Nicki Minaj & Drake Graces the Cover of XXL's May 2010 Issue

Nicki Minaj and Drake skipped XXL's "Freshman 2010"-feature as they both felt that they were way over qualified for that, so instead they were offered this:

The May 2010 issue will be out the 20th of April and except for this I'm well intrigued by the "The Struggle of Female MCs"-feature.

'Sky Blue Diamonds' the First Single off JDP's "Purple" Mixtape

Remember how good JDP's latest mixtape "Air Raid" was? Now it's time again, because here's the first single off his third and upcoming mixtape "Purple" which is scheduled to drop around late April/early May.

"After being placed in URB magazine I wanted to make a mixtape that felt more like an album. This project is the result. The music is more melodic, and alot of the songs blend hip hop and pop. So far features include Adam Tensta, Mic Terror, Nikki Lynette, UNI & a few other artists from my hometown Chicago. Just trying to capture the journey with this one and I wanted 'Sky Blue Diamonds' to kind of set the tone."

And it sure does, I love it and I'm pretty damn sure you will too.

JDP - 'Sky Blue Diamonds' YSI | zShare

Trina's the "Amazin' Diaries", the Lady GaGa feature & Dirty Money

In ways to promote her upcoming fifth album Trina launches a webisode series called the "Amazin' Diaries", an easy way to keep the fans entertained in wait for "Amazin'" to be released the 4th of May.

Watch the first episode and the all new number two below:

Here's also the no DJ-version of the Jim Jonsin-produced, Lady GaGa & Kalenna (Dirty Money)-feature off the album, and most likely the next single: 'Hoes Fight'.

And speaking of Diddy's Dirty Money for that matter, here's actually a nice cut off their upcoming album "Last Train to Paris" (which is scheduled to drops the 22nd of June), actually produced by Danja (even if it sounds hella Timbaland-ish) called 'Hello, Good Morning' featuring T.I.

Trina ft. Lady GaGa & Kalenna - 'Hoes Fight' (prod. by Jim Jonsin) YSI | zShare
Dirty Money ft. T.I. - 'Hello, Good Morning' (prod. by Danja) YSI | zShare

It's HERE: Nicki Minaj's Debut Single - 'Massive Attack'

It's now time for them dumb ass haters to eat their silly words up, for Jamie Foxx to cry himself a Hudson river because he didn't get this track from the hands off Sean Garrett and Alex Da Kid. Cry your tears, drown the sorrow in some Henney...

Because the wait is over, after ending up DRY after a week of impatiently Spring Break-watching, and after them video-ban rumours it is here folks, Nicki Minaj's debut single 'Massive Attack'.

All I have to say about it: Good Goshamolie!

The video directed by Hype Williams should drop this week, if not on TV, be sure it will hit the interwebz, so brace yourself for Sean Garrett getting his Rambo on for a rumble in the jungle, a hot pink Lamborghini and Amber Rose-affair, an endless desert and helicopter chase, an army of hot pink semi nude Harajuku Barbies? Nicki has set the pace, now join the wave and march along!


Updated: Dirty version and the video will première tomorrow on BET 106 & Park... So I guess the video ban only includes MTV and Nicki just tweeted: "Ustream tmrw @ 9pm EST to address it ALL. #StateOfTheMufuckinUnionBitch #MassiveAttack".

Nicki Minaj ft. Sean Garrett - 'Massive Attack' (prod. by Sean Garrett & Alex da Kid) (Dirty) YSI | LimeLinx

Drake's Debut Album "Thank Me Later" to be Released May 25th

Finally some good news from the Young Money-camp today!. Yes, he release date for Drake's highly anticipated debut album is now set and the 25th of May is the day people. Mark your calenders!

To celebrate, here's the latest round of 'Over'-remixes (and most likely my last).

This time they come from Yamill, an up and coming band from London called Blair (currently recording their debut LP) and the last one that tickles my fancy a bit more than the others comes from DJ Hunt.

Drake - 'Over' (DJ Hunt Remix) YSI | zShare
Drake - 'Over' (Remix) ft. Blair YSI | zShare
Drake - 'Over' (Yamill Remix) YSI | zShare

Nicki Minaj's 'Massive Attack' Video Banned by BET & MTV?!

You have probably noticed that there's still no 'Massive Attack' from Nicki Minaj out. Right, it should be coming this week and the reason for the delay might be this...

Some days ago Nicki Minaj went on a whole another Twitter rant than her usual trip to Barbie lala-land. Yes, she raised questions of what female bodies that were acceptable to show on MTV and in music videos in general and questions like that:

how far would u go to stand up for ur own creative expression? - 11:08 PM Mar 26th via web

is it ok to show drugs, violence & nudity in MOVIES and NOT MUSIC videos? aren't they both creative interpretations? - 11:15 PM Mar 26th via web

is it ok for a slender model to wear a bikini but not ok for a curvy woman to wear a bikini on the same network? - 11:18 PM Mar 26th via web

so thrs sum1 sitting behind a desk that hand picks which woman's body is 2 sexy to be seen on the network? - 11:25 PM Mar 26th via web

wuts more influential in 2010? cable tv or internet? - 11:43 PM Mar 26th via web

wuts the more important question? *who makes the rules?* or *who follows them?* - 1:19 PM Mar 26th via web

And now rumours has started flying that BOTH MTV and BET has banned the video for Nicki's debut single 'Massive Attack' directed by Hype Williams and starring herself, an army of Harajuku Barbies, Sean Garret and Amber Rose.

Will be interesting to see the development in this, sure Nicki's video is probably both quite violent and showing off curves galore but in this day and age, is that so harming? it's music video for crying out loud. Nicki has many valid points in her tweets and if TV-channels wanna stay in the game other than just be the platform to throw stupid rich kids sweet 16's they better start listening.

Music videos is an art form and people who actually do something instead of the ever so boring green screen and money tossing scene should be celebrated not banned.

If this rumour is true, is this really a problem 2010? if so, it's kinda preposterous:

Rasheeda - 'Don't Let Him Get Away' & 'I Wanna Rock' Off. Videos

Seems like this will be a big video-day. I had totally forgot all about Cherish, 'Don't Let Him Get Away' is a great reminder by Rasheeda, taken off her latest album "Certified Hot Chick":

And here's also the official video for Rasheeda's take on 'I Wanna Rock' off her latest huge mixtape "Boss Bitch Music", the video also features Kandi and Diamond:

Kelis - 'Acapella' (prod. by David Guetta) Official Video

If you liked Kelis at the Data awards in Los Angeles late January in that flesh/salmon pink latex jumpsuit with gold spikes and ashes in her hair and Alexander McQueen's horse/alien shoes, congratulations, your in for a big treat this Monday morning!

Because here it is, the official video for Kelis' David Guetta-produced 'Acapella', the lead single off her upcoming fifth album "Flesh Tone" (dropping June 22nd) is directed by the fashion-team John "Rankin" Waddell and Chris Cottam, and yes it's a hot mess most of the time:

Wale is a 'Rude Boy' Just Like Chew Fu

While we wait for Wale's official video for 'Diary', directed by Rik Cordero, that hopefully will make peace with some of his still pretty pissed off female fanbase since the 'Pretty Girls'-issue surfaced, to drop (which will be soon), Wale now decides to jump on Rihanna's 'Rude Boy'. It's pretty nice attempt too!

Here's also Chew Fu's take on the song I managed to dig out from the inbox.

Wale - 'Rude Boy' (Freestyle) YSI | zShare
Rihanna - 'Rude Boy (Chew Fu Bumbaclot Fix Extended) YSI | zShare

Free Sticky K - "Bandari Funk" EP

Yes, Sticky K just put out his second EP on Dubsided so he thought he would give away his first one, the "Bandari Funk" for FREE!

Boomkat says:
A canny 12" of purified party gear from the trustworthy Dubsided crew showcasing the debut release from Sticky K. You can't hold this label down right now, each and every release is made to do the business, a value which can easily be applied to 'The Testament of Dr. Mabuse' with a chunky ghettotech groove straying into hardcore-booty-kickin'-rave that you'd bet your last tab Switch will be caning this weekend. The B-side is just as relentless and uncompromising, with hardcore filter-house on 'Bandari Funk' and head drilling electro stabs on 'Alphaville'. Fully inflated party pumpers currently being played by Switch, Diplo, Jesse Rose, Boys Noize and the rest.

Soooo, what you waiting for? Get busy downloading!

Sticky K - 'Bandari Funk' YSI | No longer available for free DL
Sticky K - 'The Testament of Dr. Mabuse' YSI | No longer available for free DL
Sticky K - 'Alphaville' YSI | No longer available for free DL
Sticky K - "Bandari Funk" EP (.zip) No longer available for free DL

Tinie Tempah Remixes Killa Kela & 'Pass Out' (Fog's Blokka Remix)

Tinie Tempah's smash hit 'Pass Out' (produced by Labrinth) is the new 'Wifey', there's no doubt about it really and it will most certainly be on top of every end of the year list when we sum it all up in 9 months as the best and heaviest bass-tune of 2010.

Here's a nice dubstep edit of it from Fog from Dublin. If you like it Fog has a forthcoming EP on Bualabeats called "The Concrete EP" that will be available in early April on Juno exclusive on other download sites. He has also recently remixed 'Deathstar' for Cut La Roc, which will also be available in April through the RocStar record label.

Also got this Tinie Tempah remix of Killa Kela's 'Everyday' sent to me some time ago, what do you think?

Tinie Tempah - 'Pass Out' (Fog's Blokka Remix) YSI | zShare
Killa Kela - 'Everyday' (Tinie Tempah Remix) YSI | zShare

'Beware of B-More' - A First Taste off Mz Streamz' "It's Alive"

Here's a little something I've been waiting for ever since this banger shook the world:

Yes, Mz Streamz, the self-proclaimed one and only 18 year old femcee club rap princess from Baltimore City, recently signed to Aaron LaCrate's seminal label Milkcrate Records will soon release her long awaited mix-CD of 30 tracks called "It's Alive":

Here's a little teaser from Mr. LaCrate I just found in my inbox, enjoy:

Punjabi MC ft. Mz Streamz - 'Beware of B-More' (Aaron LaCrate & Samir Remix) YSI | zShare

Ludacris ft. Diamond, Trina & Eve - 'My Chick Bad' (Remix) Official Video

Here's the full version of the official video for Luda's 'My Chick Bad' remix, featuring Diamond, Trina & Eve. Cameo appearances from DJ Khaled (WHY?!!!), Nicki Minaj & Lil Scrappy, directed by TAJ Stansberry:

Stush, Sticky & The Heatwave @ Hot Wuk Tonight!

Wow, scatterbrained more than usual this week, just realized I forgot to post this up:

More info can be found over here and it's going on right about now so it's time to head out the door, or if your missing out, enjoy this little piece of love:

Stush & Sticky - 'Dollar Sign' (Remix) YSI | zShare

KiD CuDi - 'Soundtrack 2 My Life' Official Video

Here's the official video for one of the best songs off KiD CuDi's debut album, the Emile-produced 'Soundtrack 2 My Life'. The video is directed by Jason Goldwatch/Decon Creative Group the video will take you over months of tour footage and show you what Cudi's soundtrack is like. I think some of the film is from that gig at the Hultsfred festival last summer, with them N.A.S.A-aliens on stage...:

According to DNC, this is along with the 'Cudderisback'-video, all apart of one large project that Cudder, Jason & Decon are working on so stay tuned for more info.

In other Jason Goldwatch & Cudder-related news, Snoop's "More Malice" was released Tuesdays and here's a short clip from MTV where he reveals a bit more regarding the upcoming video for 'That Tree' with Cudder.

KiD CuDi ft. MGMT - 'Pursuit of Happiness' (Slink's Hangover Remix) YSI | zShare

Usher ft. Nicki Minaj - 'Lil Freak' Official Video

What a great Nicki-week this has been! And it's far from over, yes, her debut single 'Massive Attack' will premiere tomorrow night (at MTV Spring Break) so be prepared...

Anyhow, here's the official video for Usher's 'Lil Freak' directed by Taj Stansberry, featuring Nicki all Cruella DeVilled up:

Usher's "Raymond Vs. Raymond" hits the stores next tuesday. the 30th of March.

Young Money - 'BedRock' Live @ MTV Spring Break + Vodka&Milk Remix

Wow, Drake sounds really terrible in the beginning of this, but it doesn't matter, I still get goosebumps and "I think it's time to put this pussy on your sideburns" still is one of the best lines ever written:

Also, here's a brand new fresh fantastic remix from Vodka & Milk of this. Freakin' love it, and another one of Nicki's stellar features, this time on Yung Ralph's 'I Bought That'. Enjoy!

Young Money - 'BedRock' (Vodka & Milk Remix) YSI | zShare
Yung Ralph ft. Nicki Minaj - 'I Bought That' YSI | zShare

Ludacris - 'My Chick Bad' (Pussy Rules the World Remix) BTS

Looks like we finally will see the pussy rules the world video hitting them screens soon ft. Diamond, Trina, Eve and also cameos by Nicki Minaj & Lil Scrappy:

And speaking of which, here's Donwill's take on the same theme, the latest single to be released from "Don Cusack In High Fidelity" (which is in stores today). Probably the most boring production ever, but with a title like that I can't resist to post it up. Also DJ EMI has made what I was missing, a remix of the 'My Chick Bad' original and remix, with Nicki's verse on it as well, sadly with some annoying drops.

Donwill - 'Pussy Rules the World' YSI | zShare
Ludacris ft. Nicki Minaj, Diamond, Trina & Eve - 'My Chick Bad' (DJ EMI Remix) YSI | zShare

Donnis - 'OD' First Leak off the Upcoming Mixtape "Fashionably Late"

Two hours ago Donnis leaked the first track off his upcoming mixtape "Fashionably Late" which drops at the end of this month. The track is called 'OD' and once again he hooks up with Needlz on the production, the man behind 'Gone' if you don't recall.

Also peep the sampler tracklist of the mixtape via RR, T-Minus alone makes me cream:

Donnis - 'OD' (prod. by Needlz) YSI | Usershare

Drake - 'Over' Hyper Crush & Nick Catchdubs x Proper Villains Remixes

Believe it or not but I was actually starting to get a bit fed up with all remixes of Drake's latest single 'Over' flooding in like a Spring river, but these two shiny pearls turned out to be the absolute best remixes of the track and I doubt it will be better than this actually. Perhaps if A-Trak decides to do something equally great with 'Over' like he did with 'Money to Blow', but otherwise, I think that ship has sailed folks. This is it:

First up, LA's Hyper Crush up in this bitch until it's ovaaaaa! LOVE LOVE LOVE! A female voice on this was much need and Holly's of Hyper Crush suits the track like the hand in the glove, or like they say down south in Sweden: like the dick in Gretchen. Ehr, yeah moving on...

The second remix comes from Nick Catchdubs & Proper Villains:

Made this DJ tool with Proper Villains out of Drake’s 'Over' to open up with / use as a transition track for SXSW shows, and it got such a good response that I wanted to share it with y’all..

Drake - 'Over' (Hyper Crush Remix) YSI | zShare
Drake - 'Over' (Nick Catchdubs x Proper Villains Remix) YSI | zShare