Chipmunk & Kano and here's also his and Swindle's remix of Swindle's new tune featuring Roses Gabor 'Spend Is Dough' that drops the 4th of April:

Swindle ft. Roses Gabor - 'Spend Is Dough' (Roska & Swindle Remix)
Swindle ft. Roses Gabor - 'Spend Is Dough'

Lethal Bizzle ft. JME, Wiley, Ghetts, 2Face, P Money, Chipmunk & Kano - 'POW 2011' (Roska Remix) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Skream ft. Trim - 'Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum'

Trim Tali and Skream. Already on paper the collaboration looks good and wow, 'Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum' is something for the pure amazing folder.

Trim also dropped a new mixtape three days ago called "Trim City" (cop it here) featuring P Money, Blacks, Roach, Obese, Balistiq Beats & many more.

Well, nuff about that, get ready to be blown away below:

Skream ft. Trim - 'Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum'

Kakan & Julia - 'Strap-on' Official Video

I guess it's genitalia day over here today? Well, it's Friday which means a new video from Kakan & Julia. This time they dive into Freud and the whole penis envy-case, trying to solve the problem that half of the earth's population lacks a dick and the privileges that comes with it so well, here's their quick fix: 'Strap-on'

Skepta - 'All Over The House' Official Video ft. Paris Rocksxxx #NSFW

This week Rapper Ted's video for 'Din Mamma' (watch here) has caused quite a stir here in Sweden, it has been called daring and explicit and has also received some bad and well put critique since the women in the video are portrayed very passive and that the video is just playing off old and tired gender patterns. However, if we should discuss a video this week it's not Ted's, it's actually the latest offer from the BBK-crew, the official video for Skepta's 'All Over The House' ft. Shorty taken from Skepta's "Doin It Again" album that dropped back in January.

The explicit content of 'All Over The House' is starring Paris Rocksxxx, a UK based porn star and Sensi and to feature porn stars and in hip hop/urban videos is nothing new but Skepta takes it to a whole another level since it's basically like watching straight stereotypic porn for a good four and a half minutes. In August of last year King Fantastic did their amazing video for 'Why? Where? What' starring porn star Kristina Rose. I think that video is a great example how you can show off nudity in a raw but still tasteful way, cause Skepta's little "adult movie" as he likes to call it, well, if I wanna watch porn I watch porn not music videos, and the narrating of the story by Skepta and Shorty well it looks absolutely ridiculous when Skepta sits in the window like a sad bird reminiscing.

I'm not bothered by the sexual act per se, like I said nothing more than regular stereotype straight porn, but I really don't see the point with it other than Skepta has turned himself into a little attention hoe doing this for buzz only. And well played Skeppy, however I don't think it will play to your advantage in the long run. What do you think? Is Skepta taking it TOO far?

Peep the video below, but don't watch this if you're under 18 years old, read another story instead.

Dominique Young Unique - "Glamorous Touch" Mixtape & Sabbo Remix

Remember Dominique Young Unique's addictive 'Hot Girl' or maybe 'Show You My Ass' from the "Blaster" EP from last Spring? If not, well pay attention.

See XXL, Dominique Clark is a perfect example of a female you could have put in the Freshman Class of 2011. I'm actually having a hard time to grasp why this talented young chick from Tampa that spits like fire doesn't already have a major deal? But my guess is she will not be without one for long since she tore up M for Montreal's showcase at SXSW a couple of nights ago an managed to hand out physical copies of her brand new mixtape "Glamourous Touch" that finally dropped via Art Jam Recs last week. However you can download the digital copy below together with Sabbo's HAWT remix of 'Hot Girl':

Dominique Young Unique - "Glamorous Touch" Mixtape

The mad 'War Talk' is not featured on the tape, but the official video by Johannes Schaff dropped earlier this month:

Dominique Young Unique-Hot Girl (Sabbo Remix)

Dominique Young Unique - "Glamorous Touch" Mixtape (.zip) ↓ Direct DL
Dominique Young Unique - 'Get Out My Shoes' ↓ YSI
Dominique Young Unique - 'I'm Not That Bitch' ↓ YSI
Dominique Young Unique - 'War Talk' ↓ YSI

Amplify Dot ft. Lioness - 'Broken'

WHOA! This tune literally made my day! What tune? The new Justice? No... This tune by Amplify Dot featuring Lioness called 'Broken' that can be found on Amplify's freshly launched site. THAT Tune. Listen below. Soo good.

Also, A Dot's debut single 'Born Ready' is now out on iTunes, cop it here.

Amplify Dot ft. Lioness - 'Broken' (via amplifydot.com)

BlaqStarr - "The Mixtape" Details and New Track 'Handstand'

Yes, following the release of his critically acclaimed "The Divine EP" that dropped on N.E.E.T/Interscope a couple of weeks ago, Blaqstarr is gearing up to release his long awaited mixtape "BlaqStarr: The Mixtape" dropping in less than a month, the 12th of April.

The mixtape will feature guest features from a slew of artists like Lil Wayne, Shanell (Young Money), M.I.A, Rye Rye, Diplo, Jack Beats, Steve Aoki, Nadastrom, Diddy Dirty Money, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Akon, Flostradamus, Switch, Excel and Amy Winehouse.

Grab a new treat taken from the mixtape off the soundcloud below called 'Handstand' and also have a look at 'Never Hesitant', the final version that will land on the release will feature a verse from none other than boss bitch M.I.A.:

Blaqstarr - 'Handstand'

Wiley ft. Giggs & Juelz Santana - 'Bright Lights' off Upcoming Album "100% Publishing"

It was a real long time Wiley made a track I actually fully enjoyed but I must say, this new one featuring Giggs and Juelz Santana called 'Bright Lights' hit me hard so I guess it's time to dust off that old case-folder that spells Wiley. If only he could spend as mush time on his music instead of chatting breeze on YouTube and Twitter...

That said, aside from all clowning on the Interwebz (view here if you feel the need) Wiley's gearing up to drop his fourth solo album "100% Publishing" the 4th of July on Big Dada. Last week the single 'Bright Lights' (buy here) dropped via his online label Elusive Ent together with two new street albums called "Run the Riddim Selecta" (instrumentals only) (buy off iTunes) and "Offload Volume 01" (buy off iTunes) and today another single is expected to see the light of day. If you managed to get through all of the 11 .zip-files Wiley released last year you might remember a tune called 'Wow'. Back then it featured Dawood and Wrigley but now it's been reworked and the single version now features Jodie Conner instead of Wrigley.

Listen to 'Bright Lights' below:

Wiley ft. Giggs & Juelz Santana - 'Bright Lights'

KanYe West - 'All of the Lights' Official Remix ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & Big Sean

This remix of KanYe West's latest single 'All of the Lights' is kind of unnecessary since the original featured too many artists already.

However, here are the names that didn't make it back then, Lil Wayne (who missed out for obvious reasons), KanYe's protégé Big Sean and the Young Money prince Drake adds another verse:

KanYe West ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & Big Sean - 'All of the Lights' (Remix) ↓ YSI

Yasmin - 'Finish Line' Remixes

Yasmin just uploaded the official radio edit of her follow up single 'Finish Line' which is produced by Labrinth as well as two of the single remixes featuring Mike Delinquent and Freemansons.

'Finish Line' will be released on the 8th of May on Ministry of Sound/Levels Recordings. Listen below:

Yasmin - 'Finish Line' (Radio Edit)
Yasmin - 'Finish Line' (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
Yasmin - 'Finish Line' (Freemasons Pegasus Club Mix)

Durrty Goodz - 'Oi Wot U Lookin At' Single Release & Official Video

Was just wondering what happened to Durrty Goodz since he's been quite silent since he dropped "Born Blessed" (which is still available for free over att Goodz' site) but then this just dropped dropped in the mail.

'Oi Wot U Lookin At' (buy off iTunes or Amazon) is the first single to be released off Goodz' upcoming album "Overall" that drops in May.

Huge tune, the grime scene is starting to get back in shape for real, also peep the official video directed by Carl Allegard below:

Durrty Goodz- 'Oi Wot U Lookin A'

David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj & Flo'Rida - 'Where Dem Girls At?'

During last week's Carnaval of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil David Guetta premiered a new track that will be his next single.

The track is called 'Where Dem Girls At?' and features none other than Nicki Minaj and Flo'Rida. Need I add that Nicki MURDERS it? Have a listen below:

Not the best quality, but more than enough to get me mad excited. Smash hit of summer 2011? Yeah, most likely.

Amplify Dot - 'Born Ready' Single EP Release

Not many 14 year olds gets told by Missy Elliott that they "will be big" but back in 2000 that happened for Amplify Dot or A Dot as you might know her. And now Missy's prediction seems to be happening for real. A Dot had one of the most memorable verses on the female takeover-remix of Tinchy Stryder's 'Game Over' with her "Errr, Vagina Monologues, Hyper, Just Got The Viper, Jog a long..." and today after a numerous of push backs her solo debut single 'Born Ready' finally drops via Newbran Ent. and the follow up is already in the works and features none other than Kano (I dream of something that sounds like Kano/Shystie on Commander B's old 'Pum Pum'-riddim).

I'm not gonna lie, doing research on Amplify Dot or as her real name is Ashley Charles, was quite a sad story. Or wait, sad is not the word, absolutely ridiculous is more accurate. Basically all small minded men with popcorn for brains write that she's a dyke and make music for other dykes and so on. Okay... Sons. Then we have The Sun who blew up the story that she and Jessie J used to be best buds but now are bitter enemies a couple of months back, you know the way The Sun always does.

What's true is that Amplify Dot makes good music and is one of the most interesting rappers from the UK at the moment. In January this year she founded her own label AmpedUp Records. She's made a couple of tracks with Jessie J, listen to 'Sweetest Thing' below for example. But now let's get back to her single debut, 'Born Ready' (buy via Play or Amazon). The track is produced by Alan 'Nglish, features Annonymos and the single EP features 6 cuts, among them the official remix featuring Booty Luv, Ruff Diamondz, Envy, Lioness & Stush. Have a listen below and also make sure you grab the free dubstep remix Ashley let loose last week to make up for the delay.

Amplify Dot - 'Born Ready' (Remix ft. Booty Luv, Ruff Diamondz, Envy, Lioness & Stush)

Jessie J & Amplify Dot - 'Sweetest Thing'

Amplify Dot ft. Annonymos - 'Born Ready' (Dubstep Remix) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Jessie J's SNL Performances - 'Mama Knows Best' & 'Price Tag' ft. B.o.B

Jessie J did it big on her debut on American television as she, for her very first televised performance in the United States, stopped by NBC's Saturday Night Live as this week's musical guest.

Watch her perform 'Mama Knows Best' and 'Price Tag' together with Bobby Ray below:

Game ft. Lil Wayne - 'Red Nation' off "The R.E.D. Album"

After several push-backs it seems like Game's fourth album "The R.E.D. Album" finally might be on it's way, at least here's a new track off it featuring Lil Wayne.

'Red Nation' is produced by Cool & Dre:

Game ft. Lil Wayne - 'Red Nation' (prod. by Cool & Dre)

Behind The Scenes of Nicki Minaj - 'Super Bass' Video

Here goes the behind the scenes clip of the making of Nicki Minaj's official video for the Kane Beatz'-produced 'Super Bass' which was one of them additional bonus tracks off the deluxe copy of "Pink Friday".

The video, directed by Sanaa Hamri, seems to be an icy story like Nicki says "This is a icy world, this is a sexy world, this is a playful world":

Jim Jones - 'Everybody Jones' off "Capo" (prod. by Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir)

Funkmaster Flex premiered 'Everybody Jones', the first single off Jim Jones' "Capo" last night but that version is horrible with all the tags so here's the proper and full single version instead.

The production is made be Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir and "Capo" which is Jones fifth solo album is now scheduled to drop the 15th of April. Pre-order on Amazon here.

Jim Jones - 'Everybody Jones' (prod. by Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir)

Looptroop Rockers ft. Gnucci Banana - 'Do' off "Professional Dreamers"

Yesterday Looptroop Rockers released their 5th album "Professional Dreamers" (buy off iTunes here) on Bad Taste Records and the album marks the 20th year of Looptroop's career and brings all four members together again after CosMIC's 2 year long absence from the group.

"Professional Dreamers" consists of 13 tracks who all basically are dreams and dream scenarios. You've already seen the live version of this track which is one of the best off the release but here's the proper album version of 'Do' featuring Gnucci Banana:

Looptroop Rockers ft. Gnucci Banana - 'Do'

Lady Chann, Glamma Kid & Sticky - 'Informer'

Sticky Sticky Sticky. What a man, never let's you down, always deliver. After tunes like 'Sticky Situation' and 'Eye Too Fast' Sticky and Lady Chann teams up again over Sticky's 'Jumeirah II'-riddim for the new track 'Informer', also featuring London dancehall legend Glamma Kid.

Love it! This funky bashment gem definitely made my day brighter, just have a listen below:

Lady Chann, Glamma Kid & Sticky - 'Informer'

Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes - 'Look At Me Now' Official Video

So, here's the final version of the official video for Chris Brown's 'Look at Me Now' ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes (and also featuring Diplo), directed by Colin Tilley that premiered last night on 106 & Park.

As you can see, it's not THAT different from that previous leaked version yesterday. I've also added Sophia Fresh's Fresh-take of the song below:

Sophia Fresh - 'Look at Me Now' (Fresh Remix) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare
Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes - 'Look at Me Now' (Zkosta Dubstep Remix) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Benzi Presents Moodswing360 x Oakley - "SXSW 2011" Mixtape

All the SXSW-material completely floods my inbox at the moment, getting more bummed out that I'm not going to Austin, TX for every mail I get and this one was pretty much the the nail in the coffin.

DJ Benzi, Moodswing360, & Oakley are teaming up to drop their official SXSW 2011 mixtape in anticipation for the showcase (held next Friday the 18th of March at the Phoenix), complete with never-before-heard music from Donnis, Diplo, Maluca and many many more.

Peep the complete tracklist and grab the 30-track long "SXSW 2011"-mixtape below:


1. Sky Blu (LMFAO) - Introduction
2. Gilbere Forte - 'I Know My Love' (Benzi Remix)
3. Far East Movement - 'Rocketeer' (Rock-It! Scientiest Remix)
4. Clinton Sparks & Mike Posner - 'Ambiguous' (Enferno Remix)
5. The Cataracs - 'On Top of the World'
6. LMFAO - 'Party Rock Anthem' (Fashen Edit)
7. Maluca & The Partysquad -'Ging Danga'
8. Mattie Safer & Ninjasonik - 'Is That Your Girl' (Skeet Skeet Remix)
9. DJ Riz & Chris Moody - 'Daddy Cool'
10. Hyper Crush - 'Kick Us Out' (Benzi & DStar Remix)
11. Ninjasonik - 'Ninjaperogative'
12. Mann & 50 Cent - 'Buzzin' (Rock-It! Scientists Remix)
13. Dev - 'Bass Down Low' (Kontrol Remix)
14. Hyper Crush - 'Ayo!' (DStar Moombahton Remix)
15. Maluca, Dillon Francis, & Diplo - 'Que Que'
16. Alex Clare & Gilbere Forte - 'Up All Night' (prod. by Major Lazer)
17. BBU & Das Racist "Please No Pictures"
18. Jasmine Solano - 'That's Not It' (DJA Mad Decent Remix)
19. Chris Young - 'Fancy'
20. Martin Solveig & Dragonette - 'Hello' (Rock-It! Scientists Remix)
21. Silver Medallion - 'All I Can Ask'
22. The Cataracs & Dev - 'Sunrise'
23. Kelley James - 'High Life'
24. Audiodax - 'Uh Oh'
25. Cisco Adler & The Pigeons - 'Los Angeles'
26. Donnis - 'Ring My Bell' (prod. by Syience)
27. Tayyib Ali - 'Kid Again'
28. Mike Posner - 'Rolling In The Deep'
29. Shwayze - 'Summertime'
30. Sky Blu & DJ Benzi - Outroduction

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Maluca & The Partysquad -'Ging Danga' ↓ YSI
Donnis - 'Ring My Bell' (prod. by Syience) ↓ YSI
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Lore'l - 'Make It Pop' (prod. by Jahlil Beats) off "Leading Lady"

8th of March 2011. Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day but most important it's the International Women's Day. I'm so torn about this day to be honest. I love all female separatist-happenings, the history behind it with Alexandra Kollontai's legendary speech but mostly it's a reminder that well, I as a woman need a fucking day, like breast cancer and pancakes. I want all days to be mine, that all women of the world could be treated the way we should be treated, as equals.

But I do understand the need for a day like this, to make people aware that even in our good Western society things are pretty fucked up. One drop in the giant ocean is that XXL Freshman Class of the Year-cover. I actually intended to make an alternative cover for XXL out of sheer kindness just for today. Sadly time ran out on me, but one that definitely should have been featured on my version of that cover is Shakedown's Lore´l.

Here's finally her first official single 'Make It Pop' (prod. by Jahlil Beats) taken off her upcoming release "Leading Lady". The official video for the track was shot yesterday with Red Cafe and will drop soon, but 'til then grab the single below:

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Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne - 'Motivation' (Diplo Remix)

Kelly Rowland yet again teams up with Lil Wayne for her new single 'Motivation' taken off her upcoming third solo album that drops sometime this summer. 'Motivation' is written by Rico Love who also produced the track together with Jim Jonsin. The original has been out on the net for about a week now but here dear folks comes the brand new remix signed Diplo, enjoy!

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