Lady Leshurr - "L DAY" Mixtape

Yes, what else can I say other than that my UK-ladies are doing it big right now and I must say, hands down, I love Lady Leshurr. If you're not familiar with her yet well, get to know as she's definitely one to watch. I simply love her girly voice, the fact that she can adapt to almost everything and her flow is always on point.

Her previous grime release "Every Little Counts" that she dropped not too long ago was amazing and now it's time again but this time it comes for free.

The mixtape "L Day" consists of 12 banging tracks, peep the tracklist and download them all below:

Lady Leshurr - "L DAY" Mixtape (.zip) ↓ Sendspace
Lady Leshurr - 'Alone with the TV' ↓ YSI
Lady Leshurr - 'Rollercoaster' ft. DT & GT ↓ YSI
Lady Leshurr - 'Blinded by the Lights' ↓ YSI

Lady GaGa - 'Born This Way' Official Video

Here it is, the artsy and kaleidoscopic official video for Lady GaGa's highly controversial 'Born This Way', directed by Nick Knight:

Also, a second music video featuring an acoustic version of the song will be released on iTunes later and the proceeds generated by it will go anti-bully organizations.

Review: Jessie J - "Who You Are"

2011 and especially the first part of this year is stuffed with interesting album debuts from young, talented female vocalists, featuring names like Katy B and Sky Ferreira. But first to roll out her debut, entitled "Who You Are" is Jessica Ellen Cornish aka. Jessie J.

The first time the name Jessie J popped up in my inbox was around mid 2009. The attachment was this videolog of 'Mama Knows Best', quite different from the things I usually write about but somehow Jessie J and her undeniable raw talent managed to pave way straight to my heart.

Since then she has managed to write a song for Britney Spears that sadly got scraped in the last minute, Miley Cyrus's mega hit 'Party in the USA' as well as she's now writing tracks for none other than Justin Timberlake. The matter of fact is, the first thing I actually posted, her debut single and the first single taken off the "Who You Are", 'Do It Like a Dude', she originally wrote for Rihanna but kept for herself. A tune that ended up with a production by Parker and James /The Invisible Men that's criticising the male domination and male hegemony in the scene in a quite humorous way. Real smart, well put and still not too harsh.

The fact is, "Who You Are" is very loveable over all. It feels true and genuine and at the same time it's perfect urban pop, you know, the same way I guess Christina Aguilera wanted her latest album "Bionic" to sound like. Unlike Aguliera who worked with a slew of huge names like Nicki Minaj, Le Tigre, Ladytron, M.I.A., Jessie's ablum only got one feature aside from the list of producers: B.o.B, who teamed up with her on the second single, the Dr. Luke-produced 'Price Tag'. Personally I prefer Devlin's take on it is better than B.o.B's, esp. on the Shux Remix from the single EP.

And I must say, best of the 13 original album cuts are the up-tempo ones. Besides the singles comes one of my favourites, the Oak-produced 'Rainbow' as well as 'Stand Up'. Sure both are a bit cheesy, or well, A LOT cheesy, esp. 'Rainbow' as it feels like it could have been tailor made for a Benetton-campaign or something. But Jessie J pulls it off, it doesn't feel forced, just vibrant and a celebration for life. My guess is that the very life positive tone stems from the fact that Jessie's life hasn't been a dance on roses even if she's just 23 years old. Suffering from heart-conditions in her youth as well as panic attacks that the headline read a couple of weeks ago. And with that lies Jessie J's key to success, besides her musical talent she's nothing more than a human a it's quite easy to identify oneself with her.

Take the lovely 'Who's laughing Now', for example, a high school reunion in musical form. We all know the classic plot, all who's been to these gatherings know what I'm talking about. The ugly duckling has now operated the teeth or whatever fault he or she had and is out for revenge, putting her or himself out there to show that he or she actually made it. But the sad truth is that back in that very social arena, this person is still social pariah. Hierarchy never change. However, Jessie J actually flips the table and make all her former tormentors eat their words and gets the last laugh herself.

The downside of the album is all the ballads as they doesn't stick or speak to me, just floats by like clouds. Like 'I Need This' and the new third single, the r&b-ish 'Casualty of Love', sure it's very beautiful and everything but I still don't feel it, the production signed Martin K is really really boring. Speaking of awful productions for that matter, Jessie's own acoustic version of the title track, 'Who You Are' (one of the albums five iTunes bonus-tracks) is light years better than the studio version produced by Toby Gad. The essence of the track sort of disappears on the album version, sometimes less is actually more. Jessie J doesn't need more than her guitar to come through.

Mike Diver from BBC Music stated that "Who You Are" was too patched and too hurried in his overall negative review but I beg to differ. Even if the release date got pushed up with a whole month it doesn't matter. The album is recorded over five years period of time and showcase Jessie's great talent. Yes, perhaps a couple of more featured artists and producers could have been added to the list but over all, it's a great debut. Crossing my fingers that the rumoured collaboration between Jessie J and Nicki Minaj actually happens cause the very thought of it is amazing, perhaps Nicki can join in on a remix on Jessie's upcoming single 'Nobody's Perfect'?

"Who You Are" is well earned ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ out of five.

Buy off iTunes or Amazon.

Dr. Dre ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey – 'I Need A Doctor' Official Video

Personally I don't give a rats ass when or even IF Dr. Dre's long long long long awaited album "Dextox" ever turn up but however, I do like 'I Need a Doctor', mostly thanks to the amazing Skylar Grey.

Here's the official video that would appeal to all Dr. Dre-fans out there, a real trip down memory lane while Dre is in a coma, directed by Allen Hughes:

Product placing galore, yes.

While I'm on Eminem, here's a lil' something that was crafted long before he and B.o.B teamed up with Hayley Williams for 'Airplanes', rumoured to have been recorded around circa 2009:

Eminem ft. B.o.B - 'Things Get Worse' ↓ YSI

2011 XXL Freshman Cover

Yet again, XXL's 4th annual Freshman Cover features only men. Seriously. How can a respectable magazine act this way? That's bad journalism, plain and simple. Can we please raise the bar in urban media over all? At least try not to be stuck in ancient time. The editor in chief of XXL is a woman, Vanessa Satten. If I was Vanessa or the publisher Dennis Page I would be ashamed.

The 2011 edition features: Big K.R.I.T., Cyhi Da Prynce, Diggy Simmons, Fred The Godson, Kendrick Lamar, Lil B, Lil Twist, Mac Miller, Meek Mill, Yelawolf, YG. Peep the cover below:

Yasmin - 'Finish Line' (prod. by Labrinth)

Oh hail my UK-ladies, completely sweeping me off my feet over and over again.

At first listen 'Finish Line', the second single from Yasmin didn't get to me, but I was definitely hooked on the second. While her debut single was signed Shy FX this one is produced by Labrinth and will be released the 8th of May on Ministry of Sound/Levels Recordings.

Have a listen below:

Yasmin - 'Finish Line'

Speaking of Yasmin by the way, mu-sique posted this amazing song called 'Touch Me' yesterday from her's and Jamie XX's back to back-set at the Boiling Room last week. Simply AMAZING.

Yasmin & Jamie XX - 'Touch Me' (Live at the Boiling Room) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Mz. Bratt - 'Get Dark' Official Video

Old readers might remember Terror Danjah's 'Zumpi Huntah' from like 2007? Starring Badness, Bruza, D.E.Velopment, Triple Threat and most interesting Mz. Bratt? Or perhaps you remember the Redlight-produced 'Selecta' and Mz. Bratt's feature on the female takeover of 'Game Over' from last year? However, if you're not yet familiar with Cleopatra Humphrey as her real name is, well, pay attention cause this 21 year old is one to watch.

Been humming her infectious upcoming single, produced by Mikey J 'Get Dark' (dropping next month) for some good months now and after this great live video of it, now comes the official one, directed by Carly Cussen:

Spoek Mathambo - 'Control' Official Video

Dazed & Confused just premiered the official video for Spoek Mathmabo's dark township house cover of Joy Divisions 'Control', taken off Spoek's critically acclaimed solo album debut "Mshini Wam".

Take note everybody, this is how you do a proper video in black and white, directed and shot by Pieter Hugo & Michael Cleary:

Spoek Mathambo - 'Control'

Shy FX - "Raver" Remix EP Part 2 ft. Skream, Benny Page & B. Traits

Bam! The week is off to a flying great start with this, the second part of Shy FX's free EP 'Raver' ft. Kano, Donae'o & Roses Gabor. This second part features previously unavailable and exclusive remixes from Skream, Benny Page and B.Traits.

Shy FX ft. Kano, Donae'o & Roses Gabor - 'Raver' (Skream Remix) ↓ Direct | ↓ zShare
Shy FX ft. Kano, Donae'o & Roses Gabor - 'Raver' (Benny Page Remix) ↓ Direct | ↓ zShare
Shy FX ft. Kano, Donae'o & Roses Gabor - 'Raver' (B. Traits Breaking Bad Remix) ↓ Direct | ↓ zShare

KanYe West ft. Rihanna & KiD CuDi - 'All of the Lights' Official Video

The official video for KanYe West's 'All of the Lights', featuring Rihanna & KiD CuDi is directed by Hype Williams and it starts out of the lens of all the wannabe bawring hip hop photographers out there, in black and white with high contrast. Seriously, I need to address this shit, I'm a so over this please please please change direction?! At least, enter the mandatory Lomo-phase or something?

That said, if Melina Matsoukas swagga jacked David la Chapelle with Rihanna's 'S&M'-video, it seems like dear Mr. Williams has put the opening scene of "Enter the Void" clashed with a dash of So-Me in his xerox machine with this one. Not the best video for such a good song, thanks heaven for RiRi thou, looking absolutely stunning:

Britney Spears - 'Hold It Against Me' Official Video

After 14 days of small small preview clips, here it is, the official video for Britney Spears' quite strange dubsteppy 'Hold It Against Me'-single, directed by Sweden's own Jonas Åkerlund:

Lil' Kim - 'Black Friday' Official Video

Sigh, where do I begin? I got a shitload to get off my chest regarding Lil' Kim's new mixtape "Black Friday" but it has to come out right so the review is still in draft... Feels like I could write a book about the beheaded cover art alone.

However, Kimmie recently partnered up with World Star Hip Hop's brand new booking/promo-agency so, of course WSHH premieres the official video for the title track off the mixtape, 'Black Friday' one of Kimmie's many disses aimed at Nicki Minaj, featuring them motherfucking goons the I.R.S, directed by Picture Perfect:

KanYe West Jumps on the Remix of Katy Perry's Upcoming Single 'E.T'

Wow, Katy Perry looks damn stunning on the single cover of her upcoming single that drops the 27th this month, the Dr. Luke/Max Martin-produced 'E.T', taken off her latest album "Teenage Dream" and now none other than KanYe West jumps on the official remix for the track.

Mr. West will also be featured in the upcoming music video, directed by Floria Sigismondi.

Listen below:

Katy Perry ft. KanYe West - 'E.T' (Remix)

Donnis - 'Me & My Boo' (prod. by Free School) off "Southern Lights"

Donnis unleash another proper and nice tune taken off his upcoming "Southern Lights" mixtape. This time it's the super catchy 'Me & My Boo' produced by Free School. Yes, I LOVE it, and so will you.

Grab it after the jump.

Donnis - 'Me & My Boo' (prod. by Free School) ↓ YSI | ↓ Usershare

Tinie Tempah Performs 'Written In the Stars', 'Miami 2 Ibiza' & 'Pass Out' Live at the 2011 Brit Awards

Tinie Tempah was nominated for four Brit Awards tonight for his critically acclaimed debut album "Disc-Overy" and turned out to be one of the big winners. Tinie won the award for "Best Breakthrough Act" and "Best Single" for 'Pass Out' which he also performed together with Labrinth at the O2 Arena in London after 'Written In the Stars' & 'Miami 2 Ibiza':

Rihanna Performs 'Only Girl', 'What's My Name' & 'S&M' Live at the 2011 Brit Awards

The storm around Rihanna's latest single 'S&M' seems to be a neverending story. Now after 'S&M' has been renamed to 'Come On' in the UK, RiRi was asked to tone down the sexiness on her live performance of the track at the 2011 Brit Awards which she performed as the last part of her three track-long "LOUD"-medley.

Look how she tackled the task below:

Schlachthofbronx - "Nasty Bass" EP & 'Nasty Bass' ft. Spoek Mathambo & Big Space .mp3

Finally Schlachthofbronx is gracing the world with a new banging EP in form of the five track huge "Nasty Bass" ft. names like Spoek Mathamabo and Timberlee. This time they drop it on Mad Decent, buy it here. But since both Schlachthofbronx and Mad Decent are some fine people they now give away the title track featuring the mighty Spoek Mathambo and Big Space for free!

Grab it off the Soundcloud after the jump and if you're having trouble pronouncing this German producing duo's tongue twisting name, well, peep the tutorial below featuring some famous faces:

Schlachthofbronx - 'Nasty Bass' ft. Spoek Mathambo & Big Space

Lady GaGa Brings Clarity to the 'Born This Way'/Madonna-Controversy on Jay Leno

Last night Lady GaGa stopped by Jay Leno's The Tonight Show flanked by her three new Grammys stuffed with m&ms and graced the show with a hella good interview. GaGa and Leno chatted about the whole 'Born This Way'/Madonna-controversy, the Grammys, the upcoming album, her political speeches and much more:

World Premiere: King Fantastic - 'Lost Art of Killing' Official Video ft. Ida Ljungqvist & Heather Rae Young

Here it is folks, I'm proud to give you the world premiere of the official video for King Fantastic's 'Lost Art of Killing', presented by Space150 Productions in Association with Hollyrock, directed by Nicholaus Goossen.

The video follows Killer Reese One through his typical day: breakfast with his family and beautiful wife, Ida Ljungqvist (2009 Playmate of the Year), meetings with associates and his assistant Heather Rae Young (Miss February 2010) before picking up meat for dinner on the way home.

Watch it and grab the song below:

King Fantastic - 'Lost Art of Killing' ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Download King Fantastic's full album "Finger Snaps and Gun Claps" here.

DJ Melody Kane presents - "UK Girl Fight" Mixtape

Contrary to what Lil' Kim might say, here's what Valentine's Day should be all about, love and unity. I will be featuring Kimmie's "Black Friday" mixtape tomorrow but I wanna end today on a good note.

An easy task thanks to DJ Melody Kane's brilliant mixtape "UK Girl Fight" featuring 30 tracks from the cream of the crop female musicians in the UK right now like Mz. Bratt, Jessie J, Lady Chann, Princess Nyah, Baby Blue, Sadie Ama, Cherri V, Katy B, DéMandé, Sealh and many more, covering everything from grime to funky and bashment.

Peep the complete tracklist and grab the entire mix below:

Baby Blue - 'Double Up'
Shay Rocks - 'Rock Star'
Fe-Nix - 'Red Light' (Illmana Dub Remix)
Effie - 'Lonely' (Stinkabelle Remix)
Zamplified - 'Womans's Scorn'
Selah - 'Woman's Scorn'
Lafeyette - 'Bruised' (Dubstep Remix)
DJ Matt Farley ft. Alize Levy - 'Woman's World'
Jessie J - 'Do It Like A Dude'
Lioness - 'Good For A Girl'
Katy B - 'Katy On A Mission'
Mz. Bratt - 'Selecta'
Demande - 'Broken' (Suncycle Remix)
Baby Blue - 'Run'
Kyla - 'Don't Play With My Heart'
Lady Chann - 'Calm' (Hold Yuh Riddim)
Mz. Bratt - 'Get Dark'
Baker Boyz vs The Allstar Project - 'Oh! Don't Stop Now'
Baby Blue - 'Paper Haters'
Princess Nyah - 'Frontline'
Demande - 'Sweetboy' (Original/Dubstep Remix)
Meleka - 'Miss Me' (Paleface Remix)
DJ Perempey & Dee ft. Katie Pearl - 'In The Air' (Davinche Remix)
Kele Le Roc - 'Retro Vox Up'
Cherri V ft. Baby Blue - 'Silent Lover'
A.Dot ft. Annonymos - 'Born Ready'
Cherri V - 'Pass Out'

DJ Melody Kane presents - "UK Girl Fight" (.mp3) ↓ Direct DL

Diplo on Carson Daly

Last night Diplo appeared on Carson Daly's show in a interview filmed at the old Beastie Boys studio, talking about the Grammy nomination he and M.I.A. once received for 'Paper Planes', Major Lazer, growing up as the son of a prawn fisher and forthcoming collaboartions with Passion Pit and Beyoncé:

And in cased you missed Dipper's latest remix freebie, Sleigh Bells's 'Tell 'Em' from a couple of weeks back, here you go:

Sleigh Bells - 'Tell 'Em' (Diplo Remix) ↓ Direct DL via Mad Decent

Cee-Lo Green, Bruno Mars, B.o.B. & Janelle Monáe Live Performances at the Grammy Awards

Here's the rest of the notable Grammy Awards performances, Cee-Lo Green did his 'Fuck You' dressed up as a peacock together with Gwyneth Paltrow, Bruno Mars, Janelle Monáe and B.o.B did a medley of 'Nothin' On You', 'Grenade' and 'Cold War':

Rihanna & Drake Performs 'What's My Name' Live at the Grammy Awards

Both Rihanna and Drake were nominated with four nominations each at this years edition of the Grammy awards but Drake went home empty handed and Rihanna won the one for "Best Dance Recording" with her 'Only Girl (In the World)'. Together they performed their collaborative Stargate-produced single 'What's My Name' taken from Rihanna's "LOUD":

Eminem Performs 'I Need a Doctor' ft. Dr Dre & Skylar Grey & 'I Hate the Way You Lie' ft. Rihanna Live at the Grammy Awards

Eminem's latest album "Recovery" was nominated for the "Best Rap Album" of 2010 at the Grammy Awards, and luckily for Em he won. Marshall Matters also hit the stage together with Dr Dre, Rihanna and Skylar Grey for a 7 minutes long performance of 'I hate the Way You Lie' and 'I Need A Doctor':

Lady GaGa Performs 'Born This Way' Live at the Grammy Awards

Lady GaGa's new single 'Born Tjis Way' was originally set to premiere here at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards show tonight, but as we all know it dropped two days earlier and got mixed reviews to say the least. But anyway, here it is, for the first time performed on stage, live from the at the Staples Center in Los Angeles:

The Twerk Team's Debut Single 'Girl Power' ft. Allie Baby

Okay, this made my day! You know the Twerk Team, the lovely ladies that have been twerking their behinds straight into my heart for a couple of years now? This week the team (now consisting of Lady Luscious & Mizz TwerkSum) finally released their own debut single called 'Girl Power' together with Allie Baby and yes, it's just as good as it sounds.

Grab the single below and peep the official BTS as well as this week's edition of #TwerkThursdays; their highly addicted remix of Lil Chuckee's 'Give It to Me Daddy':

Twerk Team ft. Allie Baby - 'Girl Power' ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare
Lil Chuckee ft. Twerk Team - 'Give It To Me Daddy' (Remix) ↓ YSI

Katy B - 'Broken Record'

Last night Annie Mac premiered 'Broken Record', the third single (or fourth if you count 'Perfect Stranger') to be released off Katy B's debut album "On a Mission", now dropping the 4th of April.

Have a listen below:

Pre-order the album here.

Katy B - 'Broken Record'

Donnis - 'Blackberry Molasses' the First Single Offer from "Southern Lights"

Here's a lil' studio session video of Donnis' new single 'Blackberry Molasses', the first offering from his upcoming "Southern Lights" mixtape. 'Blackberry Molasses' was produced by Crada & Organized Noize and samples Mista’s southern soul anthem of the same name.

Peep the video and grab the track below:

Donnis - 'Blackberry Molasses' (prod. by Crada & Organized Noize) ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Listen to Lady GaGa's New Single 'Born This Way'

After the horrible experience of the 'Scheiße' remix Lady GaGa did for Thierry Mugler's fashion show, here's finally the first single and the title track off GaGa's second full-length studio album "Born This Way" that drops the 23rd of May.

The single 'Born This Way' echoes Madonna's 'Express Yourself' and is produced by GaGa herself, Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow and will also be performed at the 53rd Grammy Awards which is held on Sunday.

"I'm beautiful in my way,
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was Born This Way

Listen and judge for yourself below:

Lady GaGa - 'Born This Way' (buy off iTunes)

Nicki Minaj Performs 'Moment 4 Life' Live at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Once again Nicki Minaj hit the NBC studios, this time to grace Jay Leno's The Tonight Show with a performance of 'Moment 4 Life' in a hell of a catsuit:

King Fantastic - 'Lost Art of Killing' Official Video BTS

All you that were looking forward to the premiere of Lil Wayne's '6 Foot 7 Foot' taking place tonight, I'm sorry to inform you that the premiere has been postponed until a unknown date. BUT donät cry any tears, here's some good news, I'm proud to present the world premiere of King Fantastic's new video for their 'Lost Art of Killing' taking place here on First Up! next Tuesday the 15th. The LA-based duo made in collaboration with the amazing Kristina Rose the best video of 2010 with their 'Why? Where? What?' so my anticipation for this one's pretty much through the roof.

The video is said to be a 50s film noir horror piece, somewhere between the shows Dexter and Mad Men, directed by Nicholaus Goossen, and starring Killer Reese One, Ida Ljungqvist (PMOY 2009), Heather Rae Young (Miss February 2010) and Quinn Spilsbury and like that's not all, the video features a first-of-its-kind interactive 3D technology.

Watch this space on Tuesday for the video and the .mp3 of the single, but 'til then, peep the behind the scenes-clip below:

Rye Rye - "RYEot PowRR" Mixtape

Earlier this week it was announced that Rye Rye will be opening for Robyn at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas the 14th of April (get your tickets here). But the best news is actually this, the long awaited pre-album mixtape "RYEot PowRR" is finally here!

Peep the complete tracklist and download the 1 hour and 2 minutes long mixtape below!

1. 'Go! Pop! Bang!'
2. 'Bang dis Bit$# Out'
3. 'Hardcore/Art School Girl' ft. Telli/Ninjasonik
4. 'Art School Boys'
5. 'Witchdoctor'
6. 'Back It Up'
7. 'Diga Doom'
8. 'DJ Go' ft. DJ Say Wut
9. 'Chase Money'
10. 'Club Can't Handle Me' (Remix)
11. 'We R Who We R' (Remix)
12. 'X-pill' (Remix)
13. 'Bang' ft. M.I.A. (Remix)
14. 'Party in the USA' (Remix)
15. 'Like a G6' (Remix)
16. 'Gimme Dat' (Remix)
17. 'Whip My Hair' (Remix)
18. 'Bring in the Katts' ft. Porkchop

Rye Rye - "RYEot PowRR" Mixtape (.m4a) ↓ Topspin
Rye Rye - 'Go! Pop! Bang!' ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare
Rye Rye - 'Witchdoctor' ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare
Rye Rye - 'DJ Go' ft. DJ Say Wut ↓ YSI | ↓ zShare

Lil Wayne's '6 Foot 7 Foot' Video Set to Premiere on Thursday

The official video for Lil Wayne's latest single '6'7"' ft. Cory Gunz will premiere on Thursday (the 10th) at 8 pm EST on MTV and and just like when MTV premiered Nicki Minaj's 'Moment 4 Life' Weezy will have a sit down with Sway and take questions and discuss the Hype Williams directed clip, talk about his much anticipated album "Tha Carter IV" due this April) as well as taking questions from fans.

The interview will be Lil Wayne’s first televised interview following his release from prison. Peep the teaser below:

Trina Readies "Diamonds Are Forever" Mixtape & Gets Her 'Ass on the Floor'

As well as many other rappers Trina will drop a mixtape on Valentine's Day next Monday. Trina's will be named "Diamonds Are Forever" and here's a lil' Amuse-bouche as she jumps on Diddy & Dirty Money's Major Lazer 'Pon de Floor'-infected 'Ass on the Floor'-single:

Diddy & Dirty Money ft. Trina - 'Ass on the Floor' (Remix) ↓ YSI

Lil Wayne Invades NBA All-Star Weekend & Reunites with Jay Sean on the New Single 'Hit the Lights'

Super bowl weekend is upon us and frankly I don't give flying fuck. My mail has been over flooded about super bowl extra this and super bowl extra that, Eminem gets claymateted for Brisk, yeah, big whoop?! Let's just face it, me and other sports than handball (on telly) doesn't mix. The only interesting about super bowl are the entertainment-segments, nuff said. This rant leads me on to inform you that Lil Wayne will invade NBA All-Star Weekend Friday the 18th held at The Shrine Auditorium & Expo Center in LA and if you wanna go you can get your tix here.

And speaking of Lil Weezy, he's like the only thing that's enjoyable on Jay Sean's new single 'Hit The Lights', the second single taken from Sean's fourth album "Freeze Time" that was scheduled for a release last November but has now gotten pushed back to the 22nd this month.

Yes, as I said, don't get your hopes up for a new 'Down' or anything, this is a straight nobrainer for the club.

Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne - 'Hit The Lights'

Trey Songz & Syko - 'Look at Me Now' Remixes

Yes, Trey Songz now jumps on the Diplo/Afrojack-produced 'Look at Me Now' for a Triggamix and yes, it sound just the way you expected it to sound.

But the best one of the new remixes of Chris Brown's new single ft. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne comes from Chicago native Syko:

Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes - 'Look At Me Now' (Syko Remix)

Trey Songz - 'Look at Me Now' (Triggamix Dirty) ↓ YSI

The Latest Signing to Dizzee's Dirtee Stank: Shadrack and the Mandem Air It Out

Hahaha, so fucking random, late last night I was actually about to pitch this very idea for MC Hotpantz and here all of a sudden, this interview by DJ Semtex pops up like Jack in the box. Or interview... chitchat behind bars on Isle of Wight about crackers, lotion and the status of Dirtee Stank, with Shadrack & Abendigo members of Dizzee Rascal's latest signing to his Dirtee Stank label that was officially announced earlier this week: Shadrack and the Mandem (you know, originators of the classic 'Guns and Pork'), might just be the funniest thing I've seen all day, or well, all week for that matter.

Sure, apparently "it's not supposed to be on the Internet" (marketing scam light anyone?), but I rather fight to remove child porn rather than pure fun like this:

Akira The Don, Envy & Joey2tits Takes on Marina and the Diamonds' – 'I Am Not A Robot'

YES! What a great start to the weekend, Akira the Don, Envy and Joey2tits takes Marina and the Diamonds' smash hit 'I Am Not A Robot' to new amazing highs.

Here's what the don has to say about the track:
"You could say it's a cover. It actually started out life as as a remix. I was round Joey's one day, and he played me this incredible, fizzy piece of music, and I was like, OH MY GOD THAT’S AMAZING. And he was like, oh, I've never got round to finishing it, and it's too late now anyway cos the records already out and loads of people have done remixes, and I was like, GIVE IT TO ME AND I WILL MAKE AN AMAZING SONG WITH IT, and he was like oh, OK then.

I took it home and chopped it up a bit. I knew straight away that I was going to play it to Envy, and she was going to love it, and record some spitfire bars for it. And lo, the prophesy was fulfilled, and I was so awed I rewrote all my verses.

Download via the soundcloud below and let the Friday begin, just click the arrow:

Akira The Don ft. Envy - 'I Am Not A Robot'

"ATD25" comes out on February 21st.

M.I.A. - "Vicki Leekx" Official Video pt. 1

Here's the first part of the visuals for the "official video" or what you should call it of M.I.A.'s latest mixtape "Vicki Leekx". The 09:36 minutes long clip features live footage, the typical M.I.A. imagery and Vicki Leekx-material: