Soxxi aka. Bombshell Baller's Juicy Snatch

Will do my rant about them new Jay-Z leaks later, been so many males and in particular Jay-Z on the site the past time, but that's about to change in this very moment.

U know I love songs that mainly is about pussy right? Jacki-O's 'Pussy (Real Good)' was my theme song through out some crazy single and mingle years. Also love them female vs. male-replies concept songs. U know, the ones always beginning with the line "There's two sides of every story", like Young Nate reply to T2's 'Heartbroken' for example, or Too Short's ultra bad 'My Dick My Sack' reply to Khia's genius 'My Neck My Back'.

However, I got damn thrilled when this little gem that combines the two from LA's DJ Soxxi, (whose real name is Michelle Chase, but better known as also known as Bombshell Baller in the boxing ring with 10 fights under her belt and a 8-1-1 record) dropped in my inbox. A great female reply to Mickey Avalon's 'My Dick' called 'My Snatch' mixed by Spinscott.

'My Snatch' is some straight fire, it _kills_ the slow tired dick original in the same way Too Short killed himself with 'My Dick My Sack', PURE LOVE!!!

DJ Soxxi frmly Bombshell Baller - 'My Snatch' (Spinscott Club Mix) YSI | zShare
Mickey Avalon ft. Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy - 'My Dick' YSI | zShare

Drake's Going In for "So Far Gone" EP & the 'Forever' Hype

Due to the success of 'Best I Ever Had' Drake will release his highly rated mixtape "So Far Gone" as an EP on September 15th. The EP includes only 5 of the 18 songs of the mixtape ('Best I Ever Had', 'Houstatlantavegas', 'Successful' ft. Trey Songz and Lil Wayne, 'Uptown' ft. Bun B and Lil Wayne & 'The Calm') and two brand added new ones: 'Fear' (prod. by DJ Khalil) and the hot 'I'm Going In' ft. Lil Wayne (prod. by DJ Capcom).

The hype of Drake's 'Forever' ft. KanYe West, Lil Wayne & Eminem produced by Boi-1da has been buzzing since last year when the song originally leaked with just Lil Wayne and Kidd Kidd features. Now here's finally the mastered version, that will be released as the second single off of the upcoming soundtrack for Lebron James' "More Than a Game" documentary, with new verses by Drake and Lil Wayne and the addition of KanYe West and Eminem but there's still a few more changes being headed to the the song.

Accordingly to MTV, as of right now Drake sings the hook but it will soon be changed reported that various artists such as Chris Brown, The-Dream, Lloyd and Trey Songz are sending in samples for the new hook. It will be chose sometime in September. MTV also states that rumours are starting to build up that the song will be performed at the 2009 VMA Awards in New York City on September 13, let's just hope Drizzy's knee operation the 8th has healed by then to avoided anything like the BET performance.

A video directed by Hype Williams (who else?) is also expected to be filmed in New York during September.

Drake's debut album "Thank Me Later" is finally slated for a release, Valentine's Day 2010 is the date people.

Drake ft. Lil Wayne & Truth - 'I'm Going In' YSI | zShare
Drake ft. KanYe West, Lil Wayne & Eminem - 'Forever' (Mastered) YSI | zShare

KiD CuDi Album Sampler & 'Pursuit of Happiness' ft. MGMT

This Sunday has sucked elephant balls so far since I woke up with a sinus infection (minor but still, not feeling the feel of a constant cock jaw) and a blistering headache. But the day just went from sucky to great in a snap and here's the reason, Amazon (Germany) just provided 30 seconds snippets of every single track of KiD CuDi's upcoming album "Man on the Moon: The End of Day" + 4 extra bonus tracks ('Day 'N' Nite' (Crookers Remix), 'T.G.I.F.', 'Man On The Moon' & 'Is There Any Love').

Here's the final tracklist with all production credits and features:

Act I: The End of Day
1. 'In My Dreams (Cudder Anthem)' (prod. by Emile)
2. 'Soundtrack 2 My Life ' (prod. by Emile)
3. 'Simple As...' (prod. by Plain pat)
Act II: Rise of the Night Terrors
4. 'Solo Dolo (Nightmare)' (prod. by Emile)
5. 'Heart of a Lion (KiD CuDi Theme Music)' (prod. by Free School)
6. 'My World' ft. Billy Cravens (prod. by Plain Pat & Jeff Bhasker)
Act III: Taking a Trip
7. 'Day 'N' Nite (Nightmare)' (prod. by Dot Da Genius)
8. 'Sky Might Fall' (prod. by KanYe West)
9. 'Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)' (prod. by Illfonics)
Act IV: Stuck
10. 'Alive (Nightmare)' ft. Ratatat (prod. by Ratatat)
11. 'Cudi Zone' (prod. by Emile)
12. 'Make Her Say' ft. KanYe West & Common (prod. by KanYe West)
13. 'Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)' ft. MGMT & Ratatat (prod. by Ratatat)
Act V: A New Beginning
14. 'Hyyerr" ft. Chip tha Ripper (prod. by Crada)
15. 'Up Up & Away (The Wake & Bake Song)' (prod. by Free School)
Bonus Tracks
16. 'Day 'N' Night' (Crookers Remix) (prod. by Crookers)
17. 'T.G.I.F.' ft. Chip tha Ripper (prod. by Plain Pat & Emile)
18. 'Man On The Moon' (prod. by Plain Pat & Emile)
19. 'Is There Any Love?' ft. Wale (prod. by Plain Pat & Emile)

The verdict after listening them through? LOVE IT! CuDi performed some un-leaked tracks of the album at Hultsfred such as the upcoming single 'Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)' ft. MGMT & Ratatat, it's so damn beautiful I could cry (and I actually still tear up to 'Man On The Moon').

Love things that live up to the hype and CuDi certainly does, no question about it, cant wait to lay my hands on the full copy.

Pre-order the album over here.

KiD CuDi ft. MGMT & Ratatat - 'Pursuit of Happiness' (Snippet) YSI | zShare
KiD CuDi - "Man on the Moon: The End of Day" (Album Sampler) YSI | zShare

Jay-Z does Ghetto Techno & Pitbull goes B-More with DJ Class

Genre mash-up is in but the latest Jay-Z leak, 'Ghetto Techno' is not the homage to DJ Godfather I was hoping for or ghetto techno in any way, well, the only similarity might be that is pretty danceable. 'Ghetto Techno' first emerged on Shoot 5 Ent.’s "The Layout" mixtape earlier this week, but here's the edited version, without any annoying tags. The track will sadly not appear on "The Blueprint 3", even if it would be great, it's like the perfect substitute for 'D.O.A' in my ears.

Pitbull however, does the genre mash up thing all the way. His fourth studio album "Rebelution" that features guest appearances from Akon, Lil Jon, B.O.B, Nayer & Bass III Euro to name a few, will drop tomorrow online and in stores. There's already some huge hits on that album and track #9, 'Juice Box' will most likely become another one. It's Pitbull on b-more, perfectly infused with them famous Miami vibez, produced by the one and only DJ Class (not DJ Montay as some state) and it's absolutely BANGING!

Jay-Z - 'Ghetto Techno' (Edit) YSI | zShare
Pitbull - 'Juice Box' (prod. by DJ Class) YSI | zShare

Wale ft. Jazmine Sullivan - 'World Tour' (prod. by Cool & Dre)

The Swedish equivalent to BBC Radio 1, SR P3 still annoys the hell outta me. Why? Well, still no one of their radio hosts can pronounce Wale (or KiD CuDi for that matter) correctly, not even the legend Germund Stenhag himself.

That's bad and actually quite embarrassing, if u listen to Wale's tracks, u should have picked it up by know (since he address the topic in like every single one of them). Am I too anal? Perhaps. I'm a typical structuralist, I know and things like this really rubs me the wrong way.

However, here's Wale's upcoming single 'World Tour' featuring the amazing Jazmine Sullivan, produced by Cool & Dre. This track is a typical radio track, right out the textbook, so u people over at P3 better pay attention and study ur phonetics asap, Wale = pronounced Wah-lay.

I dunno what I think of 'World Tour' to be honest, sure it's kinda catchy but it's not 'Chillin'. Kinda too radio-friendly? U know, it blends into the background a bit too easy.

Wale's debut album "Attention: Deficit" drops the 20th of October.

Wale ft. Jazmine Sullivan - 'World Tour' (prod. by Cool & Dre) YSI | zShare

Diplo & Ninjasonik Pon De Floor!

First, before u do anything else, take a breather, I can assure u, u'll need it.

Ready? Here's a super exclusives off the August #1 edition of the DDS Online, Diplo's rap remix of 'Pon De Floor' which features fresh verse's from Ninjasonik and this one brutally SLAYS all other remixes, edits and everything else out there.

If u wanna get get on board for the DDS, do it here, the August #2 edition drops this week.

Major Lazer ft. Ninjasonik - 'Pon De Floor' (Diplo Rap Remix) YSI | zShare

EVEN MORE NEW JAY-Z! 'Venus vs. Mars' (prod. by Timbaland)

One of my blog-readers tweeted the hilarious tweet: "Jay-Z and Brett Farve should have a retirement-off" the day before yesterday when 'Reminder' leaked and I wasn't late to reply with one big "WORD!". But in some sort of strange way I like this new leak, (yes, yet another one courtesy of the NMC and Shoot 5 Ent's mixtape "The Layout"). So even if Jigga should throw in the towel, I'm gotta cut him soooome slack.

The "Shorty Get It In - Daddy Go"-part of this track in particular, it's exactly what I manage to handle right now, a semi-mellow, catchy no-brainer. Cause that's precisely what this track is, a complete no-brainer. The old tired "woman = Venus, man = Mars"-analogy is so played out it's absolutely ridiculous. One should be ashamed for using it actually. Ancient dichotomies galore anyone? Give John Gray a call Hova, it bet he will hi-five u and cry his heart out in Oprah's lap (he cam be the PC, gender bending ftw?).

Obsolete quasi-psychology aside, it seems like "The Blueprint 3" will turn out pretty nicely, who would have know? Certainly not me.

Jay-Z - 'Venus vs. Mars' (prod. by Timbaland) YSI | zShare

Dizzee Lives Large N' In Charge: "Tongue N' Cheek" & 'Holiday'

It would almost be a crime of me not to post the fresh cover of Dizzee Rascal's upcoming album "Tongue N' Cheek" (available to pre-order here, will be released the 21st of September). Just look how well it works with First Up!'s colour scheme, almost the perfect match!

Love the tongue-play and I can totally picture Dizzee's future videos in this cartoon-ish style, u know, kinda like So-Me's work.

Dizzee's new single 'Holiday' ft. Chrome and produced by Calvin Harris was released digitally yesterday and u can buy it like over here or pre-order the one with the standard radio edit, the extended mix, the R&B edit and the new hot track produced by Aaron LaCrate called 'Live Large N In Charge' (due for release the 31st) over here.

The expected 4th single from "Tongue N' Cheek" is Dizzee's interpretation of the old The Adventures Of Stevie V hit 'Dirty Cash (Money Talks)' from 1988, now called 'Dirtee Cash' and it will hit the streets sometime in November.

ps. I know, summer is almost over but if u still wanna get geared up holiday-style and win a signed copy of the CD-single, peep this post over at Dizzee's site.

Dizzee Rascal - 'Holiday' (Lee Morrison Extended Mix) YSI | zShare
Dizzee Rascal - 'Live Large N In Charge' (Preview prod. by Aaaron LaCrate) YSI | zShare

Rain Dance with The Very Best ft. M.I.A and bring Bless Beats, Charlie Brown & Wiley along

The Very Best's debut album "The Warm Heart of Africa", full of Malawi whomp from Easu Mwamwaya's Motherland and Radioclit bangers, is finally available to purchase digitally today on iTunes. Physical copies on CD and Vinyl will be out the 6th of October.

The hot 'Rain Dance' track ft. M.I.A is one cloud-gathering mayhem full of whistles, crickets, hand claps, toads, a rain stick, thunder, actual rain, heavy breathing... in other words = IT'S GREAT!

And more rain is sweeping in, I've been cranking that poor radio-rip of Bless Beats' huge tune 'The Rain' ft. Charlie Brown & Wiley from Westwood's show for a good 6 months or so but those days are over, yesterday the proper single was released on Blatant Swagger, added with remixes from Agent X and Wizzy Wow (buy it over here). If u have missed the official video, here it is:

The Very Best ft. M.I.A - 'Rain Dance' YSI | zShare
Bless Beats ft. Charlie Brown & Wiley - 'The Rain' YSI | zShare

MORE NEW JAY-Z! 'Reminder' (prod. by Timbaland)

Wow! Leaks from Jay-Z's "The Blueprint 3" are pouring out right now!

This one (comes via the NMC), is yet another produced by Timbaland and is track number 13 of the upcoming album.

"All bloggers with comments, please, I come in peace"...

Yeah yeah yeah, however... Aside from the catchy "Reminder"-part the track is incredibly dull, sure a solid production, cause Timbo is always Timbo but the rest is so typical textbook Jay-Z = not my thing, it bores me out. My new kitten doesn't seem to like it that much either, he just took a big jump straight up in the air, aimed for my keyboard and shut the whole thing off. Action do speak louder than words...

But I'm pretty sure that the people that were madly disappointed with the 'We Off That' ft. Drake leak yesterday are gonna clap their hands hearing this. Or? Am I wrong?

Jay-Z - 'Reminder' (prod. by Timbaland) YSI | zShare

Oh Snap!!'s Soca Remix of Major Lazer's 'Pon De Floor‏'

While Diplo currently is in Sweden (proof #1 & proof #2), them remixes of Major Lazer's 'Pon De Floor' just keep raining in.

Here's Oh Snap!!'s crazy contribution: a 156 bpm, faaaast soca remix. Perhaps a bit too fast for my taste at first (almost expecting a high pitch Chipmunk voice throughout the whole song) but after a few more listens I've adjusted to the pace and it has grown good on me.

ps. Swedes, don't forget this!

Major Lazer - 'Pon De Floor' (Oh Snap!! Soca Remix) YSI | zShare

NEW! Jay-Z ft. Drake - 'We Off That' (prod. by Timbaland)

Whoop whoop #2! Jus a quicke before I hit the bed.

Last week me best friend told me that she loved Jay-Z's 'D.O.A'. I wondered what was wrong with her, if she had hit her head or something. But it's things like this I enjoy, when I have to eat my words, chew them well, swallow, rewrite my hate into love and admit that yeah, Hova is still able to make great music if he's teaming up with someone.

There's still hope for "The Blueprint 3".

Big shouts to Eazeest for sharing this with the world.

Jay-Z ft. Drake - 'We Off That' (prod. By Timbaland) YSI | zShare

Crookers x Kardinal Offishall & Carla-Marie + Wiley & Thomas Jules

Whoop whoop! I know, at first I was not feeling anything Phra & Bot of Crookers laid their hands on. But then came the 'Day N' Nite' remix, followed by things like their superior co-production of Major Lazer's 'Jump Up' and now I have to admit that they are two Italian masterminds. So, I've been pretty syced about this track since they leaked the teaser last month.

'Put Your Hands On Me' is the first single from Crookers upcoming album and is kinda like the _perfect_ ending to this lovely Sunday. I'm not disappointed with the final outcome, far from it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! But I have the feeling that some hardcore obscure Italo house fans might think this is too commercial and a bit cheezy but I'm not one of them.

Another track that's kinda interesting is 'Business Man' with Wiley and Thomas Jules. Dunno what I think of it really, the production is wonderful but I think I'm thrown off by the Wiley-feature. I just wish he would decide which road he's gonna take musically once and for all. Either he does good grime like back in the days and toss all this electro and pop in the bin or he stop claiming the "King of Grime"-title and accepts that he has sold out like everyone else. This jumping back and forth makes me confused.

Crookers ft. Kardinal Offishall & Carla-Marie - 'Put Your Hands On Me' YSI | zShare
Crookers ft. Wiley & Thomas Jules - 'Business Man' YSI | zShare

MAJOR LAZER Live & Sean Paul Jumps on 'Pon De Floor'

YEY! I'm super excited about this Major Lazer in Stockholm thing in a couple of weeks! At first I was pretty bummed out because I'm broker than broke at the moment. But then I remembered that I still have got some free train tickets to Stockholm, back and forth left and whoop whoop, the 2nd of September is saved! I'm not gonna miss out on the opportunity to experience hipster dancehall, zombie slaying, fail daggering and that cardboard Major himself live.

RSVP to the event on Facebook here or check the flyer for more info.

Also got some other Major Lazer related news, learnt via former First Up! contributor aka the biggest Sean Paul fan in the world: Ghazal, that Sean Paul had jumped on a remix for 'Pon The Floor' exclusively for Team Yee.

The story behind was that they had Sean Paul as a guest the other day on The Morning After and Emoticon had a great idea to try to get him on one of their favourite Major Lazer tracks: 'Pon De Floor'. "He was ready to kill it as soon as we played the beat for him and what u have below is an official BANGER!"

Apparently it took DJ Wonder 10 hours to mix this joint and these are all original lyrics – not a blend and even if I'm not that crazy for Sean Paul, I think it's the biggest remix of the track so far.

Major Lazer ft. Sean Paul - 'Pon De Floor' (Team Yee Remix) YSI | zShare
Major Lazer ft. Prince Zimboo & M.I.A - 'Baby' (Switch Remix) YSI | zShare

Feeding That CuDi Obsession

Okay, I know, the Cudder obsession of mine is almost on the verge of getting ridiculous now. But here's yet another post feeding the crave...

Dunno why I like Cudder so damn much really, maybe cause he makes me listen to things I would have never ever listened to if it wasn't for that CuDi feature. Like 3OH!3 for example. Or David Guetta... or Mr Hudson. Healthy or not? I like to think it is. CuDi simply make semi-dull things and people interesting. Sorry to say, some people make great Cudder-things not so interesting, like the freshest out the oven from the great big Fool's Gold kitchen of 'Make Her Say' remixes.

It comes courtesy of DC ravemasters Nadastrom, who turned the track into what Fool's Gold describes as: "a stripped down, dark and deep club monster - download, play it out and enjoy!". I'm not on the same page. Probably because I think this is rubbish really, dull soulless dance music. The only great thing is just that "88"-bit. This is the type of track when I jump off the dance floor and rest my tired killer heel feet.

More 'Make Her Say' mixes are in the chamber and Fool's Gold promises surprises! So there's still hope...

Bird Peterson's remix of 'Floatin' In The Sky' on the other hand is GREAT! It's that kind of track when ur feet are hurting quite bad but u don't care cause the music evens out the pain.

KiD CuDi - 'Make Her Say' (Nadastrom 88 Dub) YSI | zShare
NORE ft. KiD CuDi - 'Floatin' In The Sky' (Bird Peterson Remix) YSI | zShare

David Guetta ft. KiD CuDi - 'Memories' (Full Track)

How many Cudder-related-posts can I cramp into this site per week? The answer is: how many I like! So here's another one...

CuDi just shared the full David Guetta collabo via his Twitter so I guess it's all right to blog it.

That Guetta album "One Love" will be out Monday (the 24th).

David Guetta ft. KiD CuDi - 'Memories' YSI | zShare

Jay-Z 'Run This Town' & 'Money Goes, Honey Stay' (Off. Video)

2 safe bets for today: Jay-Z will throne the trending topics on Twitter and MTV will probably take this down from YouTube a million times. I'm not gonna hate, this track has grown on me, most cause of Rih Rih and on the other hand the sun is shining, it's a beautiful morning, gonna make some coffee then jump into my bikini and make these last days of summer count. In other words: life is good, got no room for hate today.

Btw, If u have missed it, Fabolous ft. Jay-Z - 'Money Goes, Honey Stay':

Fabolous' "Loso's Way" is out now on Desert Storm/Def Jam.

Jay-Z - 'Sunshine' (Ratatat Remix) YSI | zShare
Fabolous ft. Jay-Z - 'Money Goes, Honey Stay' YSI | zShare

Ms. Dynamite's Refix of Melanie Fiona's 'Give It To Me Right'

Nopes. I would never have listened to the stunning Canadian: Melanie Fiona's debut single 'Give It To Me Right' if it wasn't for this great refix from Ms. Dynamite.

Me and the sweet females of r'n'b and soul had our best time sometime in the summer of 2004 between fucked up relationships and endless self loathing. I've closed that book since I made Jill Scott's 'One Is The Magic Number' my theme song. If I listen to r'n'b these days I rather listen to Kellz, lyrics like "I want to stick wanna kiss it and if I could I'd put my whole damn head in it" feels much easier and actually better than those "female treated wrong laying down the law"-ones.

However, before I start to post my entire heart out for real, Ms. Dynamite certainly knows how to add some fire to things. LOVE THIS!

Melanie Fiona - 'Give It To Me Right' (Ms. Dynamite Refix) YSI | zShare

Updated: Jay-Z "The Blueprint 3" Tracklist & Cover + Preview of 'Run This Town' Video

Still got the same semi-minimalistic more is more cover:

and here's the rumoured confirmed tracklist:

1. 'What We Talkin' About' ft. Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun (prod. by KanYe West)
2. 'Thank You' (prod. by No I.D.)
3. 'D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)' (prod. by No I.D. & KanYe West)
4. 'Run This Town' ft. KanYe West & Rihanna (prod. by No I.D. & KanYe West)
5. 'Empire State of Mind' ft. Alicia Keys (prod. by No I.D. & KanYe West)
6. 'Real As it Gets' ft. Young Jeezy
7. 'On to the Next One' ft. Swizz Beatz (prod. by Swizz Beatz)
8. 'Off That' ft. Drake (prod. by KanYe West)
9. 'A Star is Born' ft. J. Cole
10. 'Venus vs. Mars'
11. 'Already Home' ft. KiD CuDi (prod by. KanYe West)
12. 'Hate' ft. KanYe West (prod by. KanYe West)
13. 'Reminder'
14. 'So Ambitious' ft. Pharrell (prod. by The Neptunes)
15. 'Young Forever' ft. Mr Hudson (prod by. KanYe West)

Sample Credits:

'Run This Town' samples 'Someday in Athens' by The Four Levels of Existence
'D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)' samples 'In The Space' by Janko Nilovic and Dave Sucky

Still LOADS of KanYe, that track with Pharrell sounds promising, still looking forward most to the one with Cudder. Still rank CuDi's album higher.

Also, here's the preview of 'Run This Town', full video will be coming soon:

I'm Soooo OVER U Right Now JME

Ehrrr... I'm sorry, but August 2009 has been a total drag regarding grime artists I used to love. First it was Kano's unnecessary jump on electro and flirt with rock'n'roll, then Bashy's unmentionable and totally embarrassing 'Your Wish Is My Command' ft. H-Boogie (which I never wrote about cause it was too bad to even waste hate on) and now JME jumps into the big pile of shit...

I'm still asking, what the fuck is wrong with the sorry lot of the grimescene? JME what the FUCK are u doing? Stop this nonsense, peng out 'Mario Flag' instead and please get on that serious (serious) route again.

'Over Me' is produced by Deeco and will be digitally released the 20th of September. The video is the debut video from Digital Dropout.

Sidebar: Don't understand why people still keep pushing out tracks like this as singles? Tracks that sounds more like a fading outro than a number 1 hit material. I'm so over JME right now. Like I wrote above, do something big with 'Mario Flag', then we might be BIB.


I'm well aware that I'm horny for remixes, esp. them juked out, cranked up ones. But sometimes there's not a need for one. Tempz 'Next Hype' for example, the original is way better than the remix EP that finally landed last month on No hats - No hoods. And pretty much the same goes for the freshest and newest act of out Mad Decent: Maluca's debut single 'El Tigeraso'.

The original (a straight up NY merengue-influenced summer smash, produced by none other than... yeah Diplo) swept me off my feet and them remixes that can be found on the freshly released EP (buy it via TTL) have almost no function at all.

Perhaps I feel this way just cause I'm madly disappointed by DJ Gant Man's Juke Remix. Summer and juke goes hand in hand for me and I had much higher hopes for it since I rank Gant Man pretty high. Can't say that I'm cheering loudly for them other remixes from Feadz, NGUZUNGUZU etc. either. Or well, that Sticky K remix is pretty dope from 00:47 and forward. Dunno what it is, it's just fucked up, like late night with SMK or something. Some of u might like that Sabbo remix as well I nicked from Attorney St.

Blabla, remixes aside, can't wait 'til I hear more from Maluca!

Maluca - 'El Tigeraso' (prod. by Diplo) YSI | zShare
Maluca - 'El Tigeraso' (Sticky K Remix) YSI | zShare
Maluca - 'El Tigeraso' (Sabbo Remix) YSI | zShare