Estelle ft. Kardinal Offishall - 'Freak' (prod. by David Guetta) Remix

The official video for Estelle's new single 'Freak' off her upcoming album "All of Me" is still a no show. And I must say, I'm starting to get real tired of artist/labels pulling crap like this time after time. Not to mention them artists refusing to release things until the get so and so many retweets/fans on facebook or whatever.

However, I am a woman of my word, so whoop here you go, as promised, Danny G's remix of 'Freak'! Enjoy and goodnight!

Estelle ft. Kardinal Offishall - 'Freak' (Danny G Pop Art Remixxx) YSI | zShare

Man Hating & Ludacris - 'How Low' Now 1 Million Copies Sold

This past week has been pure jokes and my man hating side has been showing itself from it's ugliest side. But... that's not sooo strange when stupid men like Chris Brown cries out (once again) like CB did on Chicago's Channel 995 about that Tiger Woods (and himself) DESERVES a second chance and that media has threaded poor Breezy unfairly due to the Rihanna beating. But you know what Chris?! I'm still quite surprised that you got a record deal, fans and mandems that still wanna do features and collaborate with you.

The male hegemony sure makes me sick.

There's plenty more on the plate of man hate, like Lethal Bizzle's latest fuckwad tweets claiming Tulisa of N Dubz to be a slag and the whole overly stupid debate in the Swedish political correct male-media, regarding the hot girl that flashed her titties at R.A. The Rugged Man's gig last weekend but I think I've rinsed it enough in my personal Swedish blog so let's move on.

At least there are still some sane men in the music industry and one of them is Ludacris. Yeah, you heard me: Luda, who actually had to defend (why I wonder, WHY?!) the latest leak off his upcoming album "Battle of the Sexes", 'Sexting' where he mocks around with Tiger Woods' faux passes in a real entertaining way, 'Sexting' sure tops Maino's 'Get 'Em Tiger'. And like you all know by know, I love the whole "Battle of the Sexes"-concept as it actually has a deeper meaning than stupid BotS-question race on Twitter:

"It's such a male-dominated industry that I feel like females need more of a voice, so we wanted to hear more of what the hell they had to say" Luda recently told MTV News about the album concept. "With that being said, I went out and got women from the past, the present and the future — everyone from Lil Kim, Eve, Trina, Nicki Minaj. I got records where I'm talking about women... and where women are talking back to me".

Ludacris recently received a platinum plaque for the 'How Low'-single, now sold over 1 million copies and them remixes of the song keep flying into my inbox. The forst one comes from The Filth, a nasty little number and the second one comes from from up and coming producer Danny G, look out for his great remix of Estelle's latest single 'Freak' which I'll be posting later on tonight or early tomorrow.

Ludacris - 'How Low' (The Filth Remix) YSI | zShare
Ludacris - 'How Low' (Danny G Pop Art Remixxx) YSI | zShare

New KiD CuDi - 'Know Why'

Yeah, this live video footage from three nights ago at Dan Black's show at Cinespace in LA where KiD CuDi made a surprise appearance on the new remix to 'Symphonies', has caused quite a stir amongst Cudder's male semi-homophobic fans, you know, them lot ranting no homo at least twice a day.

Personally I wonder, where's the damn fire, what's the big deal?!

I've been in a horrible mood today (the deluxe version) but this new/old Cudder joint made things a bit brighter (also known as the 'Message' prod. by Dot da Genius).

KiD CuDi - 'Know Why' YSI | zShare

Schlachthofbronx Live & DJ Mujava Remix

If your in Malmoe tonight, don't miss out on the German party package Schlachthofbronx, who will pay one of the best clubs in Sweden, The Rumble, a grand visit. Flyer and further details about the event on Facebook over here.

Also, the remix EP of Schlachthofbronx 'Ayoba' ft. Spoek & Gnucci Bananna will be out next week on Man Recordings and while we're waiting for that, here's their own great remix of DJ Mujava's 'Mugwanti/Sgwejegweje'.

DJ Mujava - 'Mugwanti/Sgwejegweje' (Schlachthofbronx Remix) YSI | zShare

Nicki Minaj's Upcoming Single & Debut Album & Bobby Valentino Feature

The first single off Bobby Valentino's upcoming album "Fly On The Wall" which is due for a release later this year, features none other than Nicki Minaj. I'm not overly crazy about this song however, despite the Nicki-feature. It's a bit like a semi-lame mix between Lee Carr's 'Stilettos' and Shontelle's 'T-Shirt'.

Nicki recently spoke to MTV News about her debut album release (which still has no title despite all possible leaked ones) stating that she doesn't wanna rush things, so a release this first quarter as first said seems to be out of the picture However, the lead single, produced by Sean Garrett, 'Massive Attack' will (hopefully) be released during next week according to MTV. Keep your fingers crossed. Other tracks that are confirmed to be on the album is 'Girlfriend', 'Your Love' (both leaked on that "Barbie World"-tape a while back) and the Bangladesh-produced 'Laught Out Loud' featuring Estelle & John Legend.

Also, today is the taping for this year's annual Rip the Runway television special on BET which Nicki has been tapped to host together with Pooch Hall from the TV show The Game. The show, that will be taped at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, will also feature live musical performances by Ludacris, B.O.B., Soulja Boy, 'All the Way Turnt Up' rapper Roscoe Dash, Janelle Monae and Estelle. Rip the Runway will air on BET the 15th of March.

By the way, I love research and especially on Nicki, being able to read the endless hate comments from petty males like this one below (found on

Camron قاتل للأقم;iشmhةp ال ^^^^^3 said...

someone needs to rape and rob this bitch, bring this slut back to earth and show her she just a triflin female that blew and spit her way up the industry..

Yeah, reading it makes me cringe and realize that the need for someone like Nicki Minaj is bigger than ever.

Bobby Valento ft. Nicki Minaj - 'Stilettos & T-Shirt' YSI | zShare
Nicki Minaj - 'Girlfriend' (prod. by Sean Garrett) YSI | zShare
Nicki Minaj - 'Your Love' (prod. by John Mayer) YSI | zShare

Estelle ft. Kardinal Offishall - 'Freak' (produced by David Guetta)

The blonde Labrador David Guetta rules the roost around the urban scene right now with interesting collaborations to his left and right. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Estelle feature on Guetta's 'One Love', but I actually kinda feel her new single 'Freak' that contains a sample of Soul II Soul's old 'Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)', (which is released today over here and the lead single to her upcoming album) and also features Kardinal Offishall.

The official video that is directed by Nabil Elderkin was supposed to premiere like 36 minutes ago but it is still a no show... So while we're waiting for the real deal, peep this BHT where both Kardinal & Estelle unleashes their inner freaks, and yeah the comparison to Missy Elliott is inevitable:

Estelle's third album "All of Me" will be released soon.

Old Money - 'Mamaseh' Official Video and Single Release

I always got mad love for Old Money and their latest single 'Mamaseh' is no exception as it's full of murky tribal house vibrations and produced by Fonda of Team Facelift (Duck Down Records). The official video is directed by Char Loro:

The single package is out now on iTunes and the complete tracklist looks like this:
1. 'Mamaseh' (prod. by Fonda)
2. 'Mamaseh' (Sonora Remix)
3. 'Mamaseh' (Sonora Remix Instrumental)
4. 'Mamaseh' (Acapella)
5. 'Awehva'

Peep the last track below:

Old Money - 'Awehva' YSI | zShare

Listen to Crookers Debut Album "Tons of Friends" Now

The listing party to Crookers' long awaited debut album "Tons of Friends" is now live (after a rocky start with the sound of silence for 40 minutes) on Awdio/Tweetchat (tune in here). The album will be released in 10 days on Southern Fried and GOSH what a great album it is!

1. 'We Love Animals' ft. Soulwax & Mixhell 4:53
2. 'No Security' ft. Kelis 3:11
3. 'Natural Born Hustler' ft. Pitbull 3:14
4. 'Let's Get Breezy' ft. 2:58
5. 'Park the Truck' ft. Spank Rock 1:58
6. 'Hold Up Your Hand' ft. Róisín Murphy 3:13
7. 'Hip Hop Changed' ft. Rye Rye 4:47
8. 'Cooler Couleur' ft. Yelle 4:47
9. 'Birthday Bash' ft. The Very Best, Marina and Dargen D'Amico 4:07
10. 'Put Your Hands on Me' ft. Kardinal Offishall and Carla Marie 3:40
11. 'Royal T' ft. Róisín Murphy 5:23
12. 'Remedy' ft. Miike Snow 3:11
13. 'Arena' ft. Poirier and Face-T 3:35
14. 'Tee-Pee Theme' ft. Drop the Lime 1:42
15. 'Transilvania' ft. Steed Lord 4:07
16. 'Have Mercy' ft. Carrie 3:25
17. 'Jump Up' ft. Major Lazer, Leftside and Supahype 3:47
18. 'Lone White Wolf' ft. Tim Burgess 3:27
19. 'Day 'n' Nite' (Acapella Skit) 1:58
20. 'Embrace the Martian' ft. KiD CuDi 3:40
21. 'Just Can't Get Enough' ft. Edu K 3:58
22. 'Boxer' ft. Nic Sarno 4:05

Can't wait until this months free gift 'Arena' ft. Poirier and Face-T drops.

Also peep the official video with the for the very first time Phra and Bot _in_ video action, for 'Festa Festa' ft. Fabri Fibra & Dargen D'Amico:

Update: If you missed the live stream you can now listen to it full and HQ, on Crookers Myspace player!

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M.I.A. Announces Release Date for Her Upcoming 3rd Album

M.I.A., who seems to be in some deep trouble with the U.S.-borders, today confirmed on Twitter that the release of her (yet untitled) 3rd album now is official and the month to look forward to is June. Seriously, I can't speak with another lingo than the overly super exited one. A new M.I.A.-album and summer simply can't go wrong. 2010 people, such a good year so far.

And let's take a longer bath in them sunshowers... Because fresh off the stove from The Hood Internet comes this mash up between M.I.A. and Vampire Wekeend. So far it has only received lukewarm comments and feedback on the THI-blog, but boy oh boy, it's a piece of BRILLIANCE actually!

The Hood Internet - 'Giving Up The Sunshowers' (M.I.A. vs. Vampire Weekend) Direct Link

After 'Pursuit of Happiness' Barbara Gives First Up! A Reciprocity Gift

We all know that I am a firm believer in reciprocity, life can't function without it, so when I opened my mail this morning and found a "Thank you"-mail from Barbara (who's cover of KiD CuDi's 'Pursuit of Happiness' I featured yesterday) I was pleased. It's them little things you know. Then, when I read the mail things got a bit more intriguing than the regular thank you for posting-buiz and then came yet another e-mail...

Here are some excerpts:

We recorded a song just for you. Please know that mostly the song is a joke. And a joke crafted just for you. Got some local LA rappers on there. Their takes aren't the best (we did them tonight whilst drinking), but they are good enough for a joke track, I think.
I probably shouldn't be sending you this. But, I don't really care. Before you listen to the track, know that we love what you do. Also, headphone it (haven't mastered this and won't ever). We love hip-hop. The shit we're about to drop is nothing like anything. So consider posting us in the future.
So much love,

And I listened to the track and I laughed AND I loved it. Not just only the track, I think the whole thing is mad funny. People, this is what happens when you give men a dessert spoon of semi-negative critique. Hilarious but at the same time, a bit tedious. Let's get some serious for a minute. People, if you gonna produce things (music, cars, culture, foods, whatever) for other people to consume you gotta develop some sort of thicker skin and not be ticked off by negative feedback. If you recive any, feed of it instead of letting it consume you. Cause the thing is, I specificity wrote that I didn't hate the track. But if things was unclear yesterday, let me clarify with this: Barbara's version is not bad but I still prefer the original and it's kinda hard for me to detach from the brilliance of it (no joke, 'Pursuit of Happiness' was my main anthem of 2009), the same way I choose Wale's 'Pretty Girls' over The Five One's version any day.

Wonder what would have happened if I went on my usual hating rant? My head on a pole getting picked by starving birds?

That said, I love Barbara's First Up!-reciprocity-song, love love love, straight into my .mp3-player it goes. No hard feelings Barbara, but If I would get that heated every time someone hates on things I do, wow, I would be burning like the never ending Olympic fire on the biggest torch ever.

Love, hate and jokes aside, keep them submissions coming people!

ps. While we're on 'Pursuit of Happiness' for that matter, simply love what the Toronto based duo the Killabits have done to Steve Aoki's remix of the song, and the ASCII-art on the cover is stellar!

Barbara - 'First Up!' YSI | zShare
KiD CuDi - 'Pursuit of Happiness' (Steve Aoki Remix The Killabits Dubstep Re-work) YSI | zShare

Ester Dean Drops It Low w/ Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, Rasheeda & CB

A brand new version of Ester Dean's ridiculously good own debut single 'Drop It Low' has surfaced, and oh my oh my this is so good I'm gonna let the Chris Brown feature pass and pretend that he does not exist. Seriously, I can't stand his ugly mug any more. #TeamRiRi4Ever. Better yet, if he would have been replaced by Rasheeda and completely removed from the track all together.

But well, this will still fill up dance floors this spring. The verse from Lil Wayne is the same as it was on the previous remix he was featured on, but Trey's is brand new and contains great references to both Ludacris and Nicki Minaj.

Ester Dean's debut album "Untitled" is slated for a release later this year, until then she can kick back and big herself up for writing Rihanna's 'Rude Boy'.

Ester Dean ft. Trey Songz, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown - 'Drop It Low' (Official Remix) YSI | zShare
Ester Dean ft. Rasheeda - 'Drop It Low' (Remix) YSI | zShare

KanYe West - 'Coldest Winter' Official Video

The snow in our yard now reaches up to my boobies and this morning it was -26 when I walked the dogs... So I can't think of a more suiting track than KanYe's 'Coldest Winter' for today. The official video (that is available to purchase on iTunes today) is directed by Nabil Elderkin, who also did 'Paranoid' & 'Welcome to Heartbreak':

Diplo x Snoop Dogg x KiD CuDi x Barbara

Wow, brace yourself it's time for some triforce deluxe! I almost went on the train to say that this collaboration between Snoop Dogg, KiD CuDi & Diplo was like the holy trinity... And well, I'm not the biggest fan of Snoop but I've been longing for 'That Tree' that just premiered on and it's ay better than I imagined.

The track will appear on the upcoming "More Malice The Deluxe Album and Movie" that drops the 23rd of March, and features KiD CuDi and Diplo on the production. What can go wrong? Nothing!

I wish I could say the same about this cover (which began as a joke after a long night of drinking) I got from a band called Barbara of Cudder's 'Pursuit of Happiness', but I can't. I'm not hating, no, far from, it's a really good cover, but it's a bit too indie for my taste. Reminisces way too much of parts of my youth that I wanna forget, but I bet one of my sisters who still happily skips around in her polka dotted indie dress would love this more than the original I played for her some time ago. All I got in response that time was a frown and puzzled eyes...

Snoop Dogg ft. KiD CuDi - 'That Tree' (prod. by Diplo) YSI | Medifire via
Barbara - 'Pursuit of Happiness' (KiD CuDi Cover) YSI | zShare

Ludacris - 'Sexting' (prod. by The Neptunes) off "Battle of the Sexes"

While I've been away some further details was revealed concerning one of my most anticipated album releases of 2010: Ludacris' "Battle of the Sexes". Such as the official tracklist and all production credits, which looks (huge as promised) like this:

1. Intro (prod. by Xcel for The Beatbangers)
2. 'How Low' (prod. by T-Minus)
3. 'My Chick Bad' ft. Nicki Minaj (prod. by The Legendary Traxster)
4. 'Everybody Drunk' ft. Lil Scrappy & add. vocals by Shawnna (prod. by DJ Montay)
5. 'I Do It All Night' (prod. by B-Crucial and Tony Dinero)
6. 'Sex Room' ft. Trey Songz (prod. by Kajun)
7. 'I Know You Got a Man' ft. Flo'Rida (prod. by Infinity)
8. 'Hey Ho' ft. Lil' Kim & Lil' Fate (prod. by Khao)
9. 'Party No Mo' ft. Gucci Mane (prod. by Bangladesh)
10. 'B.O.T.S. Radio' ft. I-20 & add. vocals by Shawnna (prod. by The Runners)
11. 'Can't Live With You' ft. Monica (prod. by Khao)
12. 'Feelin' So Sexy' ft. add. vocals by Shawnna (prod. by Gaggie)
13. 'Tell Me a Secret' ft. Ne-Yo (prod. by Swizz Beatz)
14. 'My Chick Bad' (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj, Diamond, Trina & Eve (prod. by The Legendary Traxster)
15. 'Sexting' (prod. by The Neptunes) (see download link below!!!)
Deluxe Version Bonuses:
16. 'How Low' (Remix) ft. Ciara x Pitbull (prod. by T-Minus)
17. 'Rollercoaster' ft. Dru Hill & add. vocals by Shawnna (prod. by Bangladesh)

9th of March is the date, mark your calender!

Also, the official video for 'My Chick Bad' ft. Nicki Minaj, directed by TAJ premiered Fridays on 106 & Park:

I simply love Nicki like this, Freddy Krueger, Nightmare on Elm St.-style, shows that she got plenty more in her repertoire than just playing the part as her regular sexy/cute Harajuku Barbie or plain Jane styled by a nitwit, like on the new FADER-cover that will hit the news stands the 2nd of March. She's cute as hell but the jeans vest she's sporting, oh my, please spare me all retrospective fashion excursions to 1994.

Well, the single will be released on iTunes tomorrow as a part of the countdown to "Battle of the Sexes", and hopefully the remix & the remix video with Eve, Trina and miss 32-flavours Diamond will be out as well.

Last, snitched Cobra Krames' lovely remix of 'How Low' from theCultureofMe as it's worth way more hearts on Hypem than the current 15.

Ludacris - 'How Low' (Cobra Krames Club Remix) YSI | zShare
Ludacris - 'Sexting' (prod. by The Neptunes) YSI | Limelinx

Chiddy Bang's Banging Remix of Gorillaz 'Stylo'

Woi, I've been off the radar and the streets of Internet for five days and oh my, seems like almost a year in Internet-time, I've missed so much good shit.

I'm not gonna lie, at first I hated Chiddy Bang's remake of MGMT's 'Kids' when it was sent to me in the beginning of April last year, as the original didn't tickled my fancy one bit (more than the annoyingly catchy production of course).

But I must say, there's a reason why the 'Opposite of Adults' (taken from the forthcoming "Opposite of Adults" EP) video is the most popular right now on's:

Also, fresh out from RCRD LBL; Chiddy Bang's remix of Gorillaz 'Stylo' and I do think it's the best remix of the track so far.

Gorillaz ft. Mos Def & Bobby Womack - 'Stylo' (Chiddy Bang Remix) DL via RCRDLBL

New Sticky K - "California" EP & Crookers Remix

Been meaning to do this post for weeks, but anyway here it finally is. We all love some Sticky K right?

Well, he has a new EP out on Dubsided called the "California EP", go cop that. And if you need any persuasion, find the EP-teaser and a hella good Crookers' remix below.

Crookers - 'Royal T' (Sticky K) YSI | zShare
Sticky K - "California EP" (Teaser) Sendspace

Rihanna - 'Rude Boy' (LunyP Booty Breaks Mix)

Quite intersting to see just how well that Diplo remix of 'Rude Boy' did on Hypem when it was a pretty bad remix, or well not that bad cause there are plenty worse floating around, but still, it was far from the best off Diplo's fingertips.

However, will be just as interesting to see how this Booty Breaks Remix with some nice steel drums and 808 snare rolls from LunyP does, as it's _good_!

Rihanna - 'Rude Boy' (LunyP Booty Breaks Mix) YSI | zShare

T-Pain presents: "Nappy Boy All Stars Vol. 1" Mixtape

Never mind all annoying effects like sirens, blow horns and gun charging and the rest of the catalogue of regular mixtape shit, T-Pain presents "Nappy Boy All Stars Vol. 1" was by faaaar better than I expected it to be.

Sophia Fresh's 'Smoke Signals' for example, I liked Sophia Fresh in the past, but this joint, kinda cheesy to say it's some fire, but believe me, it is, love love love.

And I know many thought that Shawnna might be baiting Nicki Minaj's sound when 'Nappy Boy' surfaced, but wait 'til you hear her verse on One Chance's 'Hatin On It', there we have some serious Nicki-flavoured cheeze for sure. But I like it and on 'Nappy Boy' she reminds more of her old 'R.P.M'-self than Nicki so stop the hate.

Here's the full tracklist:

Download the whole mixtape in a .zip over here.

Sophia Fresh - 'Smoke Signals' YSI | zShare
One Chance ft. Shawnna - 'Hatin On It' YSI | zShare
Tay Dizm ft. Shawnna - 'Point Em Out' YSI | zShare

Lady GaGa Performs for Alexander McQueen @ 2010 Brit Awards

Saw that a few of the UK-people I follow on Twitter hated on this, HOW CAN YOU HATE ON THIS?! Pragmatic old me might just be unfollowing your stupid ass! True genius, Lady GaGa performing 'Telephone' and 'Dance in the Dark' @ The Brit Awards and dedicates it all to Alexander McQueen:

Ludacris ft. Lil' Kim & Lil' Fate - 'Hey Ho' off "Battle of the Sexes"

Okay, the title kinda says it all as "Battle of the Sexes" by Marilyn French is an iconic book in gender studies and amongst feminists all over the world. But I didn't thought that Ludacris would have been browsing around the Ohj-shelf at the library and address things the way he does in 'Hey Ho':

"If men sleep around we're some players, but for women they'll be sayin: Hey HO!"

Sure, the quote is taken a bit out of context as it's just two lines, but either way, could be a direct quote from the mouth of any freshmen of any gender studies-class. And I _love_ it. Sure, this agitating aside, "Battle of the Sexes" will probably not change the world order or anything like that and Luda's "BotS-Questions" on Twitter are really stupid, tailor made for men and women who live by Neil Strauss' "The Game" and Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneide's "The Rules".

But either way, "Battle of the Sexes" will drop in less than three weeks and it will sure be one of the best albums from Ludacris of all time as it's this dynamic and alive.

The only thing I don't get with this track is the feature by Lil' Fate, hella unnecessary and plain boring really, give Kimmie more room, she's been silent for too long and her verse is back to the "Notorious Lil' Kim"-Kimmie. Pure LOVE!

Also, look out for the official remix & video for 'My Chick Is Bad' featuring Nicki Minaj, Trina, Diamond and Eve.

Pre-order "Battle of the Sexes" here.

Ludacris ft. Lil' Kim & Lil' Fate - 'Hey Ho' (produced by Khao) YSI | zShare

Donnis Gears Up for "Southern Comfort" & Gets Signed to Atlantic

792 days ago I featured Donnis' take on M.I.A.'s 'Paper Planes'. A fucking _good_ take on it as well, compared to waste contributions people like Jim Jones and yeah, I didn't care much for that Jay-Z contribution either. However, ALOT has happened since then, the "Diary of an ATL Brave" mixtape with 10.Deep made him step in the same footprints like KiD CuDi and Wale, and just like Cudder he was picked up by Fool's Gold and yesterday it became official via XXL, Donnis is now signed with Atlantic Records. Congrats Donnis! Hope all goes well, the future is here!

In late January we finally saw the single release of 'Gone', the official video directed by BBGun will premiere next month and the follow up to "Diary of an ATL Brave" will be out soon and it's called "Southern Comfort". Last week Donnis unleashed 'The Takeover' off the upcoming mixtape and today his take on 'Superman High', the best track off R. Kelly's latest album "Untitled", surfaced on Twitter.

Donnis - 'Superman High' (Freestyle) Usershare
Donnis - 'The Takeover' (Freestyle) zShare