Death of Everything

The 'D.O.A'-drag simply wont die and now Kano joins the zombie-d.o.a-mob and attempts to slay off everybody and everything with his 'D.O.E' (Death of Everything). And KA does it quite good, still on that awful production thou but with auto-tune and a large portion of humour.

Speaking of N.A.S.T.Y-crew related MCs for that matter, this is not the most interesting freestyle in the whole world that's for damn sure, but Griminal & Ghettz' 'Don't Phone Me' is still good so why not? Apparently Lil' Nasty (the younger brother of Marcus Nasty who once formed the legendary N.A.S.T.Y-crew) is in the studio again working on the follow up to his "Hungry Season", this quick freestyle also features Fumin. Oh dear, haven't heard about Fumin in years, is he still barking up the wrong tree?

Btw, my view on the whole phone-game is that guys in their early 20's are the new 13-year old girls, they even giggle the same way, no lie. But it's kinda cute I guess but I need a grown man, period.

Kano - 'D.O.E' (Death of Everything) YSI | zShare
Lil' Nasty ft. Fumin - 'Don't Phone Me' (Dirty) YSI | zShare

Last Nail in the Coffin for Jay-Z and 'D.O.A'

This years BET-awards was a train wreck, jus watch this:

And this was one of the BEST permanences, the Young Money ft. Drizzy was just... a stand still, literally. What crippled Drake?

Seriously, this production isn't good, and the fact that KanYe co-produced it all is just embarrassing, and what's even more embarrassing for Hova is the fact that there actually WERE auto-tune tracks slated for "The Blueprint 3". Anyway, here's the last nail in the coffin for 'D.O.A', directed by Anthony Mandler;

Let's forget all about 'D.O.A' now. Let's move on, to brighter and better things.

LoLa Monroe - The Hater Aggrevator

Okay, nuff deaths for a while I hope, off to a completely different subject: Can people PLEASE stop hating on DC native Fershgenet Melaku aka Angel Melaku aka Angel Lola Luv aka LoLa Monroe (many names, many talents) for just one second?! Let her breath if u don't like the air or at least cut the girl some slack?

Sure, she's a black girl idolising white girl Marilyn Monroe, she's a former video vixen that has graced the world of hiphop for the last three years, she's THE ultimate hiphop pinup, she a true whooty, has an ass for days, butt implants or not, she looks dangerously beautiful, almost too beautiful, riding on her modelling career to pursue one in music blah blah blah reh reh reh...

Yeah, the ultimate video vixen Angel Lola Luv has left them angel wings behind to transcendent into LoLa Monroe the rapper and she's now also the ultimate hater aggrevator. First (and most obvious) cause of pretty face and killer curves and second for that she likes to speak her mind open about things that later on gets totally blown out of proportions and a bit out of hand (and context), like the so called "beef" with Nicki Minaj for example. Is this beef?

If so, it's a pretty lame steak if u ask me... to compare Lola and Nicki is just plain stupid really, it's 2009 people, I think we have room for more than just one new female rapper a year.

And right now we have this SuperHead-bag; (SuperHead = Karrine Steffans, a former music video vixen and porn star who wrote two books that made the New York Times best seller list; "Confessions of a Video Vixen" in 2005 and "The Vixen Diaries" in 2007):

And yeah, that got the hate unleashed again but she tries to explain it all a bit deeper in her blog for Global Grind:

The perceptions that people have of me and most video models are the total opposite of reality. They see things from the outside. So they have no idea about what goes on behind the scenes with the ones that do this to benefit themselves in a positive way.


There are a lot of respectable females in the video game that are taking on these jobs to get exposure so that they can take that next step to pursue their choice of careers. Whether it’s behind the scene or in the lime light. There are also females that do it so they can pay their way through school or even need the extra money on the side in order to make ends meet. So why knock the hustle based on the actions of the weak minded video groupies?

And yeah, all u guys sitting on ur forums posting noliners like "if her CD at least came with I strip, I would buy it, now I wont, girl can't rap"... Yes, u have to pay for a strip show, that's all the womanly flesh u ever gonna see in ur sad little life. And the bad mouthing that LoLa can't rap and that she just woke up one day and wanted to rap and jumped on the rap-train: she began penning rhymes when she was 12 and she raps ur socks off and the socks off many many waste of time and name male rappers so please, shut the little pie whole, drink some more Jolt coke and get back to riding ur silly WoW-dragon!

It's like as long she's doing the video vixen-thing she's all good, eye candy is harmless but when she steps out of the frame to compete in the lime light from a completely different angle; as an artist, she's suddenly a threat? The "average girl that prevailed", but average girls don't put up as much of a fight do they? When it comes to her career, LoLa gets what she wants and I guess that's the _real_ problem?

Okay if she were a bad rapper, but now she's NOT, the fact is, LoLa Monroe is one of the most interesting newcomers in years. Sure, she brings nothing new to the round table of female rappers of today other than the usual: good looks, hustle-topics and the common bitch behaviour-lyrics. BUT she does it well and is smart enough to feed off the hater-buiz in her music. One thing is for damn sure, LoLa stirs things up just the way I like it and I just love her voice and style to rap, utter perfection!

However, the talking is done and the mixtape is here, where she teams up with the undisputed mixtape giant DJ Fletch. As expected, LoLa spits fire; airing out rumors, haters, gossip and tells her story from rags to riches so welcome to "Bo$$ Bitch's World":

1. Intro

2. 'Diva' (ft. Beyonce)

3. 'Bricks' (ft. Gucci Mane)

4. 'What's Beef'

5. 'Lollipop'

6. 'Foolish'

7. 'Ain't I'

8. 'Boss Bitch'

9. 'Supplier' (ft. Trey Songz)

10. 'Beep Beep' (ft. Bobby Valentino)

11. 'Dancin' With No Panties On' (ft. Pleasure P & Hatian Fresh)

12. 'Turn My Swag On' (ft. Soulja Boy)

13. 'Blue Rose'

14. 'Ready Or Not' (ft. Lauryn Hill)

15. Obama Checks In

16. 'Feel It In The Air' (ft. Melissa)

17. 'Heartless' (ft. Kanye West)

18. 'Blame It' (ft. Jamie Foxx)

19. 'Get Up'

20. 'I'm Really Hot' (ft. Missy Elliott)

21. 'Turning Me On' (ft. Keri Hilson)

22. Mack Maine Checks In

23. 'Who Am I'

24. Raheem DeVaughn Checks In

25. 'I'll Be'

26. 'Diamonds Are Forever'

27. 'Homage'

28. 'Disturbia' (ft. Rihanna)

29. 'The Diamond District'

30. 'No Comment'

31. Outro

Even the cover of the mixtape looks good, despite the ever so boring LV-pattern. Boss Bitch!

"Bo$$ Bitch's World" can be bought at Down Town Locker Room (DTLR)-stores or online via LoLa's MySpace.

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LoLa Monroe - 'Ready or Not' (Freestyle) YSI | zShare

Songs for MJ

This R.I.P-buiz on Twitter right now is on the verge to become ridiculous. "RIP DJ Screw" is a trending topic and all of a sudden people tweets RIP DJ Screw to their left and right, not that they know that he died in the year 2000 or that "June 27th" is one of his biggest mixtapes, as long as there's someone to R.I.P people go bananaz. "Who's DJ Screw and how did he die?" Kinda morbid isn't it? That people actually guzzle down deaths? Emo porn twats...

That said, eere's some MJ tributes for ya. First up, one from Don Diablo, he says:

"What better way to pay tribute to MJ than music? I've been asked by press a lot today to comment on MJ's untimely death, but what do you say without sounding cliché. MJ was not a man of many words, he spoke through his music. In short, I decided to make a song, rather than making any comments. Music is and always will be the best way to express a feeling without using words. Rest in peace MJ, I hope you are moonwalkin' in heaven now"

And on the second one, MJ's legacy join forces with the Game as their front runner followed by Chris Brown, Polow Da Don, Diddy, Usher, Mario Winans & Boyz II Men, but it's kinda nasty to feature Chris Brown, like bad taste deluxe. Can't for my life understand that anyone has his back still, but yeah, the male hegemony have always been like that so... no surprises there really.

I'm not gonna say something more about this now, got other things on my mind, the latest addition to our family is ill so frankly, couldn't care less about anything or anyone else right now. Keep my fingers crossed that she's gonna get well soon. I hate to feel this powerless and unable to do anything about it all, I can't breathe.

Don Diablo - 'Song for MJ' (Remember the Time) YSI | zShare
The Game - 'Better On the Other Side' (Tribute to MJ) YSI | zShare

The Continuation of 'Death of Auto-tune'

Since I opened the whole Pandora's Box aka the 'D.O.A'-bag I might as well finish it? Yes. The full video will land tomorrow Sunday after the BET Awards, until then, here's the trailer that's pretty much says nothing besides a hair due gone somewhat wrong:

But listen to this, I actually enjoy this remix of 'D.O.A' from Chase & Status, in any case, it's way better than the original! WHOOP WHOOP!

Jay-Z - 'D.O.A' (Chase & Status Remix) YSI | zShare

MJ & Me

It just took minutes, then the entire blog sphere and the rest of Internet was flooded with MJ tributes, salutations to the white glove, greatest hits, how he r e a l l y was etc etc. Have Bossip posted the "True Story Behind MJ's Nose" yet for that matter? Feels like that scoop have been slated for them for years.

However, this is not gonna be one of those posts. The facts is, I even don't wanna write about MJ's passing at all to be honest, it feels way too mandatory and forced, but to run this music thing without acknowledging the fact that he's dead, would be really stupid and ignorant. MJ did a whole lot for music.

To be born in the 80's or late 70's, we all have our special bond to MJ. MJ was the male equivalent to Madonna and together they ruled the kingdom of pop. The 'Thriller'-video, think it was the first music video I ever saw in my entire life and I was so scared watching it, it was just as frightening as the Gremlins were back then. But did I listen to his music post "Bad"? No. Did he make any good music post "Bad"? No. Everything he did post 1987 is just a strange huge mess.

The strongest MJ memory I got (aside from failed attempts to pull off a perfect moon-walk in our living room in front of the telly and thinking to myself that the crotch move was slightly embarrassing) was when I was 9 and my entire school was forced to record that ghastly 'We Are The World'-track. That recording is now the c-90 God forgot. It was in the winter, the entire school were down with a cold, 90% are off cue and the rest is constantly coughing, sneezing and blowing their running nose.

Kinda strange in a way that someone could move so many people and how one once a happy go lucky boy could turn into that... freakshow he became later on. It's all kinda sad really.

Rest In Peace MJ, u and ur truly troubled mind and soul.

GoldieLocks @ FromMeToYou, Ljungrens the 27th

Was a real long time since I did an club or event post, but there haven't been that much to get crazy about to be honest. But this Saturday, the 27th, if ur in Stockholm u just have to pop by Ljungrens and Cornelia's awesome _FREE_ club "FromMeToYou" since GoldieLocks finally goes back to her Swedish roots and graces Stockholm with a visit, in other words: don't miss out!

No one knows what was in that porridge, but ever since Goldielocks wolfed down the whole lot, she's been creating spangled party anthems with an emphasis on heavy bass, snapping snares and trippy effects. Taking her cue from The Streets, Gwen Staefani, M.I.A., Spank Rock and Dizzee, Goldielocks has got the game on lock, with a publishing deal from Puregroove, a 7" single 'Wasteman' and 'Neek Chic' and those Goldielocks hoodies that everyone's after...

Watch the club trailer directed and animated by Vidiots and with the amazing 'Smash & Grab' by Goldie:

Since the club is free it's a smart move to RVSP to event over here. Other acts is DJ Tanzanite (UK) and Kornél Kovács (SWE). For more info check this.

Got this remix months ago, but forgot to post it back then, however enjoy and move ur cute behind over to Ljungrens on Saturday!

Little Boots - 'New In Town' (GoldieLocks Remix) YSI | zShare

Tinchy Stryder - THE Star In The Hood

Damn the years go by fast! Do u remember when Tinchy Stryder sounded just like one of them neighbour kids? It was long ago cuz now he's all grown up, in Uni and does it quite big for himself, without the Ruff Sqwad. Seriously, I'm sorry but Tinch was _the_ star of Ruff Sqwad, Slix for example...

Well I'm not gonna hate, just let the silence speak for itself.

I were never a fan of Tinch's last single; 'Number 1' featuring N-Dubz, but I feel this, the third single from his upcoming second album "Catch 22" called 'Never Leave You' featuring Amelle Berrabah of the Sugababes, alot, here in a acoustic version for BBC Sound:

'Never Leave You' will be released on August 3, and the album will be released shortly after, the 17th.

As promotion for the upcoming album Tinchy now gives away digital copies of his "Star In The Hood" EP's, below u find volume 1, volume 2 will be dropping next month.

Tinchy Stryder - "Star In The Hood EP Volume 1" zShare

New Tracks from the Get 'Em Mamis

U know that I got mad love for b-more's pride and joy Roxzi and Symphony aka. The Get 'Em Mamis and brace urselfs, here's 4 (!) new downloads via RCRDLBL.

The tracks featured are: their current single 'Rock With Me' (produced by DJ Booman), 'Work', the amazing 'Cold Summer' and finally the all new 'Planet Swag' which is really really good despite the Swag-play.

Get 'Em Mamis debut album "TerAwesome" will be out later this summer.

Get 'Em Mamis - 'Planet Swag' Direct Download via RCRDLBL | YSI
Get 'Em Mamis - 'Cold Summer' Direct Download via RCRDLBL
Get 'Em Mamis - 'Rock With Me' Direct Download via RCRDLBL
Get 'Em Mamis - 'Work' Direct Download via RCRDLBL

Emynd the Club Champ

I was just one click away to press the "unfollow"-button on Emynd last weekend, every single of his tweets was just complaint after complaint on how unsatisfactory Paris was. The beer size was too small, the youngsters were too drunk, they played boring music, wore outdated caps and so on. But today I'm glad that I'm still following cuz Emynd is back in good old Philly, in a better mood and has a new digital release out called "The Club Champ EP" filled with exclusive Club and Dance anthems of Hip-Hop, House, Baltimore Club, and New Orleans Bounce.

On the title track 'The Club Champ' Emynd digs deep into his Hip Hop breakbeat background, producing an energetic B-more influenced banger that thumps with heavy organs and smashing kick drums. While Scott Matelic’s remix of the track adds various twists and turns that recontextualize the vibe effortlessly.

'Hold it Down 2009' is Emynd’s updated re-work of the classic 2 Bad Mice song 'Hold It Down'. Speaking of Emynd for that matter, that reminds me that I still haven't written about the third and final (and probably the strongest EP so far) episode in the 'Tales' saga that has been a long time coming from the Top Billin camp, now available on 12" & digital.

Emynd's 'What About Tomorrow' builds on a timeless 80’s classic, starting off with club style chops and soon progressing into housier territory. This one’s for the ladies, no doubt.

Another great track from "Tales From Top Billin vol. 3" (aside from Scottie B and King Tutt's 'African Chant' and DJ J-Laini & P-Man - 'After Laughter' (Player-Coach Juke Mix)) is 'Money To Burn' by DJ Anonymous & Top Billin that builds on the massive 2001 dancehall riddim 'Buy Out'. The track has been their secret weapon for a year now and after constant requests it’s finally time to release it to the public.

Emynd - 'Club Champ' (Scott Matelic’s "Slam" Remix) YSI | zShare | Buy this EP
Emynd - 'Hold It Down 2009' YSI | zShare | Buy this EP/Tracks
Emynd - 'What About Tomorrow' YSI | zShare

Major Lazer Remixes Galore

Sorry for the lack of updates but one of my sisters is in labour, 2 days and still no baby... Patience is not exactly my grand forte, or well, I have patience to crack codes and loose myself in a war of pixels but zero for these kinda things, guess the champers will remain on ice for a while...

That's that, now back to the blog-buiz, them remixes for Major Lazer just keep on coming.

First up from the world of Major Lazer's zombie warfare; a great remix of 'Hold The Line' from Futures. This one is a bit darker and way more grimy than the original. Need I say that I love it? I guess not. Futures upcoming full length will be out by fall on Green Owl Records.

Second; Ernold Sane tweaks 'Pon De Floor' his way and I can def understand way some might go crazy for this but I actually prefer the original.

Third and last a re-up the official remix of 'Jump Up' from Sticky K, still damn good and yeah, one last word from the Major himself via his twitter: majorlazer: mi soon remix di whole ting inna autotune stylie. Take that Jay-Z...

Major Lazer - 'Hold the Line' (Futures Remix) YSI | zShare
Major Lazer - 'Pon De Floor' ft. Vybz Kartel (Ernold Sane Remix) YSI | zShare
Major Lazer - 'Jump Up' ft. Supahype (Sticky K Remix) YSI | zShare

Wale's "Back to the Feature" Mixtape Finally Dropped

Wale's all followers have had him on lock constantly for the past days since he announced that his highly anticipated collabo mixtape with 9th Wonder called "Back to the Feature" was going to be released today after numerous pushbacks over the last few months.

Now finally here, the mixtape is 22 tracks, 72 minutes long and features over a dozen artists: "There’s a lot of egos in hip hop, and I just wanted to do something different. These are all artists that I admire, and I personally reached out to them. I appreciate what they do, and some are super underground, some are mainstream, but they’re all people I admire. I just wanted to show that collaborative Hip Hop can and should exist".

Here's the tracklist including all features and production credits:

01. 'WORD PLAY' featuring CURRENSY & TRE produced by 9th Wonder
02. 'CYPHR' featuring STATE PROPERTY produced by 9th Wonder
03. 'CHILLIN (CATCH vs 9TH)' featuring LADY GAGA
04. 'TITO SANTANA' featuring JOE BUDDEN produced by 9th Wonder
05. '5 MINUTES' featuring SKYZOO produced by 9th Wonder
06. 'LIFE'S A BITCH' featuring TALIB KWELI & JOELL ORTIZ produced by 9th Wonder
07. 'NIGHT LIFE' featuring YOUNG CHRIS & TRE produced by Mikey Mike
08. 'SWEATIN OUT WEAVES' featuring UCB
09. 'HOT SHYT' featuring PEEDI PEEDI, BLACK THOUGHT & Tuphace produced by Ritz
10. 'WONDER WHY' featuring BIG SEAN, KEN STARR & MIKE POSNER produced by 9th Wonder
11. 'POT OF GOLD' featuring DANIEL MERRIWEATHER produced by Mark Ronson
12. 'SHARP' featuring TORAE & KINGPIN SLIM produced by 9th Wonder
13. 'WARWICK AVENUE' featuring DUFFY produced by Mike Mike
14. 'THE SUN' featuring MEMPHIS BLEEK produced by 9th Wonder
15. 'RATHER BE (VAGINA IS FOR LOVERS)' featuring J COLE & CURRENSY produced by 9th Wonder
16. 'GOODBYE' featuring JEAN GRAE produced by 9th Wonder
17. 'SAY IT AGAIN' featuring ROYCE DA 5’9 produced by 9th Wonder
18. 'TALKIN SHYT' featuring BUN B & DRE produced by Cool & Dre
20. 'RHYME N REASON' featuring TRE produced by Warren G
21. '"Ce n'est Pas Bon"' featuring K'Naan produced by Mark Ronson
22. 'NEW SOUL' featuring YAEL NAIM produced by BKS

Absolutely love 'Sweating Out Weaves' ft. UCB and I'm so glad that the video for it is in the making.

And yeah, as final words I just have to quote someone well put of the Wale-forum: "Don't you wish mixtapes could drop like sex tapes? At random and without warning? With the exception of Hoopz, I've never heard of a sex tape getting pushed back".

Haha, def cracked _me_ up, but now get back to the feature y'all:

Wale ft. UCB - 'Sweating Out Weaves' YSI | zShare
Wale & 9th Wonder - "Back to the Feature" Mixtape zShare

Jump Up Jump Up Jump Up

Just got this official remix of Major Lazer's 'Jump Up' from Rod aka Sticky K, a producer/DJ from California, also signed to Switch's Dubsided label.

Lovely remix, perfect material to work off this heavy food coma I'm in right now.

Btw, also gotta love Switch's colour-coordination on this pic; beard, pants and shirt. +1! What did Cam'ron say? Orange was THE colour for 2009?

Major Lazer - 'Jump Up' ft. Supahype (Sticky K Remix) YSI | zShare

This Is Afrikan Boy HOOORAY!

Fell head over heels for 'Somalia' back in December but I haven't had time to listen through K'naan's second studio album "Troubadour" that was released in February until now, and even if it's hiphop on the more serious-level, I must admit that I'm kinda hooked.

Now it gets even better as Afrikan Boy jumps on the 'T.I.A'-track for a remix and does it very well.

Afrikan Boy also greets via his MySpace-blog that he'd love it if someone made him a youtube video for the remix. So u better get busy!

K'naan - 'T.I.A' (Remix ft. Afrikan Boy) YSI | zShare

Fu Na Na Na

Yeah, I know I hardly ever post mixes but I just had to re-post this one called "Fu Na Na Na Mix" from Radioclit made for Corporate Bloggin.

Johan and Etienne kills it, their stunning edit of Wiley's 'Sorry Sorry Pardon What' alone, puhhhh! Killer cover as well! Here's the rest of the tracklist:

Sabi Dimas - 'Xibioti e Sousa'
Janka Nabay - 'Eh Congo' (Radioclit Edit)
Iproot Andy - 'La Camisola'
Raiss Di Funana - 'Nho Fifi'
Naty Kid - 'Sereia'
Pitbull ft. Machem Montano & Lil' Jon - 'Floor On Fire'
Ricky T - 'Pressure Boom'
Kidy - 'Apoia Tradisom' (Radioclit Edit)
Skepta - 'Stageshow Rhythm'
Ize - 'Tronku Di Mundo'
Wiley - 'Sorry Sorry Pardon What' (Radioclit Edit)
DJ Vielo - 'Decale Mon Afrique'
DJ Gant Man - 'Boricua Juke'
Maluca - 'El Tigeraso'
Marius - 'Senhora De Luz'
Tony Allen - 'Fuji Ouija' (Diplo Remix)

Put this on for them midsummer parties and dance the night away!

I'm actually considering posting more mixes on a regular (even thinking of a whole section...), but before y'all go bomb the lil' mailbox full, post a nyce one, filled with good tracks (preferable consisting of new material, NO OLD SCHOOL SHIT and please, no '90's techno), have a theme (like this one from Radioclit is primarily made up of accordion-based dance music from Cape Verde) or at least a red thread.

Hint: One thing I actually always wanted is a dirty cheerleader mix, filled with juke and booty bounce and nasty nursery rhymes and girly chants.

Radioclit - "Fu Na Na Na Mix" Direct Link via Corporate Bloggin

Sharam & KiD CuDi Finally Came Along

This evening has been a total drag; u know, walking on the thin line between bored and restless-deluxe, hopping between sewing a new dress, doing my nails and watching old Family Guy-episodes until now, when the nyce people over at Ministry of Sound bombed these two amazing gems in my mailbox.

U remember the 'She Came Along'-track from KiD CuDi and Sharam that leaked earlier this spring? Get ready for more of that madness during the summer. The track is already getting massive support from the blogsphere, Radio 1, has been tipped to be one of 2009’s Ibiza Anthems as well as it's one of KanYe's fave songs...

CuDi was eager to get involved saying to Sharam: "I was like wow, this is really, really innovative. I haven’t heard anything like it: the Patsy Cline sample and how he blended it together and made it hip-hop too".

Think it's the Patsy Cline-sample that makes it soo good, even my granny likes it (and she's PICKY) and I bet it's from equal parts of CuDi's cute looks (Cudder was worried that he was ugly earlier on Twitter, haha, no need to worry about that with those puppy eyez) and that very sample.

The official release is going to be sometime during this summer, until then enjoy these two versions, absolutely LOVE 'em!

Sharam ft. KiD CuDi - 'She Came Along' (UK Extended Mix) YSI | zShare
Sharam ft. KiD CuDi - 'She Came Along' (Reup Club) YSI | zShare

Area Turns Red 09: Adam Tensta x Eboi x Infinite Mass

It's now 15 years since I was 13 and danced my ass off to Infinite Mass' anti-racist track 'Area Turns Red'. Now, Adam Tensta and Eboi updates it for 2009 on a Howard Who-production along with Infinite Mass in collaboration with RMH Management Group, Comviq and Alla Olika Alla Lika - the Swedish All Different, All Equal campaign.

(if the video doesn't work, watch it over here)

The campaign focus on discrimination based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, disability, ethnicity and age.

For more info check

Adam Tensta x Eboi x Infinite Mass - 'Area Turns Red 09' YSI | zShare

Review: Major Lazer "Guns Don't Kill People" | ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ X

Are the streets of binary code cleaned up after the huge 'D.O.A'-mess? No boring 'D.O.A' remixes laying around just being a huge waste of space and name? Let's fucking hope so cuz it's the 16th of June people, it's time for the Internet to go bat-shit crazy again since Major Lazer's eagerly awaited album "Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do" is finally out on Downtown Music!

I must say, people have always hyped Dilpo up, both as a musician and as eye-candy, and okay, some of Diplo's work is super good and super talented but some is not. This made up story about Major Lazer along with Switch however, is a struck of genius. It's the perfect get away from b-more, house and contributing to the work of other artists for them both.

"Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do" is a 'Baby' on auto-tune (definitely not the love child from Beyoncé and Jay-Z) along with African Prince Zimboo, Ms. Thing kicking of a party with a heavy bassline madness, (oh dear how I've missed u Ms. Thing, remember the days of 'Jump Up and Rail'?), a mandatory track of puffing 'Mary Jane' but made in a funny, much humorous way with Mapei and Mr. Evil, Vybz Kartel gets crazy 'Pon De Floor', Einstein and Amanda Blank getting it on real good in 'What U Like', Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze keeps it going and Mr. Lexx and Santigold makes u vibrate like a Nokia.... Might sound like a great big hot mess but it's actually not.

'Jump Up' featuring Leftside and Supahype, co-produced by the Crookers is probably the best track of the whole album along with 'Bruk Out' with T.O.K and Ms. Thing (simply can't hate on lines like "I met Jill she was a strippa / I told her my name was Jack the Rippa") and Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze's 'Keep It Going Louder'.

The album has just one boring track and it's 'Can't Stop Now' with Mr. Vegas & Jovi Rockwell, no matter how much I like Jovi it feels like a track some mediocre copywriter pulls for an ad-campaign for Coke in the summer. U know, the über stereotypical reggae vibe.

Sooo, if u don't dance to this ur probably a zombie and ur seconds away to get killed off by Major Lazer's grand lazer.

Stream the whole "Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do" via Major Lazer's MySpace and buy it via the link below.

Major Lazer - 'Jump Up' (co-prod. by Crookers) YSI | zShare | Buy Album/Tracks

DJ Benzi & Willy Joy's Remix of 'Chillin' .mp3

Yes, as I thought, without that horrendous video, trying to cramp in every video effect there is, this remix outshines the original by faaaar. GaGa's parts only, oh my!!!

And yeah, btw sorry Benzi if I offended u with the bashing of the video in my previous post, but seriously, chillax with them effects people, sometimes, less is actually more even if it's kinda hard to believe.

Wale ft. Lady GaGa - 'Chillin' (DJ Benzi & Willy Joy Remix) YSI | zShare