Sky Ferreira - 'Obsession' Official Video

Sky Ferreira's official video for 'Obsession' just premiered on MTVu and even if Sky in the song demands to be your number one obsession, the video is based around Sky as the #1 fan of Michael Madsen aka. Mr Blonde from Tarantino's movie "Reservoir Dogs" from 1992, which also is the very same year Sky was born:

I know, I wasn't the biggest fan of this song when it first emerged, but it has actually grown on me lately. 'Obsession' is out now on iTunes with remixes to come from Mike Rizzo, Sam Sparro & Golden Touch and Static Revenger.

PURPL PoP - 'The Way' Remix EP Release & Free Giveaway of the Warrior One Remix

PURPL PoP's debut single 'The Way' was finally released on Fat! Records (Beatport/Juno/iTunes) two days ago and the full remix package includes remixes from Foamo (who contributes with 2 ones to be exact), drum & bass legend Utah Jazz, Warrior One, The Living Graham Bond and competition winner Shooting Horses.

Stream them all below and download the one from Warrior One at the bottom of the post!

PURPL PoP - 'The Way' (Warrior One Remix) YSI | zShare

N.E.R.D. Premiers New Song 'Hypnotize You' Produced by Daft Punk

Last night N.E.R.D. guested Late Show with David Letterman where they premiered a brand new song titled 'Hypnotize You' produced by Daft Punk:

N.E.R.D's long-awaited album "Nothing" finally hits shelves the 2nd of November.

N.E.R.D. - 'Hypnotize You' (prod. by Daft Punk) (Live Late Show with David Letterman 28th September 2010) YSI | zShare

Duck Sauce - 'Barbra Streisand' Official Video & Afrojack's Ducky Mix

So here comes the official video for Armand Van Helden and A-Trak's collaborative project Duck Sauce' brand new single 'Barbra Streisand'. The video is directed by Fool's Gold's graphic pro So Me and graced by cameos from ?uestlove, Chromeo, Diplo, Santigold, Ryan Leslie, Ezra Koenig, Pharrell, KanYe West and many more:

The main release date of the single is October 11th (UK pre-order here).

Duck Sauce - 'Barbra Streisand' (Afrojack Ducky Mix) YSI | zShare

Magnetic Man - 'Fire' ft. Ms. Dynamite, 'Flying Into Tokyo' & 'Ping Pong' off Their Upcoming Album

Just when I thought that the anticipation on Magnetic Man's self titled debut album that drops next Monday (the 4th of October) couldn't get any bigger than it already is Benga, Skream and Artwork unleash an YouTube takeover. In which they talk about Magnetic Man as a group, the album and they also unleashed streams of three new tracks off it: the absolute wonderful 'Flying Into Tokyo', 'Ping Pong' and one that I've been impatiently been waiting for, 'Fire' ft. Ms. Dynamite:

'Flying Into Tokyo':

'Ping Pong':

'Fire' ft. Ms. Dynamite:

And speaking of pure fire, Benga's own remix of the groups latest single 'Perfect Stranger' ft. Katy B, wow, I could be real cheesy now and throw in a line like SOMEONE BRING THE FIRE HOSE... Eh yeah, Benga absolutely kills it and speaking of Katy B for that matter, Saturday's she hit the Wembley Arena for BBC's 1Xtra Live and one of the tracks she performed was 'Lights On' featuring none other than Ms. Dynamite and the single will face it's official release in November:

Pre-order "Magnetic Man" off iTunes or Amazon.

Magnetic Man ft. Ms. Dynamite - 'Fire' YSI
Magnetic Man ft. Katy B - 'Perfect Stranger' (Benga Remix) YSI

Review: Lil Wayne - "I'm Not a Human Being" | ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ X

Yesterday Billboard reported that retailers worried that this new eight studio album from Lil Wayne would set a new trend for digital releases and well, "I'm Not a Human Being" currently tops both the Hip Hop/Rap-section and the Over all-chart section at iTunes, but does it have to be a bad thing? I really don't think so, if evolution didn't existed in technology as well we'd be back in the stone age and listening to the sound of someone clapping a pair of rocks together.

Anyway it's not a big surprise that "I'm Not a Human Being" tops the iTunes-chart, cause Mr. Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr has ALOT to make up for since he released "Rebirth" back in February this year. The anticipation on some new "real" Lil Wayne material has been thorough the roof. And I'm glad to say, "I'm Not a Human Being" is everything that "Rebirth" wasn't. Wayne has actually managed to pull himself out of the deep swamp of rock/rap and created something that is fun, has great productions from the likes of Boi-1da, Cool & Dre, Drumma Boi, Kane Beatz among others, great features from the Young Money family such as Drake, Jay Sean, Lil Twist, Nicki Minaj, Jae Millz, Tyga, Gudda Gudda, Lil Chuckee and T-Streets and over all is a really really enjoyable experience. So, in other words, yes, Lil Wayne make great amends.

One thing that irritates me though is the fact that the album is a bit too short. 10 tracks, 43 minutes and 6 seconds. We all do know the explanation by now, originally "I'm Not a Human Being" was slated to be released as an EP today on Weezy's 28th birthday, from Rikers Island, the jail complex where he is locked up until the 4th of November. Things evolved and an EP turned into an album since Wayne felt that his sound had changed so much that he wanted to redo "Tha Carter IV" from square one. Most songs that appear on "I'm Not a Human being" was set for "Tha Carter IV" and some of them are over a year old. Not that the time matters, quality tracks are timeless, but I do fear what's in store for the real "Tha Carter IV" that's slated for a release in 2011. I fer that Weezy's will go back to his "new" sound rock/rap and my worst nightmare, do features with Linkin' Park.

But that's just in the speculative future, let's concentrate on the present an the tracks.

I've already written about most of the track in previous posts like the lead single 'Right Above It' ft. Drake, the VD-tune Gonorrhoea' ft. Drake, the massive 'What's Wrong With Them' ft. Nicki Minaj, the funny ballad 'With You' ft. Drake, the title track 'I'm Not a Human Being' and 'I'm Single' ft. Drake.

Two of the best tracks off the album 'YM Salute' and 'YM Banger' are not featured on the digital release as they serves as the bonus tracks on the physical one that drops the 12th of October. Nicki Minaj gave away the first one featuring herself, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda & Jae Millz earlier this week and the second one 'YM Banger' features Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Tyga and is actually slightly better as the beat is highly addictive.

Another track I actually enjoy is 'Popular' ft. Lil Twist produced by Cool & Dre which is built around Weezy's verse on 'Bedrock' and even if it feel a bit like hearing a rerun I know my bestie gonna call me some Saturday night in the near future at 2 am, drunk off her ass and sing it for me.

The only track I don't really don't fancy (besides the title track) is the StreetRunner-produced 'That Ain't Me' featuring Jay Sean. And this for two reasons, the first is Jay Sean, shit he sounds so weak and the second is Wayne's usage of the "No Homo"-phrase. As soon as I heard it it was just #CURTAIN and then #NEXT. I'm sorry, but all you dudes that still use that (and the word swag), please update your vocabulary (the same goes for all you anonymous hater-commentators on this site, if you wanna say something, please do speak your mind, but if you're hating on me, well at least have the guts to sign with your name, if not, well, zip it and take a wank instead, figure that's more giving as you might release some of the obvious tension you got build up inside).

That said, I give "I'm Not a Human Being" a four out of five. It's a great buy and proves that even behind bars, Lil Wayne can easy claim the greatest rapper alive-title, I just hope this is not the last great album we hear from Weezy F. Baby and that he stay off that rock/rap-path.

Buy "I'm Not a Human Being" off iTunes or Amazon.

Lil Wayne ft. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & Tyga - 'YM Banger' YSI
Lil Wayne ft. T-Streets - 'Hold Up' (prod. by The Olympicks) YSI

Watch the Return of KanYe West on The Cleveland Show - "Harder, Better, Faster, Browner" s02e01

Here it is, the season premiere of the Cleveland Show, graced by the comeback of KanYe West aka. Kenny West, a single dad and struggling rapper. The performance of Kenny's and Cleveland's new hit single 'Be-Cleve in Yourself' starts 14 minutes in:

Mark Ronson Serves Up His "Record Collection" & Remixes from Major Lazer & The Count & Sinden

The coming week is stuffed with great album releases as we got Mark Ronson, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne etc. all putting out highly anticipated albums. And sadly for Mark Ronson and his The Business INTL the only album I will care about reviewing tomorrow Monday is Lil Wayne's "I'm Not a Human Being".

I dunno, Mark and I do get along, but I think it's more on a graphic and experimental basis rather than pure musical, the artwork for "Record Collection" is impeccable and the feature constellations, like the one on the title track with Wiley and Simon Le Bon are absolutely genius:

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL ft. Simon Le Bon (of Duran Duran) & Wiley - 'Record Collection'

Or well, there are some nice musical highlights here and there, like these great remixes from The Count & Sinden and Major Lazer of the two released singles 'Bang Bang Bang' ft. Q-Tip & MNDR & 'The Bike Song' ft. Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock.

Buy "Record Collection" off iTunes or Amazon.

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl ft. Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock - 'The Bike Song' (Major Lazer Remix) YSI | zShare
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl ft. Q-Tip & MNDR - 'Bang Bang Bang' (The Count and Sinden Remix) YSI | zShare

Sky Ferreira - 'Animal' Live & the Concept of the Official 'Obsession' Video

As you know, I never was a fan of Miike Snow's 'Animal' when it came but since Gnucci Banana and Sky Ferreira both have SLAYED the original with their own interpretations I actually love the tune now. But where Gnucci raps, Sky sings, enjoy it here live, from a rehearsal from what I think is last night:

If you missed Young Live's brilliant dubstep take on 'Animal' find it here.

Also, Sky's latest single 'Obsession' is now out on iTunes and the official video will drop next week:

Watch her talk about the obsessive concept of the video in this short Q&A she did with MTV:

Lil Wayne - 'What's Wrong With Them?' ft. Nicki Minaj & 'With You' ft. Drake off "I'm Not a Human Being"

With only two more days to go before Lil Wayne's new album "I'm Not a Human Being" officially drops online Nicki Minaj unleashes another one with her name on it.

This time, it's the Infamous-produced 'What's Wrong With Them?', which crosses choppy synth melodies that echoes 'Lollipop', with Weezy boasting "Fuck the system and the pussy and all that":

Lil Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj - 'What's Wrong With Them'

And yesterday YHTN dropped one of the four tracks that features Drake, the languishing r&b-ballad produced by StreetRunner called 'With You'.

Pre-order "I'm Not a Human Being" here.

Lil Wayne ft. Drake - 'With You' (prod. by StreetRunner) YSI | zShare

KanYe West ft. RZA, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz & Cyhi the Prince - 'So Appalled'

Here's, actually on time, this week's offer from KanYe West's weekly instalment #G.O.O.D.Fridays 'So Appalled', a track many have waited for since that radio snippet emerged several months ago. The final version features RZA, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz & Cyhi the Prince:

KanYe West ft. RZA, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz & Cyhi the Prince - 'So Appalled' YSI | zShare

Chase & Status ft. Tempa T - 'Hypest Hype' off Their Upcoming Album

Chase & Status have quite a big task ahead of them with trying to top their debut album "More Than Alot" that was released back in 2008. But so far, everything that has came out, both officially and leaked is on a straight A-game road. The production on Rihanna's/Nicki Minaj's 'Mad House/Saxon' for example, or how about the CRAZY tune 'Heavy' with Dizzie Rascal? They made one of the three sad and lonely good productions on Kano's latest FLOP "Method to the Maadness" (seriously, Kano's still moving backwards instead of rising from the fall of 'Rockstar') with 'Spaceship' and I could go on and on and on.

Monday's Zane Lowe named their new track 'Hypest Hype' to the hottest record in the world and for a damn reason cause it is, even if Tempa T's starting to become Veruca Salt chewing on that 'Hype' for something that seems forever. Turn the leaf Tempz, next chapter please. When does Tempz debut album coming by the way? I hope No Hats No Hoods realize that it needs to come SOON, I can't handle more bullshit from Skepta etc. to be frank.

That said, here's what Chase & Status told Zane about the track:

"We tried to combine Prodigy-esque drums, with guitar-rock beats and basses in there and come up with some crazy amalgamation of a tune that’s been tearing up our live shows recently."

Guitar-rock beats?! Yupp but don't worry, here they actually make some sort of sense, believe it or not and the official version will drop as a free download from on the 8th of November at their official website.

And just a quick last note, I'm really not a fan of mash ups and blends etc. but this by Mr.Leub actually works:

Chase and Status ft. Ms Dynamite - 'What You Talking About' (Mr.Leub Saxon Remix)

Chase & Status ft. Tempa T - 'Hypest Hype' YSI | zShare

Ludacris Reveals New Album "Ludaversal" & 'Everybody Drunk' ft. Lil Scrappy Official Video and Single Release

Ludacris' "Battle of the Sexes" is one of this years best albums, even if Shawnna sadly was removed from it when she joined Nappy Boy. The first promotional offer 'Everybody Drunk' on the other hand, nah, I love Scrappy but Shawnna killed it on the track and the version that appeared on the actual album is in my book not as half as good as the fist one that came early 2009. However, now it seems like that version will face a second release and become the fourth official single from the album and be tied with Luda's promotional quest for Conjoure (Norway stand up!).

The single will drop soon and here's the official video which was recorded during the official Ludaday Weekend earlier this month:

Ludacris also revealed to Billboard recently that he had already started to work on a new album with the name "Ludaversal".

Marcus Price - "Awesome America" Mix & North American Tour

We Swedes have been getting pretty used to get the royal treatment from Marcus Price by now esp. we over here in Stockholm with clubs like SÅS etc. the last year. If your not familiar with the name Marcus Price at all, perhaps you recognize his productions on Mapei's 'Video Vixen' or Maluca's 'Hector' and his 'Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed' (which earned the #1 spot in Juno's Funky/Garage charts) that he did together with Carli earlier this year accompanied by one of the biggest eyesore of all time. But things are about to change, because now it's time for America to get sauced up as Marcus is going on an North American tour which kicks off at the end of October and goes on till the end of the year, YOU lucky yanks!

As you know, I seldom post mixes but this sheer bundle of pure joy that dropped into my inbox yesterday is actually post worthy! "Awesome America" goes hand in hand with the tour and pretty much sums Marcus' up as he manage to find a direct connection between the club climates on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, from the cold house of Scandinavia though the UK filter bass, the mix makes a quick stop in the Parisian electro, jumping over to the American east coast club sound and finally smoothened out on the Detroit/Chicago Booty Juke scene.

1. Randy Barracuda - 'Ketamine Strut'
2. Deadboy - 'If You Want Me'
3. Reggie Dokes/Lil Jon - I Wear The Mask/Like A Stripper (Mash Up)
4. Marcus Price & Carli - 'Bubbelgum'
5. Marcus Price - 'Contintental Skank'
6. Zinc ft. Benga & Sweetie Irie - 'Number 1 Girls'
7. Savage Skulls - 'Number 1 Spot'
8. Marcus Price & Carli - 'Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed' (L-WIZ Special)
9. Flux Pavillion - 'Normalize'
10. Ludacris/Joker & Ginz - 'How Purple Can You Go' (Mash Up)
11. Udachi - 'Swagger (Baobinga Remix)'
12. DJ FUNK - 'Booty Clap'

Download the mix below and here's also two of the best tracks of the "Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed" EP since I never featured them when it was released:

Marcus Price & Carli - 'Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed' (Kingdom Remix)
Marcus Price & Carli - 'Var E Näääken' (Bok Bok Remix)

Marcus Price - "Awesome America" Mix (.zip) Mediafire

KanYe West ft. Pusha T – 'Runaway' (Mixshow Version) & (Noise Vocal Sample Edit)

KanYe West may be a douche bag of gigantic measures but the man have an eye for graphic perfection, you gotta give him that as the official cover for his latest single 'Runaway' ft. Pusha T is absolute immaculate:

So to celebrate that, here's two nice new versions of the track.

Also, Karen Civil spoke to Pusha T yesterday about his upcoming mixtape, getting signed to G.O.O.D Music and much more, here are some excerpts and read the full story via the link that is attached to her name:

Pusha T on his forthcoming "Fear of God" mixtape:
"I don’t have the features, so I don’t really want to say just yet. It’s just about being the first solo perspective of myself and seeing me in that light. Of course, it will always be street and lyric driven Hip-Hop. I think the dichotomy of the Clipse is one of those things where Malice is more of the thinker and the introspective one and I’m usually known as the wordplay one or the one who is a bit more brash. When we attack records, he usually takes that part and I usually take the wordplay aspect. But it’s not that I don’t think or I’m not introspective or have a conscious side to me. So I think you’re going to see all of those sides of me on the mixtape."

On his solo album on G.O.O.D. Music:
"I’m on my way to Miami this week. I’m on my way to Atlanta next week to go sit down with Bangladesh. I’m on my way to go see Pharrell. I’ve got a few joints from Kanye already. I’m treating every record as album worthy or classic album worthy. We’ll take that and dice up and see where everything lands. I’m definitely working towards an album."

KanYe West ft. Pusha T - 'Runaway' (Mixshow Version) YSI | zShare
KanYe West ft. Pusha T - 'Runaway' (Noise Vocal Sample Edit) YSI | zShare

Lil Wayne ft. Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz & Nicki Minaj - 'Young Money Salute' & Pre-listen to "I'm Not A Human Being"

Last night Nicki Minaj phoned in to Funkmaster Flex's show and they discussed everything from Justin Bieber's kiss at the VMAs (which I missed all thanks to the fuckwads over at MTV Sweden), Will.I.Am's black face, Drake's verse on 'Un-thinkable', how she visited Lil Wayne five days ago in Rikers, the Montclair State University-show scam and most importantly, the 'Right Through Me' leak and that she would release a joint for intended for the streets in the coming days.

That day might already be here as she unleashed none other than one of the two bonus tracks off Lil Wayne's upcoming album "I'm Not a Human Being", the banging, minor-key anthem 'Young Money Salute' ft. Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz & Nicki herself doling out lines like "Camouflage me 'cus Young Money is a navy".

And speaking of "I'm Not a Human Being", now besides 'Young Money Salute', so far you've heard the title track and 'Gonorrhoea' ft. Drake but last night Amazon provided the world with snippets of 10 of the 12 featured tracks:

1. 'Gonorrhea' ft. Drake (prod. by Kane Beatz)
2. 'Hold Up' ft. T-Streets (prod. by The Olympicks)
3. 'With You' ft. Drake (prod. by Boi-1da, Noah "40" Shebib)
4. 'I Am Not a Human Being' (prod. by DJ Infamous, Andrew "Drew" Correa)
5. 'I'm Single (Remix)' ft. Drake (prod. by Lil Wayne, Noah "40" Shebib & Omen)
6. 'What's Wrong With Them' ft. Nicki Minaj (prod. by Infamous)
7. 'Right Above It' ft. Drake (prod. by Kane Beatz)
8. 'Popular' ft. Lil Twist (prod. by Drumma Boy)
9. 'That Ain't Me' ft. Jay Sean (prod. by StreetRunner)
10. 'Bill Gates' (prod. by KanYe West, No I.D., Plain Pat)

Pre-order "I'm Not A Human Being" here.

Also, here's also the proper tagless version of Nicki's mellow upcoming single 'Right Through Me' off "Pink Friday":

Lil Wayne ft. Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz & Nicki Minaj - 'Young Money Salute' YSI | zShare
Nicki Minaj - 'Right Through Me' (prod. by Drew Money) YSI | zShare

Swedish House Mafia's Upcoming Album "Until One" Tracklist & Trailer for the "Take One" Documentary

Swedish House Mafia (Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso), will release their hotly-anticipated album "Until One" the 25th of October through Virgin Records. The album is a collection of each Mafia member's solo work to date and takes you on a sonic journey from the early club beginnings through to recent top 10 crossover single 'One' featuring Pharrell Williams and the new single and Tinie Tempah collaboration 'Miami 2 Ibiza' (which will be released on October 11th).

Peep the 24 long tracklist below:

1. Swedish House Mafia vs. Tinie Tempah - 'Miami 2 Ibiza' (Album Version)
2. Swedish House Mafia - 'Miami 2 Ibiza' (Instrumental)
3. Sander van Doorn - 'Reach Out', The Source ft. Candi Staton - 'You Got The Love' (Acapella)
4. Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello & Laidback Luke ft. Deborah Cox - 'Leave The World'
5. Axwell - 'Nothing But Love' (Remode)
6. Steve Angello & AN21 - 'Valodja'
7. TV Rock - 'In The Air' (Axwell remix)
8. Sebastian Ingrosso - 'Kidsos', Justice vs Simian - 'We Are Your Friends' (Acapella)
9. Prok & Fitch pres. Nanchang Nancy - 'Walk With Me' (Axwell & Daddy's Groove Remix)
10. Steve Angello - 'Tivoli', Empire Of The Sun - 'Walking On A Dream' (Acapella)
11. Benny Benassi presents The Biz - 'Satisfaction'
12. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke ft. Robin S - 'Show Me Love'
13. Steve Angello - 'Knas'
14. Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South - 'Meich', Coldplay - 'Clocks'
15. David Guetta ft. Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South & Julie McKnight - 'How Soon Is Now' (Main Mix)
16. AN21 & Max Vangeli - 'Swedish Beauty' Louie Vega & Jay "Sinister" Sealee starring Julie McKnight 'Diamond Life' (Acapella)
17. Supermode - 'Tell Me Why'
18. Adrian Lux - 'Teenage Crime' (Axwell & Henrik B Remode)
19. Steve Angello - 'Monday'
20. Miike Snow - 'Sylvia' (Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South Remix)
21. Axwell - 'I Found U' (Remode)
22. Daft Punk - 'One More Time'
23. Swedish House Mafia - 'One'
24. Swedish House Mafia ft. Pharrell - 'One (Your Name)'

The album serves as the soundtrack for the eagerly-awaited film documentary "Take One" which drops on DVD the 22nd of November. "Take One" is directed by Christian Larson (whose work with Jonas Åkerlund includes Lady GaGa, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez & Rammstein), this unique film follows Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso over the course of 2 years, 285 gigs and 15 countries and documents the extremes, the excess, the highs and the lows of being on the road making you want to simultaneously laugh, cry and dance.

Here's the first the trailer:

Pre-order "Until One" here.

M.I.A. Responds to Diplo with "YOU CAN HAVE MY MONEY BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE ME" in 'U Can't Have Me'

Remember when M.I.A. told Lynn Hirschberg that she was just a singer after that NY Times feature? Forget that one, here's finally the response we all been waiting for after Diplo called M.I.A.'s latest album "/\/\/\Y/\" a turd!

M.I.A.'s keeping herself busy and just bought another crazy web-address:, and when you click it a magic .gif pops up along with a stream of 'U Can't Have Me':

The message is crystal clear:


and just when I though that I couldn't love M.I.A. more than I already do, this penetrates my heart like a stapler.

M.I.A. - 'U Can't Have Me' YSI | zShare

Nicki Minaj - 'Right Through Me' off her Upcoming Album "Pink Friday"

Nicki Minaj will together with KiD CuDi grace the split cover of the upcoming Sep/Oct issue of Complex Magazine and even if I'm BORED to death with black and white pictures (esp. them with high contrast, it's like so photography for beginners) this shoot of Nicki done by Lauren Dukoff is on the verge of breathtaking:

The actual cover, oh my, even with a hunched back like that she oozes calm, power and serenity and it's actually a good reflection on this new offer called 'Right Through Me' (produced by Drew Money) off her debut album "Pink Friday". So far 'Your Love' has been the only song that's been slated for the album but a couple of weeks ago when she shot the VMA-promo with MTV she revealed that 'Right Through Me' should be on it:

"I have a record called 'Right Through Me' that I think will be a standout. It's not gonna come right now. It’ll come closer to when the album drops, but it's a really, really pretty song. Everyone's gonna like it. It's just really insightful but in a very conversational kind of way"

So, what's the verdict? Personally, I love it, but now since it's leaked (even if this is is a tagged version) I'm not sure on the single status, time will tell but what's sure is that "Pink Friday" will be something rather different when it drops the 23rd of November than just the usual Nicki-vibe with Roman and goofy voices.

Also, if you haven't already, sign up to

Nicki Minaj - 'Right Through Me' (prod. by Drew Money) YSI | zShare

Blaqstarr ft. M.I.A. - 'Lemme Hump You'

This afternoon has been kinda shitty but this mail I just received regarding a new song from Blaqstarr ft. M.I.A. called 'Lemme Hump You' definitely turned it around, the visuals alone, fucking brilliant!

Or new, apparently M.I.A. played a snippet of the track over a year ago when she he took over Radio 1 with Switch and Diplo but here's the full version. A word of caution is advised, the title 'Lemme Hump You' pretty much give you an idea what the video is about, however it's NSFW gone SFW:

Blaqstarr ft. M.I.A. - 'Lemme Hump You' YSI | zShare

St. John's Dance, Lazee & J-Son Live at Nyhetsmorgon & the Release of the "Evolution" Compilation

Confession: I LOVE morning television, esp. the cooking-segments since the music-segments rarely delivers anything of interest. Today however was an exception as around 07:20 am J-Son, Lazee, and St. John's dance took over Nyhetsmorgon at Tv4 with 'The Plot' and the second part of the 'Young Black Boy' Trygghet och Tradition remix (which you can download below the live clip):

Adam Tensta - 'Young Black Bo'y ft. Chapee n Chess & Lazee (Trygghet & Tradition Remix Pt.2)

Today the 2 disc compilation of Swedish hiphop called "Evolution" gets released, featuring St. John's Dance, Stor, Maskinen, Max Peezay (wow, he's still alive???? thought he died from the embarrassment from his last attempt to do grime), Näääk, Kartellen, Pato Pooh among others. Personally I think "Evolution" is a good compilation but to be frank, also kind of a sad story, for starters only ONE female is featured among the 27 artists and even if there's a lot of good tracks on it, it becomes a part of HIStory like everything else and the evolution of "Evolution" seems more reactionary rather than progressing forward.

Peep Adam Tensta, Lazee and J-Son talk about "Evolution" and Swedish hiphop here. Also, Lazee & J-son performed their new single 'The Wall' that is featured on the record:

The release party for "Evolution" is free and takes place tomorrow the 23rd at Marie Laveau, check all details here.

J-Son & Lazee - 'The Wall' (prod. by Jason Gill) YSI | zShare

The Count & Sinden's New Single - 'Addicted to You'‏ ft. Bashy & Hevré Signs Baxta

I know, my review of The Count & Sinden's debut album "Mega Mega Mega" never saw the light of day and I don't feel it's fresh enough to put it up now either, weeks after the album is released but I can give you a mini review with saying the following:

Even we have grown quite familiar with the story by now, you know, two producers, a mix of styles, some interesting guests (Rye Rye, Trackademicks, 77Klash, Mystery Jets, Katy B & Coolio Iglesias), some instrumentals, some genre mixing, the end result is actually more than quite nice. "Mega Mega Mega" is one sweet mix of club/funky/grime/garage/cumbia & B-more. The only track I dislike is the first single offer 'After Dark', I miss 'Beeper' with Kid Sister that could have been a great bonus addition and the brightest shining star of the release is of course 'Hold Me' ft. Katy B.

The second single release will be 'Addicted To You' featuring Bashy that drop on digital download the 8th of November:

The Count & Sinden ft. Bashy - 'Addicted To You'

The single will feature remixes from Lone, Manhattan Clique, WAFA and two from the Count's aka. Hevré's latest signing to his Cheap Thrills label: London based producer Baxta.

Baxta's debut mix comes from new act Love Amongst Ruin, the band fronted by former Placebo drummer Steve Hewitt, listen and download 'Home' below:

Love Amongst Ruin - 'Home' (Baxta Remix)

Last, my UK people, The Count & Sinden can now announce their first UK tour since the release of "Mega Mega Mega" and the dates run through October and November, with a show at Fabric in London on November 5th. For full dates check here.

Lil Wayne ft. Drake - 'Gonorrhoea' off Wayne's Upcoming Album "I'm Not a Human Being"

Yes, you read it right. Lil Wayne's "I'm Not a Human Being" is no longer an EP, instead it will serve as Weezy's eight studio album and it's still dropping on the same day, the 27th of September. Wayne's manager Cortez Bryant recently revealed to SPIN that several of the tracks off "I'm Not a Human Being" were slated for "Tha Carter IV" but that Wayne decided to start from square one with that album since his sound has changed so much over the last year.

Here's thanks to HHC (again) the (tagged) first track off the upcoming album 'Gonorrhoea' featuring Drake. Yeah, gonorrhoea... I think the last time gonorrhoea actually had an impact on popular culture was back in 1980 in the Swedish cult movie "Sällskapsresan" with this t-shirt that people actually still buy:

Translation: Tonight 107 Swedish People get Gonorrhoea. Yeah, the Swedish humour at that time was something else.

That said, here's also the complete tracklist of the album with the added production credits:

1. 'Gonorrhea' ft. Drake (prod. by Kane Beatz)
2. 'Hold Up' ft. T-Streets (prod. by The Olympicks)
3. 'With You' ft. Drake (prod. by Boi-1da, Noah "40" Shebib)
4. 'I Am Not a Human Being' (prod. by DJ Infamous, Andrew "Drew" Correa)
5. 'I'm Single (Remix)' ft. Drake (prod. by Lil Wayne, Noah "40" Shebib & Omen)
6. 'What's Wrong With Them' ft. Nicki Minaj (prod. by Infamous)
7. 'Right Above It' ft. Drake (prod. by Kane Beatz)
8. 'Popular' ft. Lil Twist (prod. by Drumma Boy)
9. 'That Ain't Me' ft. Jay Sean (prod. by StreetRunner)
10. 'Bill Gates' (prod. by Kanye West, No I.D., Plain Pat)
11. 'YM Banger' ft. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & Tyga (prod. by Cool & Dre)
12. 'YM Salute' ft. Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz & Nicki Minaj (prod. by Lil Wayne, Mr. Pyro, & Polow da Don)

Pre-order the album here.

Lil Wayne ft. Drake - 'Gonorrhoea' (prod. by Kane Beatz) YSI | zShare
Lil Wayne - 'I'm Not a Human Being' YSI | zShare